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Short Essays: Writing under the Word Limit Pressure
Short Essays: Writing under the Word Limit Pressure
Do you think that completing short essays is easier than creating longer pieces of writing? Do you think that preparing a short essay will not take you too much time? Do you think you will have no problems with a task like that?

You know, it is better not to be that confident. Sure, writing a 300-word paper or even a one-page essay is easier than writing a paper that is 5-7 pages long. However, this does not mean that you will prepare a perfect short essay easily and quickly.

Teachers may ask to write short essays for school and college classes. What do they expect? All they want you to do is disclose a topic in a very clear and precise fashion. Are you sure you can do this? In case you have doubts, try useful tips on how to write the best short essays described below.

Start with teacher’s requirements

Do not get down to writing until you specify the required word limit, short essay format, its topic, etc.

Use the rules of “3S”

This rule means that when writing short essays, you have to be:

1. Succinct
2. Specific
3. Simple

Do not use complicated sentence structures. Avoid using passive voice, which usually makes writing more difficult to understand. Use specific facts and details to support any of your points.

Stick to the required structure

Short essays require strict organization and structure as well as any other paper. Break your short essay into paragraphs, start each paragraph with a topic sentence. Make necessary transitions.
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