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Research Paper Abstract Be Careful to Follow the Word Limit
Research Paper Abstract  Be Careful to Follow the Word Limit
Research Paper Abstract Guidelines

Research paper writing is undoubtedly, the most difficult chapter of academic essay writing. It involves long hours of dedicated work on the chosen theme or topic. An extensive and in depth research into the topic involving previous works done on the theme, present work by other researchers that are in progress all will have to be studied in details. A research paper will generally consist of a research paper cover page, a research paper abstract, a research paper introduction, the main body of the thesis paper, the concluding part at the end and a reference page citing all the works by other researchers that have been used while writing the paper. A research abstract is is very similar to that of a research paper outline but is written in the form of a paragraph, instead of being presented number wise as in the outline. The abstract must necessarily be short and it should only give the summary of the research work. Abstracts are almost always of a certain, specified length and before starting with the writing ,one needs to know this. Abstracts that are too long and exceed the specified maximum word limit are very often rejected An abstract will state the the main objective of the thesis along with the topic of the paper. it will give a brief indication of the the methodology followed in the research work and will present the the main results of the research work and will state the main conclusions deduced from the finding.

An abstract must contain all the main keywords of the research or thesis work so that it can be stored in databases for the future referencing by other researchers. An abstract generally has a limit of 120 to 200 words. Though similar to an introduction there are more differences between an abstract and an introduction, than there are similarities. Main purpose of an introduction is to present a background of the main thesis without going into too much details. It will consist of the research topic or problem and the methodology used to cover it. An introduction has to be short but does not have any word limit, unlike that of an abstract. An abstract will not introduce the research topic but will give a summary of the whole work along with the methodology, findings and conclusions though in a very brief form.

Thus we can see a research paper abstract is an essential part of a research paper and one necessarily must the format of an abstract before writing it. For this it is necessary that one goes through various research paper examples and studies them properly to understand the correct pattern of abstract writing. One must also religiously follow the abstract specifications as set by the professor. all this tecnicalities and many more go into the process called thesis writing.

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