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Abortion Research Paper – It Involves Legal, Medical and Socio-Political Issues
Abortion Research Paper – It Involves Legal, Medical and Socio-Political Issues
Abortion Research Paper – A Complex Chapter in Essay Writing

An abortion research paper is one of the most complex and controversial theme from the sociology research paper topics. This topic needs a lot of extensive study into the theme which may also involve a look into certain legal issues this theme carries. It will also involve a glance through certain parts of religion as more often than not members of the Church are deeply involved in this issue and Abortion is condemned and opposed by religious groups under the Catholic Church. As one looks deep into the issue he will find that it is actually a fight between moral values and ethics on one side and practicality, level headed reasoning and common sense on the other.

As we can see that the topic being extremely controversial and very sensitive must be dealt with a strong hand, that is, must it must be written in strong words that would be imposing on the reader’s mind. The writer must feel very strongly about the issue and which ever side he decides to take a stand on, he must firmly protect his stand with logical and rock solid evidences that are strong enough to convince the reader. He must discuss both sides of the issue and when taking a stand me must prove himself correct. All supporting evidences should be correctly cited using the proper essay format pattern. Some valid reasons as to why abortion should be made legal are various and many.Teenage pregnancies often discourage and make it impossible for young girls to pursue their goals and ambition in life with the added responsibility of caring for a child. The mother if very young herself will not be in a position to take proper care of the child. Having a child is a lifelong responsibility and not something which the mother can put aside after giving birth. It is an attachment which is to be cherished and not become a burden. Pregnancy should be a joyful experience and not something to be hated or despised. As Pro-abortion members insist, pregnancy should be made a choice, not a social compulsion and abortion a right for the mother. Often pregnancy is caused by rape or sexual abuse. Then the woman should be given the right to abort the child and this cause must be supported by the government and society. The victim shouldn’t be made to suffer doubly, once for the abuse and then again for the result of the abuse. However small, the percentage of the number of rape or abused victims are of the total population, they simply cannot be disregarded and put aside. These unwanted pregnancies would only remind these women of the traumatic event, and they should be made free from the burden that are definitely not theirs. In case of health problems of the mother, that is, if the would-be-mother’s life or health is at risk then abortion should be the only compulsion. In fact this is the only reason supported by the both the groups.

The main arguments made against abortion are that a woman should preferably abstain from sex if not using birth control methods. For her own sin and thoughtless act she loses all the right to punish her unborn child. This is put forward by the pro life group and members of the Catholic Church. Besides, killing something that cannot fight for itself and is helpless and completely dependent on the mother for its basic survival, violates basic human rights. If a woman does not want the child she can always put up the baby for adoption.
Thus, as we can see writing an abortion research paper is no mean feat and requires an extensive studying into the subject. This academic essay will cover medical, legal, socio-political issues and will require a lot of concentration, hard work and dedication on the writer’s part. It will also require a certain degree of conviction on the writer’s part to prove his stand, failing which this research paper writing will have no meaning. This paper owing to its complex nature often requires help from experts in this field. At Essay-911.com we have many such expert writers who are very good in dealing with similar complex and controversial issues . A browse through our sample essays will only prove our quality and expertise. If you feel that you are out of your depths while writing this paper, then you can always ask for assistance and we will be only too glad to help.

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