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Writing a letter to your newspaper's editor is a privilege that Americans have exercised since the early days of journalism. You need not be an expert about the topic at hand, but by adding your voice to the discussion you can help shape people's opinions positively and constructively. Here are some tips to help you get your letter published.

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Finding The Right Critical Essay Topics
Writing on critical essay topics is quite difficult for students especially if they have just started to write essays. Often, there is a bit of confusion about how to go about it. The notion is that a critical essay is meant to criticize or offer negative remarks about a topic, which is a big misunderstanding. It is not always true and often the analytical skills of a writer are tested when producing really good critical analysis essays. The way to go about it is to first choose good topics that you are familiar with.

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Essay on Amy Tan
There are no simple or perfect relationships between mothers and daughters. Relationships are a delicate balance between the love and emotions of two individuals. They are ever changing and evolving, and are each unique as the people in them. Amy Tan’s novels offer an inside glimpse into several intricate mother daughter relationships. Her characters suffer hardships as well as times of joy. There are many similarities in the mother and daughter relationships in the books by Amy Tan.

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Herpes Essay
A forty year old, Hispanic female, came into my office last week with open sores and blisters on her lips and inside of her mouth. Patient said that her boyfriend has the same sores and blisters on his mouth and she may have exposed herself to his open sores. I took a culture of one of the sores that was open. The results showed that she had the herpes simplex virus, type one, known as fever blisters. I informed her that the virus usually invade the moist membrane cells of the lips, throat, or mouth. The blisters tend to combine and then disintegrate.

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Marketing Essay
A marketing essay is an essay which is for the promotion of a product or it talks about marketing strategies or it talks about marketing principles and policies set by different organizations or it is written for making a market plan. A marketing essay is written for many purposes. Teachers assign marketing essays to students to enhance their capabilities in terms of market assessment and evaluation.

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Scholarship Essay Questions
Many high school students are not able to go to college because of tuition concerns. We all know that getting a college degree is really an expensive deal. But if you have the brains and the instinct to survive, there are still some other ways. You can get a scholarship grant from private or government institutions. Most of the time, these institutions will let you take an exam for the purpose of evaluating your skills. However, most of them are also going to require you to write an essay. So our topic for today will be the different scholarship essay questions that grantors commonly ask.

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Persuasive Essay Rubric
Do you know how to handle a persuasive essay writing task? If your problem is about writing a quality persuasive essay, then you need to see the persuasive essay rubric that most teachers apply. This way, you will be able to highlight your writing skills and then write a persuasive essay that will conform to the instructions of the teacher. With a rubric, you will have a guide on what parts of the essay will correspond to higher scores. This is a great way to maximize your grade because you will have a guide on how to perform in writing your essay.

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List of Good Research Paper Topics
Are you still searching for the best research paper topic? We all know that an essay can also be considered a research paper. This happens when you include research results within the article. But sometimes, even the very simple task of choosing a topic can be a big problem. You should have a list of good research paper topics.

A list of good research paper topics can help you choose the best subject to write about. This will give you more freedom to tackle what you are really interested in talking about.

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Journalism Essay
An essay help should always be online whenever you are having problems with writing your articles. For a journalism essay, it is important that you know where to get help from. This time, our website can be used to know more about essay writing tips that can increase the quality features of your essays. So what things should I remember when writing my first journalism essay?

Make sure that you have an interesting topic.

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GED Essay
GED or General Educational Development test provides an opportunity for people who have not completed their high school to get an equivalent credential. It is normally helpful for high school dropouts to pursue higher education or get credential for employment. GED test is based on five areas to measure your knowledge in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. All parts contain multiple choice questions but the writing test includes an essay of 200 words.

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Research Paper Citation: Hints on Why, When and How to Do
Research Paper Citation: Hints on Why, When and How to Do
Research paper writing includes several components, and each of them is important. One of these components is research paper citation. Consider our recommendations on research paper citation in order to avoid mistakes.

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Hamlet Essay: How to Write Them Effectively and Successfully?
Hamlet Essay: How to Write Them Effectively and Successfully?
Hamlet essay is an essay about the revenge and terrible attributes of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. ‘Revenge’ is the main theme throughout the play “Hamlet”. In order to write the Hamlet essay, students must analyze the complete play thoroughly.

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Examination Essays: How to Pass Hard Times Easily
Examination Essays: How to Pass Hard Times Easily
Sure, any exam is a stress for students. Yet, many students consider essay exams to be more stressful and harder to get through.

Well, it is not surprising. The main problem with examination essays is that in the great majority of cases students have no clue what they are going to deal with. You do not know what examination essay question you will have to answer and what to get ready for.

Thus, let us present you several good recommendations on how to write a perfect essay on the examination day.

Tips on how to get ready for writing examination essays

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Immigration Essays
One of the biggest problems of students is that they cannot simply write an essay with a given topic. This is a known fact especially when teachers will provide the topic and the students will have to write about it. However, there is a real benefit in providing the main topic to write in an essay. The teacher will be able to identify who among the students can really write good essays. Now, one possible limited topic that your teacher will require you to write is about immigration. It is a social and political phenomenon, which is a good essay topic. We will talk about the possible topic scopes that you can write for immigration essays.

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Interpretation Essay
Have you ever heard of an interpretation essay? This is an article that conveys new ideas and understanding based on a seemingly shallow idea. It may be obvious as it seems but an interpretive essay can also be divided into two possible types. Let us give you some more details about this essay

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Comparative Essay Writing Secrets for Brilliant Students
Writing a comparative essay may seem very easy. In fact, it is not difficult, however, it needs thoughtfulness and it should be well organized. The majority of students can cope with the organization of such essays but have difficulties with the content.

To make your comparative essay writing successful you should mind the following important hints.

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Clinical Research Projects: General Facts to Start Wit
We have no idea why you are looking for some info about clinical research projects. Do you want to complete one or what? Anyway, let us explain you right from the start that a clinical research project is not a kind of research paper or essay. It is serious research that presupposes working with human subjects, investigating some disease, new medical technologies, and so on. Needless to say, only experts in the medical field can be involved into making clinical research projects.

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Essays on Weight Training: How to Develop a Strong Essay
What do you know about weight training? Have you ever tried it? How effective is it? You have a chance to investigate all these aspects when writing an essay on weight training. By the way, before you get down to work, go to the gym for a weight training session. It will be a perfect basis for a really strong weight training essay.

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College Scholarship Essays: Useful Suggestions
Various application forms, letters of recommendation, transcripts and test scores, and finally college scholarship essays – this is what you should be ready for if you decide to participate in one or several college scholarship essay contests and win money for education.

Download College Scholarship Essays: Useful Suggestions
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Essay Writing Strategies: Simple but Effective
Having good writing skills is important, but far not everyone can write well. While in school or college, you have a great opportunity to learn and develop your ability to write well.

Numerous essays that teachers assign so frequently are designed to reveal your writing potential, but certainly, it is not that easy to become a writing guru. First, you will have to learn some basic essay writing strategies.

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