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APA Research Paper Outline Has It’s Own Unique Form of Referencing the Direct Quotes
APA Research Paper Outline Has It’s Own Unique Form of Referencing the Direct Quotes
A Guide to Writing an APA Research Paper Outline

There are various different kinds of essay writing and research paper formats which the student or the instructor can choose to form an outline of the essay. MLA or the Modern Language association format, APA or American psychological association format, Harvard format and the Chicago format form the main part of the different types of formatting. The APA research paper outline is generally used for writing scientific research papers and business research papers and those that involve a lot of investigation and exploration in their work.

An APA research paper outline like any other research paper writing is divided into five basic parts. These are the title page or the research paper cover page, the research paper abstract, research paper introduction, the main body and the conclusion. At the end of the thesis work will be the reference page. The title is given only when the instructor asks for one otherwise it may be omitted. For this, it is best to ask the instructor for guidance. If the title page is indeed required then it will consist of a header, a running head, the complete title, the writer’s name, instructor’s name and the name of the writer’s college or university. The header will consist of the main title’s first two to three words, followed by five spaces indented and then the page number. The running head is the first line after the header and the words “running head” are written followed by a colon punctuation mark. This is followed by the entire title of the research paper. Next will come the writer’s name, instructor’s name and college name all in separate lines and doubly spaced. The next page will be the abstract which will give a concise form of the whole research work in the form of a summary in a double spaced single paragraph not exceeding 120 words. After the abstract the next page will contain the main body which will contain the actual research work along with all the data and facts and figures. Here the writer will have to defend his research work with the help of various evidences taken from other people’s work. In- text citations for such support is extremely important to avoid any charge of plagiarism. At the end there will be the reference page which will give all the details of the various sources taken as evidences to defend the research work or thesis. There are certain rules while writing these references in an APA format paper and these rules are to be strictly followed otherwise all the effort put in making the research paper will come to a naught. Special care is to be taken while documenting all the evidences taken for the research paper and due credit given to all the sources applicable as correct and proper referencing is an important and a major part of forming a research paper.

APA research paper outline thus is like any other research paper, the only difference being in the way the in-text citation and last page references are given. APA style of formatting gives citation references in a different manner when compared to that of MLA or Harvard or Chicago. Thus one can go through various research paper samples to know how a thesis paper is written and can learn separately the APA pattern of referencing to write the perfect paper. If sample research papers written in the APA format are found as guide then all the more better. If confusion still rises even after checking out various essay prompts then one can always order for custom research papers with the APA formatting

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