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Sonami Essays: Do You Think You Know What Electronic Music Is about?
Sonami Essays: Do You Think You Know What Electronic Music Is about?
When a teacher asked to write a Sonami essay, you first thought, “Probably, he/she means a tsunami essay”. If this was the first idea that came up to your mind, you actually do not know much about electronic music. At least, your knowledge does not go beyond famous Dj’s and popular music genres. And, certainly this will not be enough for the completion of your Sonami essay.

For some artists, electronic music is not just a set of sounds that can be arranged with the help of computer, it is some sort of a composition. Laetitia Sonami is one of artists like that. She is a composer, a performer, and an artist who designs own instruments that do not look like and do not sound like any other instruments. This is what your Sonami essay will be about.

We should point out that you should not waste time trying to make something like a biography Sonami essay. First, you may not find enough biographical facts. Second, it will really be a waste of time and space in your paper, because Sonami essays should be focused on those amazing instruments that Laetitia produces and music that she makes.

Instruments to present in Sonami essays

One of the main Laetitia’s musical inventions that you should talk about in your Sonami essay is the lady’s glove. In a few words, it is a glove supplied with numerous sensors that allow controlling sounds, light, and other devices. Laetitia has designed several kinds of this glove, and you can discuss their peculiarities in your Sonami essay.

Works to write about in Sonami essays

Works and performances of Sonami, which can be easily found on YouTube, may be another major focus of your paper. We recommend you see and hear the following:This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers