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Op-ed articles, also known as opinion/editorial articles, are a great way for aspiring writers to publicize their work and get an amazing amount of publicity for free. You can write an op-ed piece and get it publicized provided you follow these simple rules.

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I nterviewed Howard Shapiro on October 24 2006 Q: What are you working on now? At the moment I am marketing my Hanukkah book for the 2nd year and trying to get my anti-bullying book into schools, foundations etc. After the first of the year, I am planning to start work on my third book "Hockey Day's" which I hope to have out in October, 2007. Q: Tell us about your two books? My first book was published in October, 2005. It is called "Hanukkah Counts Too!" and the ...

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* How do I choose which writing instrument is best for my needs? In choosing the right kind of pen for you, consider what it will be used for, such as for business or for casual letter writing. The size of the ball point is also a major consideration. Just bear in mind that the results should be as readable as possible. * What is the difference between a rollerball pen and a ballpoint pen? The main difference is the ink. In ballpoint pens, the ink is an oil-based p...

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1. Be Emotionally Compelling Your words must have power so people take action and buy. Don?t be dry, stuffy or boring. Rock their world. What you think is a little ?over the top? is probably just right. Show them empathy, caring and concern that makes them feel connected and helps them quickly suspend their rational disbelief. 2. Learn to Write Great Headlines This valuable skill is not to be taken lightly. You need to use numerous headlines in a sales letter. They need ...

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During a recent telephone conversation, I mentioned having sent off the last revisions for my twentieth novel, ?Great Sky Woman.? There was a silence on the other side of the phone, followed by the question ?How in the world do you do that? Twenty novels!? The truth is that I know many writers who have written far more than twenty novels. It is not that unusual. In fact, if you are a working writer, the ?perfect? output is very close to a book a year. Less often than this,...

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During the Second World War, the Japanese were treated like animals and left with no dignity and self-respect. They were ripped from their families and sentenced to a lifestyle of pure poverty; their work and living conditions were inadequate for humans and with their nourishment was far below par. Their human rights were blatantly ignored as their citizenship was stripped from them; worst of all, their cries for justice went unheard by a government that was supposedly working for them.

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The ruined ancient city occupying an area of 4 square miles (10 square km) in

south-central state, . It is located some 90 miles (150 km) east-northeast of and

75 miles (120 km) east-southeast of the modern city of . The only source of water

in the arid region around the site is from wells (cenotes) formed by sinkholes in

limestone formations. Two big cenotes on the site made it a suitable place for the

city and gave it its name, from chi ("mouths"), chen ("wells"), and Itz , the name

of the Maya tribe that settled there. Chich n Itz was designated a UNESCO in


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Harold Clayton Urey was a scientist of considerable scope whose discovery of deuterium

helped him win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1934. Urey also made fundamental

contributions to the production of the atomic bomb through his development of the

isotope separation processes for the Manhattan Project. In the period following World

War II, Urey played an active part in advocating nuclear arms control, in promoting space

exploration and in the development of the newly created campus of the University of

California, San Diego.

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Daniel Defoe is credited with writing the first long fiction novel in literary history. Drawing from established literary genres such as the guide and providence traditions and the spiritual biography, Defoe endeavored to illustrate the life of a man who "tempted Providence to his ruine (Defoe 13)" and the consequences of such actions. While stranded alone on an island the character of Robinson Crusoe seems to have a religious epiphany about the role of Providence in his life and resolves to live in accordance with God's will.

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Assess the Importance of Alexandria as a Centre of Hellenistic Art essay
Some 2,000 years ago Alexandria--founded by Alexander the Great, conqueror of all that became known as the Hellenistic world--was that world's pre-eminent city. Apart from being the seat of power of the ruling Ptolemies, it was the locus of the spiritual, cultural, and scientific life of the entire Hellenistic world, stretching from egypt to India and from the third century B.C. to the third century A.D.

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Law for International Business essay
The framers of the Charter of the United Nations, like those of the Covenant of the League of Nations, have provided for an agency whose principal function is to apply legal techniques in the resolution of international controversies and problems. This agency is the International Court of Justice, which is described as one of "the principal organs" and as "the principal judicial organ" of the United Nations (Deutsch, 2002, pp.15).

