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Some time or the other during our schooling most of us have been assigned the task of writing book reports. We have to live with book report assignments throughout our academic life, grade school, high school and college. Book reports in grade school are easy as the writing is simple and most of the times the teacher takes an indulgent view due to the student?s age. High school book reports are a different ball game altogether. Are they not? The teacher expects us to kn...

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Articles are those that are available in plenty these days in the internet. The articles are written by everybody these days and those articles are found to have different types these days. There are scholarly articles that are very informative down to the last number while there are just popular articles that give you information but are not as exhaustive as the scholarly ones. The popular articles can be identified in many ways. The popular articles are pretty much based...

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If you want to write a novel, but are putting it off until the kids are grown, I have two words for you: Don't wait. It's possible to raise a happy, healthy family and still follow your writing dream. And that's true whether you're single or married. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or work outside the house. You may think I'm crazy - how can you find time to write when you're already so busy you barely have time to sleep? It can be done. J.K. Rowling quite famously...

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The ruined ancient city occupying an area of 4 square miles (10 square km) in

south-central state, . It is located some 90 miles (150 km) east-northeast of and

75 miles (120 km) east-southeast of the modern city of . The only source of water

in the arid region around the site is from wells (cenotes) formed by sinkholes in

limestone formations. Two big cenotes on the site made it a suitable place for the

city and gave it its name, from chi ("mouths"), chen ("wells"), and Itz , the name

of the Maya tribe that settled there. Chich n Itz was designated a UNESCO in


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Sarah Orne Jewett's "A White Heron" is a brilliant story of an inquisitive young girl named Sylvia. Jewett's narrative describes Sylvia's experiences within the mystical and inviting woods of New England. I believe a central theme in "A White Heron" is the dramatization of the clash between two competing sets of values in late nineteenth-century America: industrial and rural. We can follow her through the story to help us see many industrial and rural differences. Inevitably, I expect that we are encouraged to favor Sylvia's rural environment and values over the industrial ones. Our first introduction to these competing sets of values begins when we meet Sylvia.

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The Red Pony by John Steinbeck is a book filled with archetypes and lessons. They can help readers identify hidden truths in books and sometimes even end up teaching them lessons. John Steinbeck uses archetypes skillfully to parallel the everyday lives of people. The Red Pony is filled with complex archetypes and symbolic events which are experienced by Jody, the main character of the book. He is a ten year old boy living on a ranch with his parents and a farmhand named Billy Buck. The archetypal patterns that his life goes through range from the number 2 to the life cycle to the loss of innocence.

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Assembling a Research Paper Powerpoint
A research paper powerpoint presentation can help students present an essay project in a structured manner. It is essential to gather thoughts in an outline to save time as well as gather information on available research sources. Information gathered on a regular basis from classroom study, experiments, excursions, reference material, and practical experiences can be entered into a powerpoint (PP) presentation with great ease.

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Shakespeare Essay
A Shakespeare essay on the life of William Shakespeare would make interesting reading considering the drama created through his plays. During the 16th century, royalty was adored and revered by one and all. Shakespeare created a name for himself at the time by the sheer quality of his writing. Born and raised up in a business family, he was fortunate enough to attend school in the locality. He married Anne Hathaway at the age of 18, and much of his life after that was not known till be become famous in 1592 as an actor and playwright in London.

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Comparative Essay Topics That Make Interesting Reading
Comparative essay topics can easily establish a connection between two or more objects, people, or events in terms of similarities or differences. One can compare advantages or disadvantages, change in applications, efficiency of use, appearance, and other details. A comparative essay could be written for any topic including mathematics and communication. It is one of the easiest ways to express a point of view, and readers can easily identify with a well compiled essay with examples that show comparison between two elements.

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Learn How To Write A Compelling Narrative Essay Paragraph
A narrative essay paragraph has to be compelling and written like a story for it to draw attention of readers. There would be many instances when you start off with a well written paragraph and end up writing poor support paragraphs. This can be avoided if you follow some basic techniques and be consistent throughout your essay.
Write a narrative essay format that highlights the thesis statement first. In other words when you write the introduction, you have the basis to develop it the way you want. You can start by noting down points. Once you have them, you sit on a brainstorming session and add to those points.

