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Persuasion Essay
Persuasion Essay
Do you exactly know the purpose in writing a persuasion essay? If not, then this will be our topic for today. The main goal in writing this article is to let you become more aware of persuasive essays. That being the case let us start defining the persuasion essay boundaries. Writing a persuasion essay only has one purpose to convince your readers to accept a certain idea or notion. This is very similar to influencing your friend to go with you to watch an action movie. You will try to make the readers adhere to whatever you will try to say in the essay. Of course, you cannot simply tell the readers what is acceptable, right or valid. You have to do more than that. Therefore, it is a good idea if you can build up your authority in a subject and then give the readers a way to accept further your idea. How can we do this? You can simply inject proofs, supporting info and evidences to your essay.

Persuasion essay will require you to do three important things even before writing it. First, you have to identify your main idea and opinion. Make sure that you are firm in claiming a certain notion. Second, identify your readers. Who will read your paper and how do you think will react to your claims? Third, make sure to identify the opposing views to your claim so that it would be easier for you to counter-attack it with your ideas.

A persuasion essay will still apply the same procedures in writing any other essays. Moreover, you have to include the same paragraphs in this essay. First, the introduction part will provide the main topic scope of the essay. It should already give what your idea is and claim that it is true. Second, the body paragraphs will contain the most important details about your topic. You should mention all supporting info that will make your argument valid. You may use any info as long as you can back it u p with documents. One way to make sure that you have reliable info is by looking for credible materials. Books, journals, published articles and internet sites are all possible sources of info. Just make sure to cite all of them using APA or MLA referencing styles. In the body, you also need to mention the opposing idea to your own claim. This will somehow let the readers realize the big difference between your idea and the idea on the other side of the equation. Therefore, they will realize that you are correct with your argument. Lastly, the conclusion will sum up the entire essay discussion. You can reiterate your main thesis and let the readers absorb your idea one last time.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers