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You may have heard about the five phases of grief. Psychological professionals have outlined the pattern of emotions that humans cycle through during the grieving process. As a writing professional, I?ve discovered the five phases of receiving feedback. Any writer who is advancing in their career has been through the sometimes shocking experience of having her work critiqued. Cycling through these five feedback phases is normal. Getting stuck in any of them, however, could br...

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Thomas More’s Utopia and Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World , are novels about societies that differ from our own. Though the two authors have chosen different approaches to create an alternate society, both books have similarities which represent the visions of men who were moved to great indignation by the societies in which they lived. Both novels have transcended contemporary problems in society , they both have a structured, work based civilization and both have separated themselves from the ways of past society. It is important when reading these novels to focus on the differences as well as the similarities.

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Employment essay
The political commitment to full employment is an important part of the framework within which divergent interest groups in developed market-economy countries have tried to promote economic progress with social justice. In countries with centrally planned economies, guaranteed employment is a basic principle--a right and duty of every citizen.

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Plagiarism Essay
A plagiarism essay would test a student’s knowledge of how an essay complying with an international code of ethics is to be written. Some may complete an essay on their own but may forget to include a bibliography with reference links that lead to the original source of a quote used in the essay. This amounts to carelessness rather than plagiarism in the true sense. Plagiarism in the real world is to copy an original author’s work and claim as one’s own.

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College Application Essay Prompt
A college application essay prompt is a guideline students would need to pay great attention to in case they seek admission. Colleges and universities would want students to respond to a question or essay prompt. They would then assess them based on their responses. Understanding an essay prompt completely is of vital importance. Responses to the query should be based on extensive research, knowledge of the subject, and using an engaging style of writing.

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Process Essay Topics
Process essay topics build up a process through a series of steps or actions that culminate in its completion. The process itself requires to be completed for people to understand the steps. It need not be difficult but should be descriptive. The topic would inform readers about the process to be involved in resolving a problem or issue. For example, “How To Get Admission To College” would be a topic that would inform students of steps they would need to take to get admission. There are many topics which can be picked up by students.

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Fundamentals of a Good Business Essay
A business essay invariably deals with developing a good idea. It could be yours or maybe you just liked it. What you do with the idea is your business plan. You have to project it in clear terms in a manner that is easy to understand and follow. It should have an introduction, an outline plan, and finally a conclusion like in an economics essay. All this has to be backed by established norms using universal terms. You will have to construct support arguments that connect to the idea. Terms are used which could be elaborated on later.

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Nazi Germany & Albert Speer Essay
To what extent did the Nazi leadership rely on terror to maintain their authority in Germany 1933 – 1945?
At its core, the Nazi state was indeed a terror state. It is important to remember that Hitler only won so much support through propaganda. There were still those in Germany who were opposed to Hitler’s ideals, or did not conform to his own qualifications. As such, Hitler turned to Heinrich Himmler, the Chief of the German Police and head of the SS.

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Essay on Gas Prices
Today, gas prices as a national average have risen to 2.1 dollars per gallon. This is the highest gas price increase since 1990, during operation desert storm. What is the cause of this drastic increase in gas prices? Limited supply of crude oil from the Middle East some say. Others think the cause is high trade tariffs on incoming foreign oil. But what is the solution to this problem? Is it drilling in our national wildlife reserves in Alaska? Dropping the trade tariffs and promoting free trade around the world? Perhaps we should look for alternative energy sources; maybe even a combination of all three.

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Manufacturing Research Paper
The main aim of the research paper is to ascertain the extent of participation, the types of alliances used and the problems faced by these firms which are basically into developing and manufacturing telecommunications, transport, information, lethal platforms, and components for the operation of these platforms for military organisations.

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Research Paper on Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan was possibly the best basketball player in the history of the National Basketball Association. His career spanned over nineteen glorious seasons for the Chicago Bulls. The most recognizable athlete in the world, he is not only the top player of his era, but is quite possibly the best player ever to wear the uniform of an NBA team. The magnitude of his Airness can be best shown through Michael’s soaring hang times and acrobatic moves, but the legend of MJ is characterized by his tough spirit, determination and passion of the greatest player in basketball history.

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Extended Essay Tips – A Few Tips to Write the Perfect Essay
An extended essay is a part of the IB diploma study course and it is used to provide the students with a scope for research work independently so as to develop the analytical and logical skills of the students that are required for research paper writing. It is about 4000 words in length and can be written on any chosen topic after an extensive research work on that field.

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A-Level Paper: Writing for the Top Slot
A distinct feature of academia is its focus on A-level papers. Submissions for great compositions always takes precedence, and effectual writing bestows its share of rewards. However, for this, it is imperative you foreknow the grading structure and learn how to utilize it to suit your purpose. By comprehending the reason behind the need for top-quality writing, you attain the advantage through newfound clarity.

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Tips on How You can Write a Reaction Essay
Tips on How You can Write a Reaction Essay
Reaction essay is commonly required especially after being shown a movie or after an event, or even after a book is required to be read.

A reaction essay is not that hard to write however, there are certain things that you need to remember when writing a reaction essay for you to have an essay with high quality. Here are some of the points that you need to remember when writing a reaction essay.

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Nuclear War Essays: Free Pointers for Writing a Striking Paper
Nuclear War Essays: Free Pointers for Writing a Striking Paper
What is the biggest threat to the world peace nowadays? Terrorists, Al-Qaeda, Iraq, or something like that would be the wrong answer, because nuclear weapons are the main danger not only to peace, but also to our planet in general. What other kind of damage and destruction can be compared to those caused by atomic explosion?

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Help with Writing Essays: Useful Prompts to Refresh your Memory
Help with Writing Essays: Useful Prompts to Refresh your Memory
We are sure that during summer vacations that are actually over you did not have time to practice in essay writing. Usually, it causes some troubles at the very beginning of the academic year, when your writing skills are blunt and you can hardly remember even some basic rules of writing good papers.

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Considering Your Options in Writing an Our Day Out Essay
There are many plays which students will have to read when doing literature or English coursework. Once read, they will have to write essays based on their knowledge of these plays. This is an excellent method for the teachers to assess how much of the text read, is understood by the students. The “Our day out” essay is one such writing assignment.

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Essay for School: Assignments for Improving One’s Writing Skills
It is difficult for most children to realize the importance of improving their learning skills and laying the foundation for further studies. Most essays for school are aimed at not only realizing the learners’ creative potential but improving their writing skills. Everyone remembers one’s first difficulties in expressing one’s thoughts in writing. Working on one’s first essay for school, a person might have problems with building the sentences and structuring the paper. On the other hand, mistakes of the first works are sure to dwell in the learner’s memory forever.

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Kids Essays: Important School Activity
Writing essays in an important activity which begins early in school when children are taught to write simple essays also known as kids essays. ‘Kids essays’ are based on simple topics and the basic intention of assigning essays, is to initiate the process of writing among students so that they learn how to write essays.

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Essays on Diabetes: Basic Facts for your Paper
Diabetes is quite a well-studied disease and a topic that is frequently discussed in students’ essays.

This means that, on the one hand, you will not lack materials needed to prepare an informative essay on diabetes. On the other hand, it also means that hardly will you present some brand new ideas in your diabetes essay that will impress or surprise a teacher.

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