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Anyone who wants to make money online with their own website should learn how to write articles because "content is king". If you want your website to appear in top positions in the organic search engine results, you will need to make sure it contains plenty of pages of unique, valuable content. If you are not accustomed to writing, you probably think you would not be able to write worthwhile articles for publication. If you are really unable to write your own articles, yo...

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Kidnapped, by Robert Louis Stevenson, has delighted readers for generations with

its exhilarating adventure, rich action, and complex characterization. Kidnapped is the

story of young David Balfour, an orphan, whose uncle Ebenezer cheats him out of his

inheritance and makes plans to have him kidnapped and sold into slavery. David’s Uncle

Ebenezer is a very money hungry man as are many of the other people David encounters

on his journey. Many of the people David encounters on his journey including Uncle

Ebenezer, Captain Hoseason and his crew, David’s first guide to Torosay, and even

David’s close companion, Alan Stewart, all have greedy intentions at times. They act

innocent at first, and even if they are, they can’t help trying to get the best of David to

obtain more money. One of the themes in Stevenson’s Kidnapped is that often people go

to extremes to satisfy their greed for money.

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Thesis: The descriptive details in “The Cask of Amontillado” not only appeal to the senses of the audience, but also show that the narrator has a memory that has been haunted with details that he can recall fifty years later.

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Ed Leonard sits behind his desk at Tucker Knox Corporation (TKC) remembering the

progress he has made over the last four years. They have been complicated and full of many

changes. He joined TKC to help the company develop a new Automation Design Department.

In the first two years, he designed, developed and helped to create the department and make sure

the new products were competitive and profitable. This last year has been filled with turmoil

due to changes in top management.

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Arguments over crime statistics have existed ever since governments began counting criminal activity. The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) are two methods in which the government collects data, and monitors criminal activity in the United States. The Uniform Crime Reports and the National Crime Victimization Survey have both positive and negative attributes that have influenced different aspects of society.

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In the book Body Count: Moral Poverty and How to Win America s War Against Drugs. By William J. Bennet, John J. DiIiulio, and John P. Walters, we learn about crime on the streets, the causes, what is being done to reduce it, and what should be done to end it. Our authors state that crime is a result of moral poverty. They define moral poverty as the poverty of being without loving, capable, responsible adults who teach right from wrong. ( Bennet 1996) throughout this paper I will discuss the major points of this book, what the authors believe the primary cause of crime is, and what can be done in treatment and corrections to address the major issues of crime.To start the book contains many, many statistics to back what the authors are saying.

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There is No Beauty in the Breakdown
Suicide has been defined as "the act of self-destruction by a person sound in mind and capable of measuring his (or her) moral responsibility" (Webster 1705). Determining one's moral responsibility is what all of humanity struggles with and strives to achieve. Many forces act toward the suppression of this self-discovery, causing a breakdown and ultimately a complete collapse of conventional conceptions of the self.

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The Japanese warrior, known as the samurai, has played a significant role in Japan's history and culture throughout the centuries. Their ancestors can be traced back to as far as can be remembered. Some stories have become mysterious legends handed down over the centuries. In this report you will learn who the samurai were, their origins as we know them, how they lived and fought and their evolution to today. It will be clear why the samurai stand out as one of the most famous group of warriors of all times.

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Forming An Effective Career Research Paper Outline
Preparing a career research paper outline can help students focus on different aspects of writing that would otherwise have taken them hours to compile. An outline is meant to offer a ready reckoner that allows students to come back to any section immediately. It should allow changes to be made in terms of addition or deletion of information. The process of compiling a research essay is very fluid and requires frequent changes to be made.

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Essay Contest
Taking part in an essay contest can be very rewarding in terms of learning about a topic that is relevant to society or education. Many institutions around the world have realized that contests bring out the best in students. It is also possible to participate in international contests by submitting an essay online. There are many important issues that concern the world at present.

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How to Write Essays
A student learns very early how to write essays in school. Expressing oneself in words comes quite naturally. Writing essays is difficult, if students do not have a sound foundation. They have to learn how an essay is structured. There are common elements in all essays including the introduction, body of the essay, and a conclusion. Each segment has an important role to play in establishing a connection with the audience. The most important statement is the thesis statement, which emphasizes to readers what the essay is all about.

