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Yes folks, it's the long awaited OJ Simpson confession book! Except that in OJ's mind it was anything but, he claims it is a fictional account of how we would have done it, if he had done it! I have lots of problems with this book, not least of which is what was going through his sick and twisted mind to want to write the book in the first place. If you are innocent this book makes no sense. And if you are guilty, it makes even less sense, unless you are trying to confess and...

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Writing a checklist, to provide steps in a process or to convey the impression of organized content, is best done by following a few standard conventions, which we review here.

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Realism - Beginnings & Concepts
The Age of Enlightenment is that period in time where Philosophy gave birth to a new way of seeking for knowledge. The question, "What is the truth?" rang again and this time Plato's, Aristotle's & Socrates' foundations in Philosophy were adopted, deciphered & given new meaning. Socrates' allegory of the cave became a 'guide' to mathematicians, philosophers and social scientists alike as the discipline of seeking specialized knowledge.

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Shawshank Redemption Essay
“Shawshank Redemption” is a film, directed by Frank Darabont adapting it for screen, based on Stephen king novella “Rita Hayworth and the shawshank redemption.”
This film takes the audience on a journey of despair and hope of individuals in Shawshank. Constant Routine, forced Conformity, power abuse and the struggle of hope

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Term Paper on Computer
Computer and its studies is a necessary field of expertise that everyone should be aware of. It is not necessary that you should be a master of computer but you should be able to use it, as it is the need of today’s society. Computers play an important role in our lives as they are needed in hospitals, educational institutions, security places, business organizations, libraries, homes, scientific institutions, shopping markets, sports gatherings, festival gatherings and all types of gatherings and other institutions all over the world. It is only because of computers that the world has become a global village.

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Finance Papers and Essays
In finance term papers and essays you will deal with different types of assignments. In one case the teacher will evaluate your knowledge of the material in other case you will write a paper on the unknown topic in order to learn it or deepen your knowledge. In finance term papers, research papers and essays you will deal with numbers but write your evaluation, suggestions or projections with regards to these numbers. Sometimes you will need to write about current issues that are discussed in financial press or some innovation.

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How to Make an Essay
Sometimes, it is not necessary that you know how to do something. What is more important is you know how to do it in the best possible way. That is why we will discuss how to make an essay. You may already know the different steps in essay writing. However, you may be unaware of the ways for you to write the best articles. Let us discuss the major steps in essay writing and give you some ideas how to perfect your writing task.

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Essay Online for Reference and Orders
When you hear the word essay online, you will probably think of an essay article that is available online right? If that is the case, you are correct. However, let us divide the two possible categories of essays online and how each one of these categories may help you in writing your argumentative research topic articles or informative essays.

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Argumentative Research Topics
Essay writing is one of the requirements in most institutions of higher learning. One of the most common types of essays are those that have to do with argumentative research topics. In these essays, an individual chooses a topic that can arouse debate. The debate or argument should be able to bring out many different sides of the topic, but with a bias towards only one side of the argument. One can get these topics from a wide range of fields, from technology to health care. When dealing with an argumentative research topic, one needs to be fully prepared. You have to have a good topic if you are planning to make a good argument about it.

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Essay about Science – Explore and Write
An essay about science tends to explore the world around us. A science paper on biology would explore the natural habitat around us. It would research the flora and the fauna of the past and the present and prepare a paper that would give us an insight into this fascinating world of all living things. A technology paper would take up issues pertaining to the technological and engineering marvels invented by human intelligence and used for the benefit of all. A political science paper would explore and analyse the jigsaw puzzle of politics and all the rules and system that apply to it.

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Analytical Essay Format- First Understand the Topic Thoroughly to be able to Analyze it Properly
When compared to the various different types of essays,writing an analytical essay generally requires a lot of analytical skill on the writer’s part. Analysis means, basically to conduct a sort of post mortem report on the subject chosen and for this the chosen theme needs to be studied thoroughly first. After the topic is well understood, then it has to be put under the microscope to be examined more closely, with a close eye on its relevant history and the message it conveys. Only after this should one be ready to analyze and write on the topic.

