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Your privacy is of the most importance

Privacy is all the time of the most importance for our companyís policy. If you apply to our essay writing service, you can be sure that information which our company gets in the process of our co-operation will never be uncovered. Actually we need minimum of your personal information and this is only the most important information which we need to work with you. In other case it is not possible for us to provide the services which you required from us. In any case we can provide any guarantee that your information will be carefully protected as we clearly understand the legal responsibilities that our company has in terms of norms concerning your privacy. Our company takes measures to provide the highest confidentiality of customerís personal information. Our company highly evaluates our customersí right to have their personal information protected and we constantly update our security system in order to avoid leakage of information or illegal use of the information that our customer provided to us.

Private information

Our company understands your right to have the private information hidden but in any case we need some part of it to be told to us in the process of our co-operation. For the matter of that our customer can be confident in the security of our essay writing service and in safety of information that was provided for us to fill an order. We use only up-to-date system for protection our customersí private information. If you apply to or service to place the order and convey us with your private information that we could fill your order, then we can guarantee that your private information will be not available for third side that is not involved in our companyís working process. Our data base is completely protected and your information is stored there in safety.