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As a writer you may have ever felt overwhelmed by a blank sensation when trying to write an article. To eliminate the problem you may try to follow the tips in this article. Ok, let's start it. I don't want to waste your invaluable time. First, if you have a collection of private label contents, take a look at them. Try to find an article that covers similar subject with the article you want to write. For example if you want to write an article about badminton you can look...

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You can read about the ways of making the article submission easier tips in this article.

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In the industry of freelancing, among the most in demand are writers. This is especially true with the birth of the Internet, which tripled the need for writers because of the various websites and online content that are constantly being updated. There are actually lots of work a freelance writer can go into especially if they have established the right contacts. Freelance writers are needed for writing online content to boost website viewership. In fact, online content i...

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I came to realize early on in my stay in this beautiful country of Thailand, that Thai women were not only perfectly groomed and gracious, but they were absolutely "svelte." I mean, how many more attributes do they get? I felt like Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputians. As a newly-arrived expat in Thailand, I looked forward to seeing everything; from the Reclining Buddha to the gold-encrusted temples. But first, I told myself, I had some serious shopping to do. With the...

Download The Svelte Thai Women And The "Won Sigh" Foreigner
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Edgar Allen Poe s "Annabel Lee" is a tale of mourning and lost love. Written beautifully and eloquently one can almost forget what the poem is actually saying. "Annabel Lee" is, at best, dark and depressing. But the first time it is read, and the second time, and the third time, for a few people, it is still proclaimed to be "pretty". But it is not just "pretty". It is deep, it is morbid, it is scary, it is definitely not just "pretty".

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Film is a medium on which society thrives. Ever since its invention, film has managed to captivate society but offering "...sensational ‘junk food for the mind' that does not deal seriously with our social and political problems but instead diverts and entertains us" (Berger, MAT 164). Marxist thought is one of the most powerful and suggestive ways available to the media analyst for analyzing society and its institutions. America, although a capitalist society, constantly perpetuates the teachings of Karl Marx. They see the ill effects of his Manifesto of the Communist party in society today as well as in the society of 1968. Fundamental principles of Marxist analysis include alienation, materialism, false consciousness, class conflict.

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Bipolar Disorder, often called Manic Depression, is a medical condition that

involves severe mood swings in an individual. It is a lifetime condition that needs to be

treated to keep it in remission (APA). It is not just a mental illness, but a medical disease

involving the brain.

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Many of us are use to hearing about the “War on Drugs” or Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), but not every day we hear about groups trying to stop mothers from killing their unborn child. The method that these mothers are using to kill or permanently hurt their unborn child is by using drugs during their pregnancy. Should these women go to jail for murdering or should they get help and pretend that nothing happened? Like every situation in our life, we must do what is right, and we must fight for what we know is right.

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In Said Hamdun and Noel King s book Ibn Battuta in Black Africa, they point out some especially important contributions still lasting to modern day studies of society. In the year 1331 c.e, the world s major civilizations were in fact growing and advancing at an astonishing rate. Historians know quite a bit about a few cultures and empires of this time. These societies such as the Romans, Greeks, and Chinese to name a few kept written records of daily life and events. Accounts of these societies, for example, are also briefly stated in records in societies of which they interacted. In Ibn Battutas travels, he not only visited the known societies but the unknown as well. Travelers such as Marco Polo did the same, but not to the extent that Ibn Battuta did. Without the journals of Battuta, we in modern times would know far less than we do now about less publicized cultures such as the ones he visited in East and West Africa. In his writings, he not only breaks light on many previously unknown cultures but he in doing so becomes one of the first of his kind to do it in a personal way. He thus sheds light to his own in retrospect to the rest of the world. In this paper I would not only like to point out some of the more important findings of his travels but the way in which his comments explains himself and what he believed to be the humble Islamic world.

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Thomas Edison Essays: He Did not Invade other Countries
Yes, Thomas Alva Edison was not an outstanding military leader or an influential politician. He did not invade other countries and people. He was not involved in some secret political intrigues. He did not discover new places or participated in the expeditions to the North Pole. However, the heritage of Thomas Edison is no less important. At the end of the 19th century, his inventions were real breakthroughs that changed the world dramatically.

Download Thomas Edison Essays: He Did not Invade other Countries
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Mercantilism Essay
By the beginning of the sixteenth century, some significant institutional changes in Europe took place like the discovery of new continent, Renaissance, and religion revolution, which made the next two hundred years different from the preceding era of feudalism and portended the advent of capitalism. The intervening period is called mercantilism. The essential characteristic of mercantilism, I think, is economizing expenses and exporting products in order to strengthen nation-state.