Download Analytical Essay Format- First Understand the Topic Thoroughly to be able to Analyze it Properly
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Producing a Perfect A-Level Paper is an Achievement Worth Applauding
Writing is a process through which writers can express their thoughts, ideas and beliefs using a pen and paper. It is also an another way of exploring various interesting and diverse themes. Through his writings a writer can express his opinions, critically appraise something, give information on an important and interesting issue or maybe even describe something in details to make his reader aware of its utilities. However, writing , though a very popular way of communicating with a large group of people has many aspects and many set standards that needs to be followed every time a writer decides to ink his thoughts and beliefs.

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Discussion Essay- Discuss, Inform and Educate Without Getting Too Personal
Discussion essay is also another type of essay in the long running list of of essay types. In this essay the writer can state his personal views and opinions without thinking too much about the reader’s approval or disapproval. However it is less personal than that of a personal essay. It gives information as in an informative essay but combines his views and opinions as in a critical essay and also analyses the topic in detail like an analytical essay. So writing a discussion essay is a taxing job but stimulating too.

Download Discussion Essay- Discuss, Inform and Educate Without Getting Too Personal
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Professional Goals Essays: Do You Have a Clear Vision of Your Future Career?
Professional Goals Essays: Do You Have a Clear Vision of Your Future Career?
“Please, describe your career goals and explain how … Program can contribute to the achievement of your goals?” This is a common question to be answered in many college acceptance essays.

The point is that guys who are accepting you want to know for sure whether you are worth their investments of time and efforts. You are worth their efforts if you know what exactly you want to do in future and have a clear vision of your professional goals.

Unfortunately, not all students can give a precise list of their professional goals that can be described in a college essay on career goals. Other students are not sure how to introduce their objectives and organize essays on career goals.

Let us briefly discuss all these vague points about writing professional goals essays.

Download Professional Goals Essays: Do You Have a Clear Vision of Your Future Career?
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Essays on England: Mind-Blowing Ideas for Writing
Essays on England: Mind-Blowing Ideas for Writing
Probably, you have never been to England, but we are still sure you have heard a lot about this country. London – a global city, Westminster Abbey, Beatles, Robin Hood, Apple pie – this is all about England.

Definitely, these general facts that you have heard from someone will not work for a good essay on England. Thus, focus on something specific, find a couple of good sources, and start reading and analyzing them.

But wait a minute! Have you decided on the main idea of your England essay? Have you picked a catchy topic that will turn your essay on England into really fascinating reading?

Download Essays on England: Mind-Blowing Ideas for Writing
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Introduction for an Essay
Some students do not know how to write the introduction for an essay. This will be a major problem because the introduction is the primary paragraph of any articles. It is where the presentation of the topic happens. If you are not aware of the basic components of an introduction for an essay, let us give you a few tips to make your life easier.

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Essay Examples- A Learning towards Better Essay Writing
Essay examples can be accessed through various sources such as web sites, books and articles etc. which gives a clear idea regarding essay writing. It can be either examples of general essay topics or specifically customized essay topics. Therefore when ever you encounter an essay assignment in an area of difficulty or on a difficult topic, referring to an example written on same topic area can be most useful. This would enhance the writing skill and provides an overall idea about approaching essay assignments in different and unique fashion.

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Students lack time to do much beyond their day to day academic work. Some students may find that they require more hours in the day to do their work! These students might obtain the help of essay writing services to ease their coursework and essay writing burden. However, most students are wary of obtaining help with their writing as they suspect that these services might be essay cheats. They wonder whether the writing service will take their money and either provide them with plagiarised essays or not provide them with any essay at all. They may have heard such stories from their friends to give such an impression of essay services. This may be true in some cases. However, the majority of essay writing services are reliable and will bring beneficial help to students.

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An Essay on Respect: Several Ideas to Present in Your Paper
Frank Barron said once, “Never take a person’s dignity: it worth everything to them, and nothing to you”. This quote may become a perfect source of inspiration to start writing your essay on respect. Sometimes it is very difficult to comprehend what it means to respect each other and why the idea of respect and dignity plays such a serious role in human life.

Download An Essay on Respect: Several Ideas to Present in Your Paper
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A Term Paper Title and a Title Page: Things to Keep in Mind
How much time do you usually spend on creating your term paper titles? Are you sure your term paper titles are attention-grabbing and make the reader interested in reading your work? If you do not have precise answers to these questions, it may actually mean that you do not know much about term paper titles and some important rules of creating them.

Download A Term Paper Title and a Title Page: Things to Keep in Mind
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