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Get to know who and when compiled the first English dictionary!

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Everyone needs to have his work edited even once in his life. An editing company can polish the work of a beginner, improve the writing of a mediocre or average writer and proofread the work of an expert with an unbiased eye. Theres nothing shameful about having an editing company look over your college entrance essay or manuscript since its almost impossible to be completely objective when revising ones work; what is shameful is when youve gone all the trouble to hire one...

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The asteroid, more commonly known as the starfish, or sea star, is an invertebrate that lives mainly in an ocianic environment. These unique and unusual creatures have a number of arms that protrude away from their spiny skinned bodies. The exact number of arms depends on the species; some have only three, and the most is 42. Most people commonly associate the starfish with haveing five arems. However, there are many species of starfish that have 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 arms.

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The consensus view of History emerged in the United States in 1950 until it's eventual dismiss in 1965. Consensus historians emerged in a time period when there were not many consensuses in the United States (Novick pg.333). The historians of the era knew of the turmoil and felt that they needed to focus their attention on what united America and not what brought the country down. At this time there were three influential writers on consensus history. These three writers were Richard Hofstadter, Daniel Boorstin, and Louis Hartz. Each historical writer had a major influence on the respected subject of consensus history and the involvement they had made consensus history a subject still looked upon today (Sternsher pg.1).

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Euthanasia (from the Greek meaning of "good death": (well or good), thanatos (death)) refers to the practice of ending a life in a manner which relieves pain and suffering. According to the House of Lords Select Committee on Medical Ethics, the precise definition of euthanasia is "a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering.

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Sell Essays
Content providers sell essays online to those who need help with routine assignments, competitive submissions, or research. Over the years, essay writing has become an important part of a school or college curriculum. Students gain valuable knowledge by taking up essay assignments, as it covers theory and research, and develops a flair for writing in a unique style.

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Essay on Nature
Nature plays a major role and has a profound impact on the lives of all organisms; it can be a friend or a foe. From the time a being comes into existence, it almost immediately, becomes aware of the necessary connection with the outside world. The creature begins by exploring all parts of the new surrounding, deciding how it maybe able to cope with the environment, making all the essential adaptations. As the life form grows, it becomes more and more dependant on nature, realizing how important the trees, grass, and even the sky really are.

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How to Write a Persuasive Speech
Here are some key points to consider when you need to know how to write a persuasive speech. First, RESEARCH – it is essential that you develop research with a critical eye, persuasion is rarely successfully when the information you gather is easily disproven by peer-reviewed sources or up-to-date results. Next, it is a contest – a persuasive speech has a primary objective – to prove that your viewpoint is the viewpoint that your audience should have – whether in defense of a new technology or in defense of some atrocity that you would not prefer to defend. You must persuade your audience into believing that your particular viewpoint is the right viewpoint.

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Acid Rain Research Paper
Rain is one of the most essential ingredients for human and animal life. The water provided by rain allows all life on Earth to survive. Although rain is naturally acidic, it is being increasingly acidified by pollution from homes, factories, power stations and cars. The term used to describe this problem is “acid rain”. Acid rain hasn’t just occurred in the last twenty to thirty years. In fact a chemist named Robert Smith found rainfall in Manchester, U.K., to be very acidic. He suggested a link between acid rain and SO2 given off when coal was burnt by local factories. This was over 100 years ago.

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Essays for Dummies
Essay for dummies, is an article aimed to increase knowledge of writing a proper essay. The dummy series of the articles is written in order to help write a good essay. When using essays for dummies article – you may be sure you will get by far the best explanation of the essay writing process. In order to get good essays for dummies – you have to strictly follow all instructions, which are provided in essays for dummies, and make sure you understand the essays for dummies part and perform actions accordingly.

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Plagiarism and Ways of its Avoidance
Plagiarism is actually an unauthorized and unacknowledged usage of someone’s ideas, thoughts, theories, writings or sayings, and is a form of academic offence. It includes usage of any graphs, static or facts which are not well-known without proper referencing. Even paraphrased sentences or phrases may be considered to be plagiarism because in this case an author, first of all, uses someone’s idea and, secondly, tries to present it as the own one. On the other hand, if a writer writes some information in his own words and properly cites the source of information, the work won’t be rated as plagiarized. So, plagiarism is a direct copying of someone’s work and is against copyright law, however it is possible to use someone else’s ideas or thoughts if the original author is acknowledged.

