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Acceptance Essay: Recommendations on Successful Writing
Acceptance Essay: Recommendations on Successful Writing
Writing an acceptance essay is difficult because, as a rule, students are not so experienced in this kind of writing. At the same time, this task is very responsible. You will find some basic hints on writing a successful acceptance essay in this article.

Firs of all, do not be trivial. Compare these two beginnings of culinary school acceptance essays:

Acceptance essay: excerpt 1.

I have been dreaming about becoming a cook since my early childhood. I practiced much, always tried to be creative in my cooking. Now, I feel the desire to make cooking my profession.

Acceptance essay: excerpt 2.

Frankly speaking, my first cake was terrible. I decorated it with roses made of cream, but still it was impossible to eat. It is often said, “You must spoil before you spin” – I am glad that this “tragic failure” has not frightened me off cooking which I now want to make my life’s work.

While the first acceptance essay introduction will hardly awake a committee reader’s interest, the second one is bright and original. It tells a reader much about an author’s personality.

At the same time, do not plunge into creativity forgetting about the content. In your acceptance essay, you should reflect the following:

1. Do you have the clear idea about your goals and the way to reach them?
2. What have you already done to reach your goals?
3. Why do you need to be admitted? What will it give to you?
4. What background and skills do you have? Are you a right person to be admitted?
5. What are your competitive advantages comparing to other applicants?
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