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Extended Essay Topics
Extended Essay Topics
Do you know what an extended essay is? We can attach an extended essay to be a requirement in the IB Diploma Program. It is a research paper that usually contains at least 4000 words in total. The major problems for students who want to write such an essay is the process of choosing extended essay topics. It can be troublesome to select the “best” topic but we will give you some pointers to make your life easier.

Extended essay topics can be selected from any domains of your choice. You are free to select any subjects that you think you can write in 4000 words. But in order to make it more convenient on your part, here is a short list of instructions that you can follow.

Your familiarity with the topic must be signified. If you are familiar with the subject, it will be much easier to conduct research. You will be motivated to write the best article since you are personally attached to the topic.

The importance of the topic should also be considered. It is necessary that your subject is significant to you and to the target audience.

The availability of reference materials and guide articles must be considered. If you can find enough resources for your research paper, then you will have a topic that is called feasible.

Feasibility has another aspect to consider. This is the application of research methods. You should consider applying research methods that are appropriate toy our topic.

Extended essay topics must be selected carefully. This will predict the quality of your research paper when completed. Should you need any help, please download a copy of our essay examples today.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers