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Basic Guidelines for a Science Essay
Basic Guidelines for a Science Essay
Example of a Science Essay

A science essay is writing about the various improvisations made by man and nature. It is the study of how man and nature work for their own benefit. A science paper on biology would explore the natural habitat around us. It would research the flora and the fauna of the past and the present and prepare a paper that would give us an insight into this fascinating world of all living things. A technology paper would take up issues pertaining to the technological and engineering marvels invented by human intelligence and used for the benefit of all. Given below is an example of a science essay that discusses the process called fusion, a very important scientific process.


Nuclear fusion – the process:
When the nucleus of an atom undergoes changes due to certain physical reactions the process is known as a nuclear reaction and during this reaction a certain amount of energy is released which is the nuclear energy. This nuclear energy is produced by nuclear reactions of two types:
1. Nuclear fission.
2. Nuclear fusion.
Nuclear fusion. The word itself shows what the term refers to. “Fusion” means to join or combine together. So in a nuclear fusion it is the joining or combining of two nuclei to form a new nucleus. Here the two nuclei of a lighter element combine to form the nucleus of a heavier element. As Singh and Kaur define it “the process in which two nuclei of light elements (like that of hydrogen) combine to form a heavy nucleus (like that of helium) is called nuclear fusion ( Singh and Kaur,“Science for Tenth Class (part 1)”, 242). The nuclei ….


Hydrogen and its isotopes (protium, deuterium or tritium) which have the smallest nuclear charge react at the required minimum heat or temperature and helium and its isotopes (3He and 4He) with an extremely low nuclear mass are the preferred fusion atoms. Two nuclei of the Hydrogen atoms of mass number 2 (Deuterium atoms) under high temperature and pressure combine to form the bigger and heavier nucleus of helium along with the release of a neutron. The equation would look like this:
2H1 + 2H1 ———————-> 3He2 + 1neutron0 + large amount of energy.
(Two deuterium (heavy helium atom)
light atoms)
In a nuclear fusion the process involves liberation of a large amount of energy which is termed as “Fusion power”. However…..


Research work has been going on for the last 50 years with the aim of producing a nuclear fusion reaction that would be under control and the heat produced due to the liberated energy can be tapped for the production of electric power. Self-sustaining and controlled fusion reactions have been shown to some extent in the tokamak reactors which theoretically can produce ten times more heat energy than is required for the nuclei to fuse together for the fusion to start. Tokamak is a sort of thermonuclear fusion inducing reactor. It was first developed by the then USSR and are now seen in other countries too. However, the correct procedure to make the nuclear fusion self-sustaining is still eluding the scientists and the building …..

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