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Action Research Paper How To Write One.
Action Research Paper  How To Write One.
Action Research Paper For Professionals Only!

Writing an action research paper is an advanced level of writing where every word counts. A high degree of expertise on the subject under consideration and knowledge about preparing professional papers is a requisite. What you need is an organized mind that understands how to classify information, logical ability that understands precise structuring of sections and a grasp on implementing action research methodology.

Research papers like these are an amalgamation of theory and practicality with hands on approach. This is because they deal with real world problems and solutions rather than focusing on theoretical constructions. A scientific orientation towards the field of study is a necessity, as is developing multiplicity of views and providing alternatives courses of action. Analysis paper like these are deep and never provide a single final result, since the topic and the environment it operates in are dynamic, similar to the dynamics of an abortion research paper.

Stages of an action research paper

Identify problem

Design solutions


Evaluate results

Identify findings

If the results are not satisfactory, repeat the cycle till an acceptable solution is established.

Structure of an action research paper

Pagination: The first page is the title page. Insert header and footer and place research paper title, author name and date. Use Roman numeral system here. If the paper is for an academic institution, state examiner and instructor names, course title, details about the academic institution etc. Some papers require certification and a disclaimer, always check the guidelines for submission.

Extract: This section must concisely explain everything about your research paper. The strategies you shall implement, the methodology involved, your sources and the objective of the paper.

Introduction: Discuss the topic of the research paper. What is the problem identified that needs to be solved. Explain the context of the study and include all variables that influence the subject under consideration.

Analysis: SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis of the problem. This section is not data collection but a comprehensive analysis, this section is not purporting a point of view but a complete study. Identify the model adopted at the beginning of this section and state the assessments made by focus groups.


There is nothing like an absolute or the only right solution in an action research paper.

Result: The interpretation. After evaluating all the evidence what is the most probable solution arrived at. Explain its feasibility to solve the problem and provide a measuring tool with which to evaluate its effectiveness.

Appendix: All references and sources of information must be stated and sequenced correctly. Explanations on visual representation of information in the main body of the paper must be explained here.


For writing efficacious action research paper, in addition to being a good essayist, you need to think like a project manager. By writing such a paper you are accomplishing a mission.

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