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What's it like to be a writer AND photographer? ReaderViews sat down with author Vicki Landes to talk about her new book, Europe for the Senses. ReaderViews: Thanks for talking with us today Vicki. We are interested to hear more about you, and your beautiful photography book ?Europe for the Senses: A Photographic Journal.? Would your start off by telling us what your book is about, and what you are trying to convey through the photos? Vicki: ?Europe for the Senses ?...

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"Best of Friends" is a novel about the lives of the "Fabulous Five." The Fabulous Five is a group comprised of five wonderful, loyal ladies who have been best friends for years. Each woman in the group has her own issues to deal with and to learn from. The story mainly centers around Liz, whose mother has just passed away. Liz's family is about as dysfunctional as a family can be. The siblings have taken sides with each other. Liz always tries to be neutral, but when their ba...

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I have no idea how many books are crammed onto bookshelves all about the subject of marketing, there must be many millions. It is a subject well understood, how do you make someone buy your Widget as opposed to the other guys Widget? Marketing is the answer, but, marketing comes at a price. How much can you afford? I have a friend who is a retired BBDO exec, and in his mind, marketing that widget should cost the same as the national debt of a small country. Most small busi...

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Maybe you're one of those lucky writers whose head is bursting with ideas. Or perhaps you have one idea that's been nagging you for weeks, always at the edge of your thoughts. Either way, you're itching to begin writing. That's good. But before you rush headlong into your story, stop and ask yourself one question: Is this just an idea, or is it a book?

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As I told you in a previous newsletter Jason is a wonderful tour guide. Let me tell you about the last ?tour?. Normally we take our sightseeing after church on Sunday. This time, however, Jason and Jennifer had business in Guntersville that had to be taken care of on a weekday. Saturday morning we piled into the car, and headed for Guntersville, which is one of the originally settled areas in Alabama and is surrounded by lakes. The business didn?t take long and we heade...

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From the looks of the moon I could judge it was past midnight. The sky was very dark and the weather was very windy. The rustling of trees constantly caught my attention as I rode by on my horse. The rhythmic thumps of the hoofs beat straight into my mind causing a hypnotic trance, and yet I had one thing on my mind—to arrive home safely. Upon reaching the center of the wooded region, I spotted something on the ground. I maneuvered the horse to stop in an attempt to see what it was. Lying on the earth was a goat that looked like it had been ill for a while. I decided to take it with me in order to bring home at least a feast. It took me a few minutes to saddle the goat on the back of the horse before I began my journey home.

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Biology Term Paper – Tips and Topics
A biology term paper is a mandatory exercise students have to undertake and submit before the end of the term. Biology is a basic subject in school. Students would do well to compile a good term paper based on sound methods that have succeeded in the past.

Download Biology Term Paper – Tips and Topics
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Terrorism Essay
A terrorism essay is an exercise most students undergo to understand the how to deal with an act of terrorism. Millions of people around the world have experienced pain and anguish by being a direct victim, seeing or hearing about blind acts of violence. In most cases, people are mentally affected and find it difficult to participate in social events. There is fear at the back of the mind that always seems to hold them back.

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Essay Paper
An essay paper can literally demonstrate the writing prowess of a student in school or college. It has to be written professionally following accepted and proven methods. As it is mandatory to submit coursework consisting of essay papers during the term, students would do well to gain expertise on the process parameters required to compile a good essay. Most of them are familiar with the style of writing personal essays.

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Euthanasia Essay
“If we are to have free will, that free will should include not only how we live our lives, but how long we live them” (Taylor 2003, 30). Euthanasia, the specific term for assisted suicide, has been a century old controversy (Clarfield 2003, 38). Its leader in the controversy is Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who has assisted in over 30 deaths since 1990. Dr. Kevorkian claims that the medical, religious, journalistic and legal communities won’t stop him.

