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Sorting Out A Research Paper Outline MLA Format
Sorting Out A Research Paper Outline MLA Format
A research paper outline MLA format is the ideal way to start off writing a paper using the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. A completed project should be able to pass all the criteria listed in the MLA manual. For easy transition, it is better to compile an outline and then develop it further. Students often have questions as to what differentiates the MLA outline from say a research paper outline APA format. The basic difference lies in the application for which the format is being used. For example, the (American Psychological Association) APA style is suitable for social science, while the MLA style is commonly used to write on the humanities, especially on language and literature. The purpose of writing a research paper using the format should be clear. The manual is used by professors, graduate students, scholars and professional writers in English literature and other languages. It is a well established writing style understood and easily implemented by major presses in journals and other projects.

A Simple Checklist For An MLA Outline

The research paper outline MLA format follows the title page. It is important that students apply research paper steps including formatting guidelines in their title page, which would then be implemented in the outline. For example, a 12 point Times New Roman or Arial would be used in both the pages.
The name of the writer and guide, course details and date of submission should appear in the outline as the format could be safely used for relevant pages like the title page. Also, at the top right hand corner the authors name and page number appears which can be set through a word processor at any stage of the project. It is better to do so as a page draft is finalized.
An outline page number should use the small letter i unless specified otherwise. It would appear before the first page of the submission report.
A title has to be center aligned.
The thesis statement would appear on the next line below the title.
Typed text is accepted and should begin on the left side of the page. The text should be double spaced.
A uniform margin on 1 inch should be set.
Roman numerals should be used for the main headings. Each number is followed by a period and space before the title. At least three main headings should be used which would form three separate paragraphs. Each paragraph would link directly to the thesis statement in order of importance.
Example Of A Set MLA Outline

A set MLA research paper format outline offers a page which allows them to enter only new content as per need. It can be easily accessed. Content can be easily added or deleted.

An example would allow students to understand the guidelines better.

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