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How to Make Research Know the Basics Before Writing a Paper
How to Make Research  Know the Basics Before Writing a Paper
How to make research A Guideline

How to make research paper. A basic but a very important question. It is always better to get the basics clear before starting on any new venture. So let us now see, how to write a good thesis paper. A research paper is like any other essay writing. All high school studies will have included a lot of essay writing like a personal essay, an opinion essay, a narrative essay, a critical essay etc. so the basic concepts of an essay writing will not be difficult to follow. Like any other essay it will consist of three main parts an introduction , a body and a conclusion. In a research paper this will only have to be extended as a research paper is more extensive with a wider scope. A research paper introduction will introduce the topic in brief, will present the main argument or the thesis statement and will explain the major terms and definitions. The body at the beginning will give the purpose and aim of the research work undertaken. It will also have various sections that consist of a literature review, research paper methodology, data analysis and a section that will explain whether the end data achieves the aim of the research paper or defines the main argument of the thesis or not. At the end will be the conclusion which will restate the main points in different words and will reinstate the thesis statement. The final concluding statement will have to framed in strong and convincing words so as to have a lasting impression on the reader.

Some points to remember while doing research paper writing.

1.A topic that the one is interested in should be chosen. A research paper idea or topic should always be chosen carefully. It should be interesting to the reader, challenging to work on with ready material available for research work to be conducted. An obscure topic with not much previous research work done on it, is best avoided.

2.An intensive research work on the topic has to be conducted, to be able to produce a good thesis paper. Various studies into previous work from books, journals, magazines and Internet will have to be done, so as to gather as much data as possible on the topic. Then the student will have to sit down and organize the collected data and sieve through them as closely possible so as to take in the important ones and leave out the others. All data presented should be logical and relevant to the topic.

3.Writing in the correct essay format(MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard) is also very important. One will have to stick to the prescribed standard rules to get good grades. Each direct quote and citation in the paper will have to be given references to avoid charges of plagiarism.

4.Preferably a research paper outline should be made first so that work stays on track and does not waste time on looking for data that is not required. An outline not only helps to research in a correct manner it also helps to save time.

5.After the paper is prepared the next most important thing to do is editing. This is an essential part of research writing to be able to present a perfect and an error free paper.

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