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Research Paper on Media
Media is an important part of our daily lives. One aspect of our lives that media has a major impact on is politics, especially the presidency. The media affects the president from his campaign all the way through his term. The media is vital to helping the president shape his image communicates with the public, and set the agenda. The media is an essential tool in becoming a successful President. When a President interacts with the media he will soon benefit from this interaction.

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Essay on America
When asked what America means to me, I think about the positive aspects of this great nation. The thing that makes America distinct from all other countries is the rights that an American citizen has in America. American citizens probably have more rights than the citizens from any other country in the world . The most important right an American citizen has is freedom, a freedom that a citizen from no other country on the globe has.

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Mass Media Essay
Mass media has a very big influence on the life of every person in the society. In order to stress this influence, and prepare students to react on the mass media in a proper way – professors often ask students to write a mass media paper, mass media essay, mass media research paper, mass media term paper, etc.
This paper is written in order to reveal personal opinions of students and how they relate mass media to their life. Nowadays every single person is exposed to advertisements, and has to be adequate in his or her behavior towards mass media.

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Process Essay – Step by Step Discussion
When we are going to explain the sequence of events, we tend to discuss the process involved. In schools, writing a process essay can help the students maintain a logical thinking skill in discussing how events influence each other.

What are the parts of essays discussing a procedure?

Basically, there are still the three general parts of an essay. These are the introduction, the body paragraph and the conclusion.

Download Process Essay – Step by Step Discussion
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IT Essay – Information Technology in Written Form
Information technology may be the biggest term of the current century. This is because all of our lives have drastically changed through the introduction of the computer and the internet, the primary tools in expanding IT in all other fields aside from science. Now, you can download music, chat with your fiends thousands of miles away and even look for that ancient book through web libraries. In this case, it is also a good idea to write an IT essay as one of you projects in school. If you are required to write this essay sample topic, then let me give you some ideas what subjects to talk about.

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How to Buy Thesis Projects through the Internet?
It is always a good thing that we can buy thesis projects online. Basically, even the difficult types of essays and articles can now be ordered over the internet. But what are the basic steps in buying a complete project from cyberspace?

First of all, let us talk about what different types of projects can be ordered.

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Gatsby Essay for English Literature Classes
As a part of the English literature curriculum, great Gatsby essay is a very common assignment. Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, an American author, in 1925, this novel represents the futility of the so called “American Dreams”. This essay may be written in many forms. In most cases the student will be asked to do a book review. However the assignment may also be for a descriptive essay, a narrative essay, a comparative essay or an opinion essay.

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Personal “Anti-Anonymous” Essay Topics And More
This challenging, mind-boggling essay variety demands personal disclosure unlike an interview, you’re free to select the nature of the information you want to divulge. Face up to the writing task at hand, although you’re probably wondering what is appropriate to write about…the answer is: anything and everything you are comfortable sharing. Suitable personal essay topics depend entirely on the directives given to you by your teacher, but if I may interject, I have a few suggestions for you:

Download Personal “Anti-Anonymous” Essay Topics And More
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Writing Media Essay
Media technologies are extremely important in the modern world. It is impossible to imagine how could people live without a TV or radio. What is more, there are people who feel desperate and depressed when they cannot get access to the internet or cell. The theme of mass media is so urgent nowadays that it is unconceivable not to talk about it. Due to its relativity to each sphere of modern life the issue of media is widely discussed in different cultural circles and scientists, writers and developers try to figure out how average people perceive the media and how it influences people. There are many various questions which can be raised and many things to tell about media. That is why, students very often receive a task to write a media essay.

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Graduate Program Essays: Free Writing Tips
Graduate Program Essays: Free Writing Tips
You have finished your undergraduate studies and now want to continue in the graduate school. Do you remember the process of writing a college admission essay? Do you remember how important it was, how nervous you felt?

Sorry to tell you, but you will have to get through this once again. This time, your mission is even more serious, because you have to write an essay for a graduate program. You will have to write such essay, which will prove that among all A+ applicants you are the right one to be accepted to this graduate school.

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