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Research Paper Examples Take Help from This Lifeline
Research Paper Examples  Take Help from This Lifeline
Research Paper Examples A Help For All Research Students

Research paper writing are assignments taken by all students doing research or thesis work . It involves in depth and extensive exploration on the chosen theme and gathering as much data as possible and then sieving through the entire collected material, critically analyzing the data and interpreting them logically to arrive to a conclusion. To be able to do this complicated and time consuming piece of essay writing one should go through as many as research paper examples as possible. It will guide the research student in writing the paper correctly with correct essay formats and essay references. Research paper proposal, research paper methodology and literature reviews are all important aspects of research writing and the writer should be aware of all these important factors.

The important components of a research paper are:

Title page or research paper cover page:
This is the first page of a thesis paper where the main title is written and presented to the reader. It contains the name of the student, followed by the name of the instructor, then the course name, university name and at the end will be the date of submission of the paper

Table of contents:
After the title page comes the page of contents where serial number, contents of the paper and their relevant page number are given in a tabular form. The contents of the paper will carry the name of each subheading in the thesis paper, the page number will show the page on which the relevant sub heading starts and the serial number will show the number of subheadings in the paper.

Research paper abstract:
After the table of contents will be the abstract which will give the summary of the essay in no more than 120 words.

Main body of the paper:
This will consist of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction will present the thesis statement and give a brief introduction of the research work, the body will give the the details of the research work while the conclusion will wind up the whole essay by reinstating the thesis statement and just brush up the main important points.

The reference page is an important one and will list alphabetically all the names and details of work that has been referenced and cited in the research paper. The pattern of writing this page will be according the format(MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard) followed in the thesis paper.

Thus as can be seen that research paper writing is a difficult job and it is advisable that one goes through research paper examples before sitting down to actually write one. Even after this it may seem to quite an uphill task. An expert hand is what you may need at these times. At Essay-911.com you will find many such expert writers who all are extremely qualified, experienced and professional to the core. All you need to do is to come to us and just say write my research paper.

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