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Think journaling is old fashioned? Think again. Are you having a hard time getting started on your article writing? Combine writers block with journaling to spark your article writing frenzy. Journaling is a powerful tool for brainstorming ideas, keeping your writing skills sharp, and for storing ideas and notes for future article pieces. To make the most of your journal, I suggest the following 4 tips to all article writers, beginning through advanced. 1) Get the right...

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Getting a manuscript published has never been easier; marketing and selling books has never been harder. Authors who pursue the smallest place for their Independent book on the shelf of a traditional bookseller is wasting valuable time and resources. The six largest publishers in the world, all based in New York (five owned by foreign corporations), tightly controls the traditional world of retail bookselling. They pay an enormous price for prime retail space for all their...

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JIT: Short, for just in time, JIT is manufacturing process aimed at getting the right quantity of quality parts to the assembly line at the exact time they are needed for production.

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This research report will take an in depth look at the use of hardwoods, and softwoods in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. This brief target audience is technology studies students, teachers, and will specifically investigate safety aspects, structure types and availability, adhesive properties, environment issues, and durability. The hardwoods considered in this report include Jarrah, Spotted Gum, and Tasmanian Oak. The softwoods considered are Radiata, Calantis and Hoop Pine.

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The need for America to value the Native Speakers of Languages other than English. The recently arrived immigrants face a language barrier which is only the part of the many difficulties they endure in US. Many of them are offended by the cultural aspects of America which they do not understand. Even the second generation immigrants cannot be accepted into the American mainstream. They are considered to be outsiders as their skin color is darker and their facial features do not reflect a lighter skinned Americans. Chang-Rae Lee indicates that the non-white Americans cannot help but see themselves inferior to the white Americans.

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Rising sea levels have been disturbing geographers and geologists for

some time now. Scientists are constantly trying to prevent the effects

rising waters are causing, which mainly includes beach and island erosion.

So far, their attempts with man-made development on beaches along the eastern

coast of America have only made things worse.

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Astrology is the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects. Many people look to astrology as a means of predicting what will happen in their future. Such predicting is made through a person's horoscope. This is a person's zodiac sign determined by the month that the person is born in. For the month of December Susan Miller makes her predictions of how the planets affect the zodiac sign Virgo.

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Leaders and Managers
Refocusing has become one of the major strategies pursued by large organizations in the 1990s. Prior research in the area of upper echelons (top management team) leadership has revealed that there is a strong relationship between top management team characteristics and organizational strategies and outcomes.

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Turabian Format Papers
Those paper writers and essay writers who want to know about the Turabian format papers, must know first of all how the in-text citation is given in Turabian format papers because in-text citation is the most important part of assignments and courseworks such as essays, case studies, term papers, research papers, dissertations, thesis, reviews, reports and other educational writings that are assigned to students by the teachers, instructors, lecturers and professors.

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Essay Writing Rubric
A rubric is basically an authoritative rule of conduct or procedure which the evaluators use to evaluate an essay. However, students can make use of rubrics to write their essays as they help them to meet the required standards stipulated by the college. These standards are the areas of assessment on which the evaluators estimate the nature, quality, extent, or significance of the essay. The most common areas of assessment used by evaluators in majority of colleges are:

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Critical Essay
In light of writing a critical essay, you need to learn the different things that will express your ability to criticize the main article for writing. Let us see the most important of things that you have to integrate in the essay.

The first thing that you need to develop is the thesis statement. In any types of essays, you must have a core idea to develop therefore an essay thesis statement is necessary.

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A-level exam paper for high school and college students
An A-level exam paper is usually used for evaluation purposes. In college you need to get a high grade for such a requirement in order to qualify to pass for the subject. Sometimes, an essay format in this criterion may also be used for college admission tests. Now, what separates such kind of essays from any other forms of articles?

Ethically speaking there is not much of a difference between an A-level exam paper and the essay types that you have been writing. However, the level of research skills, the utilization of correct grammar and technical writing aspects and the consideration of topic interests are more demanding.

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Learn the Tricks of Writing an Essay Outline
Writing an essay outline is an important part of academic essay writing. It is like creating the skeleton first before giving shape to the body. And inarguably a body will be definitely better shaped if the frame is made ready beforehand. Similarly an essay will be better framed and written if the essay outline is prepared first.

There are many things that go into essay writing. First one must think of interesting and good research topics.

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Essay On Truth And Courage – May The Truth Prevail And Courage Withstand.
When a writer sits down to write an essay there are various types that he can choose from according to requirement or according to his choice. He can write an analytical essay, a critical essay, a discussion essay or maybe a personal essay. The writer can choose to take up a subject and wish to write on that or he may wish to give instructions on some thing he feels the reader needs to know about. It is completely upon the writer as to how he wishes to communicate with the reader. There are so many topics the writer can choose from to convey the message. An essay on truth and courage is all about life and the various moral values attached to it.

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A Dissertation Proposal Outline: Secrets of a High-Quality Proposal
A Dissertation Proposal Outline: Secrets of a High-Quality Proposal
Every dissertation writer realizes the significance of dissertation research proposals. It is the “green light” to your research and the main evidence that you are ready to complete one of the most serious projects in your life.

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Definition Essays: Using Examples
Definition Essays: Using Examples
Do you think it is easy to define and explain different things and phenomena? Then, writing a definition essay will not be a problem for you. However, what we know is that many students do face some difficulties when preparing definition essays. And this article is designed to help them.

First, be careful when searching for tips on how to write definition essays. Silly misspellings like “defenition essays” usually do not bring necessary results, you just hit upon unreliable sources.

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Good College Essay
What constitutes a good college essay? If you will be writing an essay soon, then you should know the characteristics of a good college essay. This way, you can prepare with your writing task and maximize the grade that you will receive from your paper. As long as you know how to identify a quality essay, then you can write a paper on your own. Let us see what a good essay really has to offer.

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Animal Farm Essay Can be In Various Forms
Write Your Animal Farm Essay with a Sound Understanding of the Book

The Animal Farm Essay will be one of the essays which most high school and college students will be given to write. This type of text based assignments will require you to familiarize yourself fully with the material prior to beginning the essay writing. Animal Farm book was written by George Orwell in 1945. The book is about the Second World War, and it shows event leading up to and during the Stalin era. The story talks about how the animals get together and decide to overthrow the human owner. The story shows how people who are smarter, richer and more powerful will always come on top.

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Term Paper on Stress – Your Writing Guide
A term paper on stress is something that you can write with ease. If you do not know how to go about the term paper on stress that you care required writing, then looking for a guide on how you can start writing it and some tips on how to do it. Here are some helpful points that you can take note of when writing a term paper on stress.

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Weapons Essays: Several Strategies to Make a Killing Essay
Some time ago, people invented the first gun that was heavy and inconvenient to use. Today, we have all kinds of weapons, starting from tiny guns that can be hidden in a purse up to weapons of mass destruction.

Actually, the size of weapons does not really matter. All of them are designed for one major purpose – to kill and destroy lives.

So, weapons are the topic of your essay and it is a general issue to discuss. If you want to prepare a killing weapons essay, you have to think how to narrow down the focus. This is what we can help you with.

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