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Today, Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of http://www.Bookpleasures.com, is excited have as his guest Frank McGee, author of A Song for the World: The Amazing Story of the Colwell Brothers and Herb Allen: Musical Diplomats. Frank has built a distinguished career as a writer and journalist over half a century. In the tumultuous 1960s he covered stories as far a field as Brazil, Indonesia, and Viet Nam. As managing editor of Pace magazine, a contemporary of Life, Look, and ...

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The article reveals the principles of freedom of speech and explains the origins and usage of censure by the government of any state. It also contains history of mass media starting form ancient Greeks and until now.

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Getting a manuscript published has never been easier; marketing and selling books has never been harder. Authors who pursue the smallest place for their Independent book on the shelf of a traditional bookseller is wasting valuable time and resources. The six largest publishers in the world, all based in New York (five owned by foreign corporations), tightly controls the traditional world of retail bookselling. They pay an enormous price for prime retail space for all their...

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"Don t give up, don t ever give up."("Jim Valvano"1) This quote was made famous by Jim Valvano in the last couple years of his life. Though Jimmy V knew that he would soon die, he was still able to use this quote in the waning moments of his life. He had the never give up kind of attitude. One that many people try and emulate today. In my opinion though, he was the pinnacle of this style of living. Jim Valvano will always be remembered as one of sports greatest heroes because of the life that he lived, for his tremendous courage, and leadership on and off the court.

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An Essay Thesis Statement: How to Develop a Powerful One
Developing a really powerful thesis statement in essays becomes a problem for more and more students. It seems like you have joined them as well and right now you want to learn some basic rules of creating essay thesis statements. We can help you with that. What we want to explain you are the main features of a well-written essay thesis statement, some characteristics that make it strong.

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College Persuasive Essays: Basic Principles to Follow
No matter whether you have to write a college persuasive essay as a part of your application process or it is just another assignment from your college professor, you can use the same principles of writing college persuasive essays. We have highlighted these principles below. Yet, we should also warn you that being aware of basic rules is not enough to write effective college persuasive essays.

Download College Persuasive Essays: Basic Principles to Follow
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Violence on Television Essay
Violence on television can play a positive or negative role on society. When evaluating violence on TV, the negative affects it has on society greatly outweigh the positive. Violence on television has been entertaining viewers for decades and has played a big role in their lives. Viewers tend to copy the things they see on television and violence is shown often, influencing people act violently.

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How to Buy Custom Essays?
When students start facing difficulty with academic writing assignments a decision to turn for help to online writing homework help agencies seems to be a quite attractive and simple way out. However it is very immature to go online and use the fist ever link you come across.

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King Lear Essays
What can an internet do to make King Lear essays? If you are still not aware of the functions of today’s internet technology, then you should open up your eyes. You can actually make sure that you can submit a King Lear essay by simply ordering an article online. Yes, you heard it right. There is now an option for you to simply stay away from the problems of writing an essay and let professionals do the task for you. This time, you can order King Lear essays from the internet. How does this work?

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Writing Your Cause and Effect Essay
The cause and effect essay format comes in the notion of providing a logical drive between two certain events. If you want to learn how to write this kind of essay, you may simply take a look at some key points I have indicated below as essay tips.

First and foremost, this type of an essay does not require you to immediately relate one scenario to another.

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Classification Essay
Many writers are incapable of transforming their brilliant ideas into essays. Classification essays in particular have proved to be difficult for many a writer. A classification essay is meant to be written in a systematic manner. You may accomplish this by coming up with categories of the key points that you want included in your English essay. Remember that you need to be analytical for you to convince your audience to appreciate your point of view. There are three main points that you must take into consideration when writing a classification essay:

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A Research Paper Writing Process – Follow it and be smart
Achieving a successful research paper depends on the researcher’s skills and ability to choose a subject, formulate a topic, focus on a meaningful thesis, thoroughly investigate the subject, analyze the information and report the results.

Research paper writing takes the following broad sequential procedures;
• Pre-writing: Decide on the subject and topic you are conversant with. Narrow down your topic to specific ideas. Consider your reader’s needs, interests and level of understanding of your subject. Gather the necessary information.

Download A Research Paper Writing Process – Follow it and be smart
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Follow the Research Paper Rubric Religiously to get an A Level Paper
A research paper rubric is like a scoring or measuring card that the instructor would mentally use to size up the quality of the submitted paper. It gives the values for the criteria in evaluating the written term paper or research paper and this is a good method of evaluating one’s own work before actually submitting the paper. Following the rubric will ensure good marks for the assigned term paper or research paper writing.

Download Follow the Research Paper Rubric Religiously to get an A Level Paper
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Marketing Research Paper – Conduct a Thorough Market Research and Survey Before Commencing to Write

Marketing research paper is a type of business research paper and is an important and necessary piece of written assignment that is given to all students of business studies. This piece of academic essay writing tests the writing skills of a student in the management line and his knowledge level in the field of marketing and related terms and concepts. It deals with the research work on various issues in the area of sales and marketing particularly on a definite theme or topic. The theme or topic is generally assigned by the instructor or he may also give the students a choice to pick from a list of topics.

Download Marketing Research Paper – Conduct a Thorough Market Research and Survey Before Commencing to Write
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Reaction Essay Style
Reaction essay is what the name holds - your tutor wants to know your reaction to something (a book, for example). Follow the below academic essay tips and your essay will impress your teacher:
Academic essay must be well-organized and present your ideas clearly
It should not exceed the length specified by the tutor and be written in specific format

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Management Essays: Producing a Well-Structured Paper
Management Essays: Producing a Well-Structured Paper
On the one hand, writing papers on Management is similar to preparing papers in other subject areas. At least, a good Management essay should be organized almost in the same way as any other essay, and we will talk about that later in this article.

Download Management Essays: Producing a Well-Structured Paper
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Understand the Basic Elements of a Professional Essay
Professional Essays Demonstrate Skills and Proficiency of Essay Writer

To obtain good marks for their essays, students need to submit essays which are written complying with essay writing rules and regulations. These include conforming to formatting rules, word limits, the use of interesting topics etc. However, no matter how much you may conform to the rules of essay writing, your essay might not be considered a professional essay if it is not written eloquently and with proper style and technique.

Download Understand the Basic Elements of a Professional Essay
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How to Use an Essay Rubric
An Essay Rubric Can Assist Students to Write Effectively

The aim of a rubric is to provide clear and concrete evaluation criteria for measuring quality or performance. An essay rubric will be developed to assess the writing quality across a scale. When teachers make use of rubrics to evaluate the student’s performance, the resulting evaluation is very objective. Benefit to the student is high as the rubric guides the student’s writing process and indicates expectations on each element of writing

Download How to Use an Essay Rubric
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Personal Essay Topics Have To Be Close To Your Heart
Select a Personal Essay Topic which Allows You to Highlight Your Strengths

A personal essay is just that. It’s personal. It’s written on something private and gives a glimpse into your life. This essay will provide information about you to the reader. it will highlight you characteristics and habits which will enable the reader to understand what type of person you are. This type of essay will be commonly written for college or university admission. The essays can also double up for a Job Essay. Therefore, selecting a proper personal essay topic which allows you to portray your self well is very important.

Download Personal Essay Topics Have To Be Close To Your Heart
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Essays on Conflict Management: Stop, Listen, Think, Talk
Unfortunately, conflicts are an integral part of our everyday life. They lead to stress and spoiled relations between people. Or, probably, conflicts are useful somehow and our lives would be a bit boring without them.

Download Essays on Conflict Management: Stop, Listen, Think, Talk
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