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Government Essay Composition
When we talk about an essay that relates to a topic about government, it only means you have to write a government essay. Actually, attaching any term to the word “essay” delivers a message that you have to expect the topic interest based on the attached term. For example, a hero essay is all about heroes, a nursing essay is all about nurses and a government essay is all about governments. So what topics should I write about for my assigned government essay?

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Literature Review Example – How Useful Is It?
It is very crucial that a literature review chapter is included in a research paper. This part defines how well a good essay topic is really significant to discuss about. One question that you may ask about the essay writing scheme is the actual importance of a literature review example in managing the task of writing an article. You may ask, why do we need to learn some literature review writing techniques if we are going to talk about an essay?

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The Best Essay Help That You Can Find Online
Each student has his own weakness. It can be weakness in solving math problems, reciting poems or even writing an essay. If the last one is also a big concern for you, then you need essay help.

Essay help can be about anything related to essay writing. There may be some aspects of essay writing that you can do but not all students have this luxury. In any case, essay help is always available from the internet.

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Write My Essay – Say this, Before it is Too Late
Academic essay writing is a part of school and college curriculum which no student can avoid, however much they wish to. So it becomes imperative for a student to learn the tricks of good essay writing. There are many available essay examples, term paper samples and research paper samples which one can go through to get an idea of how to write a good essay. These sample essays acts as guides that can help one to learn the tricks of the trade.

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Essays on “Light in August”: What Will You Choose as the Main Idea?
Essays on “Light in August”: What Will You Choose as the Main Idea?
Do you have to write an American literature essay? Are you allowed to pick any work of American literature for discussion? Well, what about “Light in August”? It is one of the most famous novels by William Faulkner published in 1932, and we can help you with writing an excellent essay on “Light in August”.

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Essays on Beliefs: If You Lack Ideas
Essays on Beliefs: If You Lack Ideas
What are those things that you believe or do not believe in? How did you come up with these beliefs? Do your beliefs change with time?

You can answer these and many other questions in your essay on beliefs. Yet, it seems like you are stuck a bit with this assignment. Probably, the reason is a great variety of issues for discussion, and you cannot decide on a really good one for your beliefs essay.

Well, our writers are glad to provide you with some pointers.

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Essays on Hard Times
Essays on Hard Times
An essay has to correspond to the given topic in many ways. This is crucial. If you are writing a narrative essay, everything has to be in the style and manner of narration – from the length of sentences to the size of the paper. If you are working on hard times essays, there has to be some speed – from the formulation of the topic to the overall structure. Adding speed does not mean trying to write your essay on hard times faster. It means making your paper more striking, argumentative, dynamic. There are reasons to follow this advice.

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Writing Cheerful Essays on Smile
Writing Cheerful Essays on Smile
“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day”, – H. Jackson Brown, Jr. said once. This time, you can give your smile not only to a stranger but also to the reader of your smile essay. This article will help you do it in the most effective way.

Here are several ideas you can consider in your smile essay and impress the reader:
1. Discuss a quotation in your smile essay. There is a wonderful quotation by W.C. Fields that can be the subject of discussion in smile essays: “Start every day with a smile and get it over with”. Do you think that a smile is a powerful tool of a good mood for every person? Do you think that optimism starts with a smile? In your smile essay, tell your story about how a smile helped you overcome some life problems, bad mood, or even depression. You may also use the tips for writing essays on problems presented on our blog.

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Free essay examplesWhile studying at college or university you are sure to receive such task as composing an essay. Topics can refer to both, technological sciences or the humanities: politics, history, art, psychology, sociology, literature, economics, biology, chemistry, physics, etc. When you are short of time or simply have no imagination how to make such a work, here comes a simple solution as Free Essay Examples. They vary according to the type of essay you need to write: argumentative, narrative, descriptive, expository, personal, persuasive, definition, classification essay, interview, observation. Theoretically a narrative essay expresses the information, a certain viewpoint usually with a chronological plot, sensory and emotional details.
A descriptive essay describes traits and characteristics of people, objects, events, feelings, etc. in an involved manner. Whatever is being described is to be thoroughly examined and involve the reader’s emotions and imagination.
An argumentative essay convinces the reader by demonstrating the truth or falsity of a topic. The author is to make an argument for or against something and support the argument with proofs. The writer’s position will be backed up with certain kinds of evidence, like statistics or opinions of experts.
Giving different views on a subject and reporting about a situation or event is to be made in an expository essay. The text must be concise and easy to understand. The author just gives information on different topics, reports, describes, and explains. All the text samples of similar essay types can be found in a Free Essay Examples.

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