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Research Essay Format
Research Essay Format
There are many types of writing tasks essays, coursepapers, thesis papers and many others. When writing it is extremely important to fill the requirements. One has to stick to the demands and to follow the requirements of the research essay format. Sometimes students are so busy and short for time that they do not see any difference among various research essay formats. However, it is extremely important that every student knew what to do and how. Very often bad formating influences decision of the teacher and decreases the grade. In order to avoid any misunderstanding later, student should have serious attitude to the writing task as academic essay writing is extremely demanding and challenging.
Some general research essay format requirements are common for almost all types of academic writings.

1.Essay should be written on a standard clean paper of good quality 8 ½ x 11 using only one side.


Margings should be 1 at each side (which is 2.5 cm). It means that the top, bottom, right and left sides should be equal. It is easy to see whether margings are made properly without any special measures as 1 is about 10 spaces. Number of the page should be placed at the upper-right top of the page at the distance of ½ from the top.


Title page is not a must. That is why, you should have a consult with your teacher on this issue. Also you can follow any reputable handbook. If your college has any, learn the demands and stick to them. If not, ask your teacher to recommend you some. In case you do not need the title, begin numeration from 1 at the first page. In case there is the title, start from the second page with number 2.


Signing is also extremely important. It distinguishes you as a responsible and conscientious writer who pays attention to each detail. If you are unsure how to write name of the essay, or how to put your data down, discuss it with your teacher. Traditionally it looks like the following:

Mariend 1

Keny Meriend

Mr. R. Jones


20 November 2010

Between each line should be double space. It is recommended not to type the title in bold font. What is more, capital letters and quotation marks are extra. No underliyng and periods. If there are any proper names of people or any names of places should be written from a capital letter according to the spelling rules. For example, Victor Hugo and his works.

Research essay formats are multiple and there are many small requirements which are very important. Many students think that their exellentl custom written essay will bring them great points. However, in order to get A+ formating should be perfect. That is why, it is not enough just to write a creative essay employing skilfull essay techniques.Write to us in case you need any assisstance.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers