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Articles on Unemployment: A Perfect Basis for Economics-Related Papers
Articles on Unemployment: A Perfect Basis for Economics-Related Papers
If you are taking an Economics class, be ready for completing various assignments devoted to any economics-related topic. Although you will face a lot of them, we suppose the completion of your micro and macroeconomics essays and research papers will not cause too much trouble. After all, you can observe almost all economic processes in your everyday life, because Economics is closely related to the real world.

Obviously, you are already assigned to prepare a paper, and it seems it is something like an unemployment or employment essay. So, do you think you will cope with the task successfully? Do you have some ideas on how to research the topic and prepare a powerful essay? If you are stuck a little, we are glad to present you several useful hints.

Well, where should your research begin? Definitely, you can check and use your textbooks, but you know what? Textbooks are quite far from real life, which can significantly affect the quality of your paper. This is why we suggest you start researching the topic with looking through articles on unemployment that you will find in various reputable publications.

We should stress this word “reputable”, since articles on unemployment and other economic topics published in the New York Times, Washington Post, or other serious newspapers are most likely written by people who know something about economics, can analyze various processes and provide you with unbiased information.

How can you find high-quality articles on unemployment? It will not be a problem, because almost all newspapers have official websites, where you can find articles on unemployment and any other topic you are interested in. What you should do first is find, at least, one article on unemployment. Then, you can just follow links to other articles on unemployment and tags you will find on the page.

Here are some simple questions to answer when working with articles on unemployment:

1. Do you know the author of this or that article on unemployment?
2. Do you know other works or articles of this author?
3. Does he/she provide accurate and correct figures in the article?
4. Does he/she sound objective?
5. Does he/she refer to other experts in the field or their works?
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