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Action Research Paper More Responsive than Exploratory in Nature
Action Research Paper  More Responsive than Exploratory in Nature
Action Research Paper Guidelines

Writing an action research paper involves more of finding answers and solutions to theme related questions. This paper concentrates on taking action about the problems faced and to do something to solve the problem. Thus it is responsive in nature and not just exploratory like other research papers.It involves collaborative action as a team to improve the ways of handling and solving issues and problems. Action research can be under taken by large organizations also, under proper guidance to improve upon their ways of working within their functional environment . It is also an inquiry solving process involving close analysis and data collection as a team. In fact this type of project is worked out in the classrooms where the professors are bodily present to provide help and guidance to the students. An action research paper involves working in team to solve any problem that forms the theme or the topic. Within these teams there is a leader who will organize the members of the team, and see that each member is working towards finding the correct solution. These types of papers are done by large institutions such as universities as they have wider scope and large number of research students.

Action research papers have the same components as any other research paper. It will have a research paper cover page which will consist of a title pertaining to the type of work. The title should have all the first letters of each word in capital lettering except for the articles and prepositions. Next will be the research paper abstract which will contain a short summary of the work within the specified word limit. Then will come the content table. After this will be the research paper introduction which will state the objective of the research paper and the expected outcome. The main body of the essay will consist of all the details of the topic, the methodology involved in fact finding and answering all questions pertaining to the theme and the results of the research work with all details. the Concluding part would reinstate the thesis statement and briefly touch all the important points without going into details.

Action research paper is a tough assignment as it it is responsive in nature unlike other research paper writing. It is more challenging to work on this paper as it involves group work and interactive relationship with the co-researchers and professors. So if you find that writing this paper is an extremely uphill task you just need to come

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