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Guidelines On How to Write an Economics Term Paper
Guidelines On How to Write an Economics Term Paper
Economics Term Paper Ė Basic Guidelines

Economics is a vast and hugely diverse subject touching or influencing almost every part of our daily lives. This is also an interesting subject as it is a study of theories and related calculations that impact and affect our lives almost everyday. An economics term paper requires the student to understand these theories and their impact very well. It is also essential for the student to do an in depth research work on the theme to enhance his knowledge even more.

How to write an economics term paper:

This is the question which will be uppermost in a studentís mind while receiving the assignment. This term paper writing is like writing any other essay paper, the subject only being economics. Generally this term paper consists of writing 8-10 pages on the assigned topic. There are certain steps which will have to be followed while doing this academic essay writing. These are :

1. Title page Ė The term paper cover page is hugely dependent on the specifications provided by the instructor. it is actually optional and is given only when the teacher asks for it. When required, this page will give the title of the project, name of the student , the course name and code, semester details, university name, teacherís name and date of submission.

2. Table of contents will list all the headings, subheading and all the sections the essay is classified into, and will list the page numbers accordingly.

3. The introduction will briefly introduce the topic. It will provide the reader with the aim of the project and will outline the questions that the paper will try to answer. It will give a sketch of the importance of the chosen theme and will also present the thesis statement. This paragraph will try to create an interest in the readerís mind regarding the topic.

4. The main body is generally broken down into different paragraphs or sections and sub sections to explain the topic logically. Each section will contain an argument which will have to be developed well and has to be backed with strong, reliable evidences. Each direct quotation within the essay has to be followed by a proper in text citation depending on the essay reference chosen, to write the essay with. The main body should have the details of the theme chosen, a methodology chapter and also should state the various current research works that are going on, on that particular theme. Here the writer is also free to state his own views and opinions on the subject.

5. The concluding paragraph should have a brief summary of the entire theme that has been discussed. It should also reiterate the thesis statement presented in the introduction. The concluding statement should be strong and convincing.

6. The reference page at the end should list all the direct quotations and citations according to the formatting type chosen.

7. Appendices are also often required to list all the graphs, lists, charts and survey maps that have been used in the paper.

Thus we can see that an economics term paper is no different from any other term paper writing. Of course variations owing to the subject itself, will always be there. Browsing through various term paper samples and essay samples often help one to produce a good write up. One may also buy essays from the various essay banks and base his essay on those, or he may wish to get a custom made term paper written by the expert essay writers