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Research Paper Cover Page – Basic Guidelines
Research Paper Cover Page – Basic Guidelines
Research Paper Cover Page – A Guide to do it Yourself

Research paper cover page is the same as any title page of a project article or thesis paper. Technically speaking, it is a page that provides the reader with all the different details about the research paper. A cover page is a formal part of a document that makes it possible for the reader to get an idea about the overall paper. It is most essential to make a good presentation in the cover page .The most important thing about a cover page is that it should be error free or else it will create a negative impression in the reader’s mind. Even if the main essay is well written and well researched with correct references and citations the whole effect would fall flat if the title page is not properly presented.

A research paper cover page may consist of any given project work. It may be a term research project and will be a term paper cover page or may be a cover page of a college paper that is part of a college research project. The cover page will consist of certain essential information. First will come the name or title of the project. The title should be kept preferably short and simple so as not to intimidate the reader at the first instance. Next will come the name of the writer(s) in alphabetical order with the surname first. After this the instructor’s name will have to be written which will be followed by the class and course details. The date of submission needs to be given at the end. So the cover page should be aligned like this:

1.Title of the research paper or essay

2.name of the writer(s) or project owner(s)

3.name of professor/instructor

4.course and subject details

5.class name and details

6.date of submission

The format should strictly be the one specified by the instructor(APA/MLA/Harvard/Chicago). The font style should be Times New Roman and font size should be 12 points. The entire page must be computer generated in a standard white 8.5 by 11 inch paper and double spaced. Not much design or graphic work should be done on this page. It should be neat, clutter free and have a professional look. All that is required is the important details of the context keeping in mind that these are introductory or supporting information that are given to the readers and is definitely not a form of show or style quotient for the research paper. If a perfect research paper cover page is created it will inspire the reader as he moves ahead and reads the main article or thesis.

Writing a research paper cover page is a relatively easy job when compared to the writing of the whole essay or paper. However if one doesn’t have the time to write one then he can just order at the Essay-911.com and a perfect cover page will be ready in no time.

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