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Science Fair Research Paper – A Test in Written and Experimenting Skills
Science Fair Research Paper – A Test in Written and Experimenting Skills
Science Fair Research Paper – A Guide to Make it Interesting

Science fair research paper is an aspect of research paper writing that is generally dubbed as boring and not very interesting to the common layman. However this piece of academic essay writing can be also made to be interesting and appealing to all if written simply and with an attractive note. This research paper is assigned to get to the results and conclusions of the performed experiment, thus giving in details the trials and tribulations faced while doing the research work. Both the writer’s writing skills and research capabilities are tested in this project work as often these projects are published in scientific journals and magazines.

If choosing the research paper idea/topic is in the hands of the student then nothing like it. One may choose to write on controversial research topics, argumentative research paper topics or any scientific research topic that is both appealing to the writer and reader. Choosing the topic is an important criteria and one should do it with a lot of care and thought. A topic chosen should not only be interesting to the writer but he must also have some knowledge on the topic. Topics that have a fair amount of ready material available to research on would also be a good choice.

The paper must give a clear picture of the experiment or invention in question. All important points pertaining to the experiment is to be given in details and in common man’s language as much as possible. The font style should be Times New Roman and font size should be 12 points. The essay format prescribed for the paper should be religiously followed with correct citations and references. The paper should be edited to check for possible grammatical and spelling mistakes and rectified accordingly.

A science fair research paper will have the following sections:

Research paper cover page – this is the first page which will get the reader’s attention so it should be appealing and completely error free. It should be neat and clutter free with a professional look.

Research paper abstract – the abstract will be short within 200 words summarizing the whole project. It has to be written in such a way that that the reader gets an overall view of the entire written work.

Research paper introduction – as the name suggests this section will introduce the reader to the topic. It will present the main argument or the thesis statement and will briefly define or explain all related important terms and terminologies.

Body – will give the entire experiment in details. One important section is the methodology chapter which will describe the aim of the experiment, the methods carried out for doing the experiment, will analyze the presented data and facts and derive the conclusion from the analysis.

Conclusion- this section will brush through the main points once more in different words. The thesis statement will have to be re instated. The concluding statement will have to strongly framed so as to leave a long lasting impression.

Writing a science fair research paper is a tough project and may require some expert assistance. One can check out our sample essays to get a fair idea of what a science project paper may look like. With a little help form the expert writers at Essay-911.com even this seemingly unappealing and difficult assignment can be made interesting and stimulating to write on.

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