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Term Paper Cover Page
Term Paper Cover Page
A term paper cover is meant to follow the specified format and present a well designed cover for the benefit of readers. It is important that they get the feeling of reading a clearly-drafted term paper. The aim is to start with the required term paper cover page format with the idea of crafting the rest of the paper in the same fashion. The curriculum may demand that students include a cover page, in which case they would have to compile one keeping in mind that it is a competitive page. The impression the cover page gives would stay with readers throughout the exercise. Students usually leave the cover page for the last, as it gives them enough time to work on other pages and then finally adapt the format to the cover page.

Presentation is the key and is very much applicable here. A cover would be the first page readers come across. If there are too many errors, readers may just choose to ignore the paper. An experienced assessment panel would not be too impressed when presented with a paper that has mistakes in it. The good news is that the term paper cover page can look really neat with very little effort. Students have to follow some basic guidelines to compile an effective one.

Essential Details To Include In the Cover Page

The cover page would cover details about the term paper. It should contain all elements that would help the assessment panel recognize a studentís work and identify the paper with the help of standard inputs that have to be included.
Authorís name or name of the student.
Course details.
Course code.
Term in which the paper would be submitted.
College or university details in the manner specified in the curriculum.
Research Guide or Teacherís name
Date of submission of the term paper
Title of the project along with the sub title, if required.
Whenever reference is made to works of other authors in the title, quotation marks and/or italics should be used. Page numbers would begin with the title page.
A running head should appear alongside the page number. For example, the MLA term paper format would demand that the last name of the author is followed by a space with a page number on the right upper corner of the page. All the following pages would be numbered using Arabic numerals.

Basic Formatting Standards Used For The Cover Page

A term paper cover would follow the style of writing to be adapted. In the MLA style, the authorís name appears on the upper left-hand corner of the cover followed by the guideís name, course, and date of submission.
Double spaced would be used to segregate the text.
The title would appear next and would be center aligned. First letters of each word in the title would be in title case.
A description of the project would follow after a double space. An outline for a term paper can be prepared with the format used in the title page.