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Essays on Iraq: So Many Things to Talk about!
Essays on Iraq: So Many Things to Talk about!
What was your first thought when your teacher asked to write an essay on Iraq? Most probably, it was something like “Well, the topic of Iraq is too general and broad! What exactly should I discuss in my essay on Iraq?”

Then, you did some brainstorming, and the only idea that came up to your mind was writing about the United States invasion of Iraq. You even flicked through free essays on Iraq and saw that it is one of the most frequently discussed topics.

Well, it is true, many students choose to cover this issue in papers on Iraq, but actually, there are many other things to talk about! Iraq is a country with a long history. It was the center of many ancient civilizations. So, Iraqi long history gives you an opportunity to make an outstanding essay on Iraq.

These are just a few things to write about in essays on Iraq.

Ancient civilizations

We have already mentioned that the territory of the modern Iraq was the center of some great ancient civilizations, and it can be a brilliant topic for your essay on Iraq.

For instance, your essay on Iraq can be devoted to the times of:

* The Assyrian empire;
* The Babylonian empire;
* The Ottoman empire, etc.

Iraq in the post WWII period

Do you know why it is a good idea for essays on Iraq? You have a chance to find out more about some current problems in Iraq if you choose to discuss this topic.
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