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One Must Know How to Write a Research Proposal Well as it Decides Whether your Proposal Gets the Nod or Not
One Must Know How to Write a Research Proposal Well as it Decides Whether your Proposal Gets the Nod or Not
Knowing How to Write a Research Proposal is an Important Aspect of Doctoral Dissertations.

Writing a research proposal is slightly different from research paper writing. A thesis paper discusses in length the procedure of the research work and gives detailed information pertaining to the topic. In a research proposal the writer presents information related to the theme and also presents his reasons as to why more research is required on that particular topic. So knowing how to write research proposal in the correct essay format with strong words to convince the reader about the necessity of further work on the theme is extremely important for the writer to get his proposal passed.

Before starting the essay writing for a research proposal one will have to conduct an in-depth and extensive amount of research work on the topic. The main aim will be to gather as much information as possible and also to find out how much research work has been done previously on the chosen theme. For this one needs to know how to write a literature review. This is important as this section gives or highlights the gap between the existing research work on that field and the need for further investigation on that area of study. Students who are going in for a doctoral dissertation will most probably have to present a research proposal first. This proposal will be considered by a body of experts comprising of instructors from that field of subject who will consider whether the proposal is to be accepted or not. So it is imperative that the student conducts an exhaustive research work on the topic before submitting the proposal and comes up with something that is strong and convincing enough to get the paper passed.

A research proposal should have a research paper cover page, an abstract and an introduction on the similar lines to that of a research paper introduction, which should be captivating and illuminating enough to get the attention and initial approval of the instructors. It should be well written leading to the formulation of a strong and logical thesis statement or hypothesis. The body should contain all the necessary details related to the topic and the body of the proposal must necessarily have a research paper methodology which would describe in details as to how one is planning to work on the research paper. The body part should also explain in convincing notes as to why more research work is needed to be conducted in this field and how much difference ones research work would bring about on that topic. The thesis statement or hypothesis made in the introduction paragraph should be taken up here and proved that no work has already been done on the hypothesis formulated and it is a first of its kind in that field. The proposal would end in a conclusion which gives a brief summary of the main and important points covered in the body part. The concluding statement should be forceful enough to convince the reader to pass the proposal.

If one is faced with the dilemma of not knowing how to write a research proposal or one wants to have a look at the literature reviews he can browse through our essay examples to get an idea of how they look like. If one is still confused and does not what to do and where to start from, then help is readily available at the Essay-911.com

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