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How To Leisurely Write A Great Tourism Essay
A tourism essay makes interesting reading because it reflects recreation, fun and frolic. If it were not for the recession, we would have got many more tours, and the tourism industry would have been flourishing. The good thing is that lack of demand is temporary, and the industry is set to get a big boost.
Choosing topics for this essay should be one of the easiest tasks you could undertake. Just make sure it is a current topic or hot spot, and you would have hordes reading your essay with delight.

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Essay on Nature
Nature plays a major role and has a profound impact on the lives of all organisms; it can be a friend or a foe. From the time a being comes into existence, it almost immediately, becomes aware of the necessary connection with the outside world. The creature begins by exploring all parts of the new surrounding, deciding how it maybe able to cope with the environment, making all the essential adaptations. As the life form grows, it becomes more and more dependant on nature, realizing how important the trees, grass, and even the sky really are.

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Historical Reasoning – Philosophy
In his extensive analysis of the history of China (spanning the twelfth century to the mid twentieth), China Transformed: Historical Change and the Limits of European Experience, Chinese historian Roy Bin Wong thoughtfully crafts a non-Eurocentric framework for analyzing developments in the country. This is in stark contrast with the majority of historians who still attempt to place the Industrial Revolution in a European context from which the progress (or lack of expected progress) of all other countries must be judged. In fact, Wong proposes that what occurred in China cannot be described as a revolution but was merely the continuity of pre-industrial change.

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Dissertation Research Proposal Example
How can you survive dissertation paper writing? It is important that you know the things to execute in writing such a research paper. It may be composed of different essay articles as chapters but having a primary plan of action is important. Therefore, a dissertation research proposal example should be used.
Here in our website, we provide different essay examples for the convenience of our visitors. They are all for free and useful enough to teach procedures in writing an article. If you want a dissertation research proposal example, we can also provide them to you. We have different channels where you can download a copy of the file for free. But what is a dissertation research proposal in the first place?

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Teaching Essay Writing
Essay writing has become one of the most important aspects in schools. Owing to the specific nature of essays, many teachers or educators are finding it difficult to teach students about writing a perfect essay. For people who are assigned a task of teaching essay writing but don’t know how to approach then these steps will help you to teach essay writing to students.

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Buy A Computing Essay
Sometimes, we will be required to write an essay outside of our comfort zones. If you are going to compose an essay that involves computers, then you might consider purchasing a computing essay online to make your life easier. Isn’t it wrong to simply buy an essay for my project? Actually, there is nothing wrong with placing an order for a computing essay. You are only availing of the services that can be found online. Of course, you need to find the writing company that can only provide you an original article that is non-plagiarized and possesses great quality.

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MUET Essays: How to Get the Highest Score
MUET Essays: How to Get the Highest Score
90 is the highest score you can get for your MUET essay. You will have 90 minutes to complete your MUET essay. We should warn you that even those students who get the highest scores for the test and who are qualified as “Very good users” have problems with completing MUET essays.

Definitely, we do not mean to scare you and make nervous about the MUET essay you will have to write. We simply want to explain that you need to work hard and constantly improve your writing skills. Perfect writing is something that even some native English speakers cannot boast about.

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Ideas for Essays on The Cone Gatherers
Ideas for Essays on The Cone Gatherers
The Cone Gatherers is one of the most famous novels of Robin Jenkins, a Scottish writer. Probably, the fact that it was grounded on the writer’s personal experience during the World War II is the most vivid feature of this novel.

If you need to write The Cone Gatherers essays, you have to read this novel first. In this article, we want to mention several issues you can highlight in The Cone Gatherers essay.

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Van Gogh Essays: How to Write an Impressive Paper
Before you start writing your Van Gogh essay, we suggest you make a kind of survey. Ask several people what comes to their mind first when they hear the name Vincent Van Gogh.

Answers will be different, but most probably you will hear:

* a chopped off ear;
* absinthe;
* mental disorder;
* “Starry Night”;
* “Sunflowers”.

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