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Leadership Essay
To write leadership essay is a very easy task. All you have to do is to collect general information regarding leadership in general. Leadership essays are of different kinds such as business essays, servant leadership essay, mba leadership essay, leadership scholarship essay and leadership qualities essay.
If you do not know what is leadership essay and feel problematic in this context, follow the guidelines that are given as under to get awareness about leadership essay and its writing:

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International Business Summary
There was a time when travelling around the world in 80 days symbolized a great feat in travel and exploration. Today, travelling the world in a day is becoming as common as buying a loaf of bread. As our world become smaller, businesses find that they must adapt to the new world economy and environment. For Multi-national enterprises (MNE)s this poses a challenge to be ahead of the game when it comes to being competitive. More specifically, MNEs must decide how to progress their agendas for the future world of business through their Human Resources Management (HRM) policies, which plays a critical role in a businesses success.

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Theories of Evolution
The creation-evolution controversy is everlasting verbal battle between the advocates of two theories. During those disputes many brilliant ideas appeared, and even more ideas were demolished. Theories of evolution and creation involved best scientists: theologists, biologists, medics, sociologists, geologists, paleontologists, nuclear physicists and cosmologists. Those theories even acquired a “foster child”, so called theistic evolution theory. In this essay I will discuss the origins and consequences of the creation-evolution controversy, emphasize main points of three theories and sum everything up with my personal opinion.

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Comparative Essay Outline
Comparative essays are based on comparison of two or more views, persons or events. The two subjects may have similar features or issues. You can compare their advantages and disadvantages and provide your view in favor or against the subjects. Comparative essays can also be written on a single subject by comparing its different aspects. You could be asked to write an “essay about myself” through which you will be asked to compare your strengths and weaknesses.

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Essay Thesis Sentence
In writing your first essay, you should be aware of the basic parts and then integrate them. For this article, we will talk about the main use of an essay thesis sentence. Have you heard about it before? If not, we will give you some info about its purpose and how to write it.

An essay thesis sentence is just a simple sentence. But it is considered the most important part of any essays. Why? Because it gives you a reason to write the remaining discussion parts of your article.

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Analysis Essay – Searching for More Topic Meanings
Writing an analysis essay takes a portion of your talent in terms of logical and technical skills. Of course, you need to simplify the scope of an issue or topic and then synthesize it in a compact but informative way. To help you perform well in writing essays, let’s have an ordered list of pointers to remember.

Essay topics greatly influence the format of an essay. For an analysis article, you should only pick a topic that you think you can support with research materials or something that you are really knowledgeable about.

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Creative Essay
What is so special about writing creative essays
Creative EssayCreative essay is a flow of imagination which moves the story and makes it interesting. It is a key factor which differs creative essays from technology essay, media essay or any other type of essay. The writer should create a fantasy, a real-like story or an unbelievable event. There is no limit and no restrictions to developing the plot. It is possible, for example, that a fly told the story. Would it be interesting to read a story of a fly’s every day life? I guess, yes if you approach it skillfully. Talent of author matters a lot when it comes to writing a creative essay. One should be able to switch from usual way of thinking to crazy, unbelievable and – to some extend – insane thinking. Are you able to forget about limitations of real life? Can your heroes fly? Are they able to see the world from other point of view? The best strategies for writing creative essays is playing and experimenting.

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Essays on Natural Disasters: Free Ideas
Essays on Natural Disasters: Free Ideas
Are you looking for free essays on natural disasters? Well, this article is not exactly what you have been looking for. Still, we are sure it will be rather helpful, since here you can find good ideas for your natural disaster essay.

What is more, free essays on natural disasters that you will find in databases are devoted to frequently discussed topics. It means that your natural disaster essay will not introduce any exclusive information and will hardly amaze your teacher.

So, while the rest of your peers will be writing hurricane Katrina essays, your paper will be devoted to some other no less terrific disasters.

Essays on Natural disasters: Yellow River flood

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Do You Refer to Sample MBA Application Essays?
Sample MBA Application Essays are useful for the students applying for graduate business schools, when they are required to write an application essay. The application essay allows the admission committees to get more information and facts about the applicant that cannot be seen from the application. The application essays have to be written as answers to essay questions asked by the school. These essay questions are designed to extract information that cannot be obtained from an application form. Students have to use the opportunity provided by MBA application essay to prove his/her suitability to be admitted to the MBA course at the particular business school.

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