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The press release bills this book as a love story, I disagree, it is a story about love. Specifically one man's search for an everlasting love. We meet Wayne Cavanaugh as a sophmore attending the rather blue collar Drexel College where he is studying engineering. Through flashbacks author Rob Costelloe explores Wayne's young life and his fascination with the concept of love. More specifically his quest to take love to a higher plane, an aesthetic that few people can appreciat...

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How to get a book published is a question every author asks themselves. How difficult is it to get a book published by a commercial book publisher? Well the odds are better gambling in Las Vegas. It has been estimated that 25 million people in the United States consider themselves writers and only 5% have been published anywhere. At any one time 5 to 6 million manuscripts are looking for a publishing home. Most major book publishing houses, and many small presses, w...

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Got knowledge? Got an enthusiastic target market? Then there's no reason to stick to books, ebooks, audios and videos to convey your expertise. Many more creative options abound, and give you the chance to entice an unsure buyer to make an initial purchase as well as have something appealing for followup sales. Creative packaging also gives you a significantly better shot at magazine and web publicity. Years ago, for example, I reformatted the contents of an audiotape as a...

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It is difficult to break into the publishing industry as a new author, and even more difficult to get an acceptance letter from an editor at a large publishing house. As an author you will work hard to finish your book, and work even harder to find the right book publisher. The good news is you can tap into several types of publishers to publish your book. Here is a look at some common types of book publishing. GROUP PUBLISHING: Group publishing is the process by which a ...

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There are many occasions in life that spur people into writing memorable poetry verses. Some of these verses might come when we fall in love for the first time or they may come when we are exposed to a memorable experience that touches our heart in one way or another. Writing memorable poetry verses will only require a conscious effort since there is no true form to use to express the writing of poetry. Some of our earliest recollections about writing memorable poetry vers...

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There have been few environmental problems that have posed the same level of concern as that of the hazardous waste issue. Similarly, few environmental laws have caused the level of frustration as that felt towards Superfund, the main legislative tool that was designed to address the public fears in regards to hazardous waste.

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Fundamentals Of A Good Chemistry Essay
A chemistry essay is very common among students who have probably written one at some time or the other. They usually find it more difficult when attempting essay questions than solving an equation or calculating a numerical solution to the same topic. This is because it tends to get subjective in an essay, while students are used to answering objective questions. Writing custom written essays would be the best way to go ahead.

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Do You Know How To Write An Archaeology Essay?
An archaeology essay is written with method and purpose. It has to uncover and present stories that relate to prehistoric times. Archaeology seeks to connect and identify human cultures through the ages with the current times. it then documents the information through meticulous study and adds it to previous links to close the gap between cultures.

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Argumentative Essay Topics You Can Use
Argumentative essay topics should be selected based on the logic that arguments basically occur to make others agree to a particular line of thinking. There is always a point of view opposing the thesis statement. Your role would be to account for the various beliefs and present your case in such a manner as to increase acceptance for it. The topics you choose have to be well researched. Every point you make have to be backed by evidence and logic. The advantage you have is selecting controversial essay topics.

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Essay on Native American Health Substance Abuse
Native American Heath issues predominantly stemmed from the beginning of western colonization. In the past Indians roamed free, before the interruption of western civilizations they suffered from diseases that were common to them. Because of the fact that the diseases were common to them their bodies had also built up immunity.

Download Essay on Native American Health Substance Abuse
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Sigmund Freud Essay
Sigmund Freud, a physiologist, medical doctor, psychologist and father of psychoanalysis, is generally recognized as one of the most influential and authoritative thinkers of the twentieth century. Freud’s most important and frequently re-iterated claim, that with psychoanalysis he had invented a new science of the mind, however, remains the subject of much critical debate and controversy.

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Marketing Essay
A marketing essay is an essay which is for the promotion of a product or it talks about marketing strategies or it talks about marketing principles and policies set by different organizations or it is written for making a market plan. A marketing essay is written for many purposes. Teachers assign marketing essays to students to enhance their capabilities in terms of market assessment and evaluation.

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Love as a Powerful Social Tool
Love is the panacea of all evils in the society. My tremendous experience with this idea has taken me to the skies. I feel my self an enriched person with the love, compassion and peace. Nothing makes me worried. I remain in peace with myself and give peace to others. My broader smiles make me acceptable in the times of the day. When night comes over my family looks my way. My spouse seeks me. My boss misses me. My friends cherish my presence in their company. In the way I walk the grim faces bloom up when they have a chance to look at my face.

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Seeking Essay Assistance from the Internet
The big problem with writing an essay is that each step of writing seems to be a big problem. Now, if you are seeking essay assistance today, you should stop worrying. As you are reading this post, you can start relaxing because we will be here to help you out.

Our website can give you three basic ways for assistance. Let us start with our first offer. You can actually browse through our articles in the Archives. If you will take a look at the home page, you will see that we have a dedicated section where all articles are available.

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A Great Expectations Essay – A Very Common Literature Assignment
A literature student can choose to write on anything that comes under their term paper subjects or research paper subjects that are taught in their classes. They may be asked to write a critical essay, a narrative essay, an analytical essay, or a compare an contrast essay. It all depends on what the instructor sets as an assignment in the class. These assignments are given by the instructor for many reasons. First and foremost a teacher will check the essay writing skills on the part of the student.

Download A Great Expectations Essay – A Very Common Literature Assignment
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Persuasive Essay Topic Idea
Choosing persuasive essay topic idea is a very difficult and exhausting step in the process of persuasive essay writing, as it is very responsible one. It is not a secret that from the choice of the topic the whole grade of your term paper depends. That is why you have to think a lot before choosing the topic for your essay. If you need some persuasive essay topic idea, you have several ways to get it.

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Illustration Essays: One of the Easiest Essay Types
Illustration Essays: One of the Easiest Essay TypesYes, an illustration essay (sometimes called example/illustration essays or illustrative essays) is considered one of the easiest essays to write. Unlike other types of essays where you have to analyze, compare and contrast, classify, define causes and effects of something, an illustration essay requires only examples.

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Health Promotion Essays: What to Talk about
Health Promotion Essays: What to Talk about
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. This definition of health is given by the World Health Organization.

It is so strange that many people nowadays do not really think and take care of their health properly. What is more, such careless attitude to health starts at the early age.

Completing your health promotion assignment can be called an important mission of yours. You have to persuade the readers to change their attitude to health and lifestyle. So, this is going to be the gist of your health promotion essay.

Download Health Promotion Essays: What to Talk about
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Essays on Growing up: High-Powered Ideas for Writing
Growing up… What is it all about? How long does it take? How can one spot that he/she is growing up? What was/is it like with you? Actually, your personal experience is a perfect basis for an essay on growing up. Here are some points you may cover:

Download Essays on Growing up: High-Powered Ideas for Writing
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How to Choose a Term Paper Topic
From our personal experience, we can assure you – there is nothing better than choosing a term paper topic, and not using the one assigned by your teacher. Here are only several obvious benefits:

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