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Essay on Peace
The Vietnam Conflict is a dark shadow in America’s glorious history. By the end of the conflict 57,605 Americans had been killed, over 300,000 thousand U.S. military officials had been wounded, and America had spent approximately $165 billion (”Vietnam War” 4). The majority of Americans sought after peace indispensably. “Washington’s struggle to bring the fighting to a close inevitably shifted the U.S. role in the conflict from ally and combatant to mediator between Hanoi and Saigon” (”The Shape of Peace” 15).

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Personal Conflict Resolution
While anomalies and there occurrence is an inevitable phenomenal in life. Early childhood exposure plays a fundamental role in conceiving and curtailing these problems and alterations that are manifested deep and wide in our contemporary society. We face disagreements in all aspects of our lives; in social institutions, between friends or individuals, in our own homes and the neighbourhoods and many walks in our very existence. Richards, .H, K, (2005)
Conflict emanate from petty issues triggered by misconceptions, or where warring factions are perpetrating malicious if not mischievously ulterior motives. Anathemas in life are also evident in scenarios where people meeting on a common table have vested interest in achieving particular objectives, for instance the recent bouts by parliamentarians in Bolivia could only magnify the impossibilities of arriving their destined purpose amicably, hence resorting to conflict.

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Political Essay – Writing about Politics
Even if you are not really into politics and that you despise our politicians, you still need to write a political essay . Some college courses require their students to write such an article to harness their abilities to express their feelings about a social issue. To write essay can easily help you understand more of the current events in politics since you also need to do researching.

Download Political Essay – Writing about Politics
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How to Make an Essay
Sometimes, it is not necessary that you know how to do something. What is more important is you know how to do it in the best possible way. That is why we will discuss how to make an essay. You may already know the different steps in essay writing. However, you may be unaware of the ways for you to write the best articles. Let us discuss the major steps in essay writing and give you some ideas how to perfect your writing task.

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Writing a Good Essay on Hard Work
Writing a Good Essay on Hard Work
Do you know what will help you write a good essay on hard work? It is laborious work, of course! Difficulties are not only those obstacles that give us hard times. You have to overcome them in order to succeed, and we will help you do it! Read and consider our recommendations on writing a good essay on hard work.

The first step you need to take is to decide on a particular problem you are going to cover in the essay on hard work. Perhaps, issues given below will help you sort out all that mess in your head.
- The Interdependence of Hard Work and Self-Discipline;
- The Importance of Hard Work in Achieving Goals;
- The Definition of Hard Work;
- The Importance of Motivation while Working Hard;
- The following tips will help you find out those things that are extremely important for preparing a good essay on hard work.

Download Writing a Good Essay on Hard Work
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Essay on Health
Have you ever considered writing an essay on health? This is one of the basic and primary topics that each one of us should discuss seriously. Health is the overall capacity of a life form to live well. If you are going to write an article anything related to health, then you can increase the value of that article.

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Are Tips on Essay Writing Worth Nothing?
Writing essays is one of the most common assignments in high school and college. The writing of essays will provide students the knowledge needed to improve their writing when they go on to jobs and careers and have to produce reports that utilize skills as analyses, review, process outlining, critical evaluation etc. Therefore, mastering the art of essay writing is important. Some good tips on essay writing will help you enhance your writing dramatically. These tips will help the writers in many ways. To be able to understand the subject and to organize material in the order of presentation will allow students to write excellent essays.

Download Are Tips on Essay Writing Worth Nothing?
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300 Words about the Worth of Writing Services for Students
The idea to check student level of knowledge by means of essay or other academic paper writing is not new, and it is usually hard to avoid this kind of activity. However, such urgency of writing makes the development of numerous online writing services possible and, what is more important, rather profitable. Have you already used some writing services to complete an assignment in time?

Download 300 Words about the Worth of Writing Services for Students
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Essays on Geography: How to Come Up with a Topic
All your peers are almost done with their essays on Geography, and only you have not started writing it yet. Are you still looking for a good topic to cover in your Geography essay?

Well, your search might take several more days while the deadline is approaching, which means you will not have enough time to disclose a topic properly.

Here are several easy ways to come up with good ideas for Geography essays:

1. Take a globe, point at whatever place, and write about it in your essay on Geography;
2. Flick through free essays on Geography, analyze topics covered by other guys students and develop your own;
3. Check ideas from our writers that are listed below.

Download Essays on Geography: How to Come Up with a Topic
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