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Research Paper Format Make it Your Mantra to Follow and Write the Correct Format.
Research Paper Format  Make it Your Mantra to Follow and Write the Correct Format.
Research Paper Format Follow the Correct Format and Get Good Grades in the Paper.

A good research paper format is equally important as the content matter of a thesis paper. Each research paper will have its own set standard of format which has to be strictly adhered to. The format and the referencing pattern generally depend on the instructions given by the professors/instructors. There are four main different formats that can be followed like the MLA, APA,Chicago and Harvard according to the requisites of the paper and subject. The following pattern of essay writing format in a research paper is generally common for all written papers and followed by all and sundry.

Title page or research paper cover page:

This is the first page of a thesis paper where the main title is written and presented to the reader. It contains the name of the student, followed by the name of the instructor, then the course name, university name and at the end will be the date of submission of the paper

Table of contents:

After the title page comes the page of contents where serial number, contents of the paper and their relevant page number are given in a tabular form. The contents of the paper will carry the name of each subgeading in the thesis paper, the page number will show the page on which the relevant sub heading starts and the serial number will show the number of subheadings in the paper.

Research Paper Abstract:

After the table of contents will be the abstract which will give the summary of the essay in no more than 120 words.

Main body of the paper:

This will consist of a research paper introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction will present the thesis statement and give a brief introduction of the research work, the body will give the the details of the research work while the conclusion will wind up the whole essay by reinstating the thesis statement and just brush up the main important points.


The reference page is an important one and will list alphabetically all the names and details of work that has been refernced and cited in the research paper. The pattern of writing this page will be according the format(MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard) followed in the thesis or essay format.

The following pattern is the same for all research papers:

1.There should be a margin of of one inch all around the paper.

2.The font used is the Times New Roman and font size is 12 points. The writing is done with double spacing.

3.A white A-4 sheet is used to print the paper and print out is taken on one side of the paper only.

The requisites of a research paper format as one can see is quite easy to follow and understand. However if one feels that he or she is not really confident or is pressed for time then Essay-911.com is just a click or a call away.

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