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Research Paper Topic Ideas
No one is forced to write abut a topic idea that he is not comfortable with. That is why this is always a reminder for all students when creating the perfect research paper topic ideas for their essay outlines. You can also have the freedom to select any topics that you like as long as you follow these instructions in creating your subject list for good essay topics.

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Graduate Program Essays: Free Writing Tips
Graduate Program Essays: Free Writing Tips
You have finished your undergraduate studies and now want to continue in the graduate school. Do you remember the process of writing a college admission essay? Do you remember how important it was, how nervous you felt?

Sorry to tell you, but you will have to get through this once again. This time, your mission is even more serious, because you have to write an essay for a graduate program. You will have to write such essay, which will prove that among all A+ applicants you are the right one to be accepted to this graduate school.

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Thomas Edison Essays: He Did not Invade other Countries
Thomas Edison Essays: He Did not Invade other Countries
Yes, Thomas Alva Edison was not an outstanding military leader or an influential politician. He did not invade other countries and people. He was not involved in some secret political intrigues. He did not discover new places or participated in the expeditions to the North Pole.

However, the heritage of Thomas Edison is no less important. At the end of the 19th century, his inventions were real breakthroughs that changed the world dramatically.

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Marketing Mix Essays: Winning Strategies to Prepare a Good Paper
Marketing Mix Essays: Winning Strategies to Prepare a Good Paper
In a few words, marketing mix can be defined as a set of tools or strategies that help to achieve goals of a company. And this time, it is the topic of your essay that, obviously, puzzles you a bit.

Well, do not panic! The topic is actually not that difficult to cover. Besides, you can try our strategies on how to complete marketing mix essays successfully.

Marketing mix essays: strategy 1

Before you start writing your marketing mix essay, make sure you understand what marketing mix is all about. First, define it in your own words. Then, find an official definition and check whether you get everything correctly.

Marketing mix essays: strategy 2

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MSc Essay Writing: Free Guidelines
MSc Essay Writing: Free Guidelines
MSc essay writing is an obligatory assignment that you need to complete if you are taking the Master of Science Program. It is a serious work that requires research, your understanding of the subject, and some writing requirements.

In this article, we want to give you some basic guidelines for writing MSc essays, which will be a good starting point for you.

Usually, MSc essays have the word limit up to 2000 words. It seems to be quite enough to disclose a topic properly. So, try not to exceed this limit. Essays that are longer than 2000 words will not be read till the end.

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German Essay
When we say German essay, it could probably mean an essay that uses German as the language for writing. This is the practical interpretation of such an article. However, there are still some other ways for you to have a German essay even by using the English language. Let us become more aware of these options in writin

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Answering Admission Essay Questions Effectively
Admission Essay Questions are given to the applicants to provoke their thoughts and trigger appropriate responses that help the admission committees to judge the character, special skills, backgrounds, opinions and the world vision of the applicants. These questions are designed psychologically to uncover the above details and assess the suitability of the candidates to join the college. Each college or university has its own set of core values and persona and the selectors are looking for those who will have a good match with such values. Students should read the questions carefully and select admission essay topic that answers the question clearly and properly. Some times two or three questions are given for the students to select one question.

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Course Essay: Produce Only Positive Impression on Your Teacher
You may write many essays during some of your course, but the essential paper will be a course essay. What is a course essay? This is a kind of summarized knowledge gained during the course. Actually, your course essay reveals your understanding of the main topics of the course, your attitude towards the course: whether you liked it or not, whether it was informative and useful for you or not. That is why your course essay requires very much attention.

What points should you mind writing your course essay?

Your course essay should reveal your knowledge on the topic so you should be well prepared for writing. Use the knowledge you gained during the course and read some more background information.

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George Washington Essays: He Is still a National Hero and Celebrity
If you ask someone who the most famous American President is, George Washington will definitely be mentioned. He is known not only as a man who founded America, but also as a person who managed to guide the country through the most vulnerable years.

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