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Good Essay Questions
Good Essay Questions
Useful information on a good essay question for teachers and students
Good Essay QuestionsEssay question is a good way to the teachers to evaluate student’s ability to respond to the matter and level of creative thinking. Good essay question is aimed at evaluating student’s educational level. Unlike multiple choice, true-false and matching exercises questions, essay question demands from students creative respond composed by them personally. That is why, usually the best form of answer is essay as it reveals student’s ability to analyze, synchronize and examine the subject. The difference of good essay questions from other types of questions which require creative answer lies in the fact that essay question writing:

- requires extensive answer which consists of more than one sentence;
- is not limited to one precise pattern of response;
- gives a hint on direction of thinking students should apply;
- implies material to use in answer.
Why good essay question

This is the most effective way to assess student’s ability to think critically, to evaluate the information and to be able to produce effective ideas concerning the subject. Also this type of writing helps to reveal student’s ability to apply the knowledge in real life. In other words it helps to see how knowledge acquired previously can be used for producing effective solutions to the problems.

In order to reveal student’s exceptional abilities and to assess level of knowledge teacher has to formulate question in a proper way. Unskillfully designed question will confuse the student. Directive verbs which indicate on what aspect the answer should be focused are very important.
Some effective tips for excellent answer to good essay questions:

1. Deeply study the subject. It is not enough just to retell the subject. The teacher requires from you creative way of thinking. Interesting ideas on the given subject, impressive details based on survey and observation, possible application of the knowledge, critical thinking are the key demands which you have to fulfill.

2. Be careful when reading an essay question. Make sure that you have clearly understood the question and won’t mix the requirements. The question itself gives you hints about what and how you should write. Read it and decide whether you need to “explain”, “identify”, “interpret”, “compare”, “match”, etc. Very often teachers use other words to give the task. You need to read between the lines to understand the task.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for explanation, if you do not understand the question.

In order to receive an excellent answer to the essay question, teacher needs to compose a question skillfully. There should be used proper directive verbs. The question has to be aimed at revealing student’s knowledge and way of thinking. If not, it is better to use multiple choice questions.

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