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Giving your writing away to web sites, blogs, ezines, and newsletters can really make you some serious cash on the internet and I'm not joking. I have been writing professionally for two decades and I never thought I'd make more by writing for free but I am.

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With Amazon's BookSurge Print On Demand service, you can offer your perfect-bound, printed book on Amazon for only $99, with no further cost to you. Amazon takes the order, and prints and ships the book within 48 hours, and then pays you a 25% royalty. Brad Jensen shows you how he did it with his own books and tells you how to get started.

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Many struggling writers come to me asking what they can do to improve their writing. They continually face problems with sentence and paragraph structure as well as surface errors such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. They know the basic rules of English and can often be very effective helping other writers revise their work but somehow manage to overlook the errors in their own drafts. It is a common problem and the solution is a dirty little secret among writers. I...

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"Careers, like rockets, don't always take off on schedule. The key is to keep working the engines." - Gary Sinese If you pay close attention to the words and inferences of some who use freelance writers you will see that freelancers must be superhuman. The Top Ten Signs you Have Found a Perfect Freelance Writer 1) They are never too busy to work on my project. 2) They are always efficient enough to have the project completed yesterday. 3) They are willing to write ...

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Nine Characteristics That May Surprise You. In writing "The Making of a Bestseller: Success Stories From Authors and the Editors, Agents and Behind Them," (Dearborn Trade, 2005), we wanted to find out what separates the publishing industry elite, the bestselling authors, from all the thousands and thousands of writers who aspire to someday make the bestseller lists. We interviewed 24 of today's most popular authors, some of whom have endured on the bestseller lists for dec...

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The Twelfth Night is a Shakespearean romantic comedy that is filled with plenty

of humor and lots of deception. It is frequently read as a play about masking,

about the conscious and unconscious assumption of false identities and about

levels of self-knowledge and self-deception; this theme is played out

prominently through Viola’s transsexual disguise (Kahn 43). The play is

comprised of five acts and numerous scenes.

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Higher English Essays: Things You Should Know to Get High Grades
Probably, for many of you a higher English essay sounds like a very serious and even a bit scary task. Yet, we should say right from the start that actually there is nothing special about making good higher English essays and getting high grades on them. At least, if you possess some basic essay writing skills, preparing a higher English essay will be less stressful and troublesome. Besides, here you will find helpful tips and instructions for completing this assignment.

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Aristotle's Critique of Plato essay
The arts are seen to play a positive role in the lives of many people. Across cultures, times, places, and class-divisions, people sing, dance, decorate, enact, represent, narrate, and express, in conventionalized ways, to audiences who enjoy and participate in these activities, and often care about them deeply. It seems natural, if not highly informative, to call such practices 'artistic'.

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Critical Essay Topics
When we hear the word “Critical”, for us it resembles to panicking and confusion and that is why we say it is one of the difficult types of essays. It usually is even difficult for students even to start thinking on it. As for many of us, the word “critical” always takes us to a negative state or situation but, fortunately, it is not always true for critical essays. Critical essay papers always reflect skills of the writer. So, critical essay writing requires high critical analysis skills and a definite direction in order to give the essay a proper and solid ending.

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Human Rights Essay
One of the most popular topics in essay writing is the human rights essay. Human rights are a much broader concept than mere food, clothing and shelter. They are basically freedoms and rights to which all the human beings in the world are entitled. The proponents of the concept of human rights assert that these are rights are endowed to people only because of the reason that they are humans. However, due to the myriad topics, students often get confused. In such a scenario it is essential that the students have a proper guidance and approach while writing their essay.

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Essays for Children
We have been publishing articles that relate to essays for high school and college students. But what about those children who can also write good stories? It is a good idea for grade school teachers to require essays for children. Young people who can already read and write can surely write an essay. Let us give you some ideas how to implement writing for essays for children.

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Essay Outline
We are always worrying about writing an essay especially if the directional outlook of writing is not present, meaning that there are no specific goals of plans in discussing a subject. But for your convenience, let us talk about how to write an essay outline.

An essay outline provides the very backbone of your writing goal. There is nothing wrong with writing your own essay in a random way but if you are not really sure what things to talk about that will improve the significance of the subject, then it is appropriate to write an essay outline first.

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Research Proposal – Be prepared
No other school projects give the chills down the spine than creating your first research proposal. This is not an ordinary essay to write about. You need to have the right skills and knowledge in order to convert your writing skills into something that also seeks new information. So what are the basic parts of an article considered to be a research proposal?

A research proposal needs to have a topic interest.

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5 Paragraph Essay – The Universal Format for Most Essays
5 paragraph essay is very common assignment starting right from elementary or primary sections to middle school, high school till college and university levels. In this format essay writing will involve forming five paragraphs – an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs that will give details of the topic and a concluding paragraph. This form of structure also lends the name ‘three tier essay’ or a ‘hamburger essay’. A newer version called the ‘painted essay’ based on this version has recently come up for elementary school children and consists of color and oral practice and is activity filled to train small boys and girls on how to write essays.

Download 5 Paragraph Essay – The Universal Format for Most Essays
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TOK essay
Good TOK essays have 4 Cs – Clarity, Creativity, Content and Critical thinking

The TOK essay or the Theory of Knowledge essay is one of the requirements of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. This is usually done at the age of eighteen by students who want a holistic education as a basis for higher studies. There are many schools all over the world who offer this international board of education. Students are required to focus on their areas of interest and also work on general subjects such as this for their IB Diploma.

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College Level Essays: Golden Rules to Keep in Mind
College Level Essays: Golden Rules to Keep in Mind
So, you are a college freshman and have already completed a couple of college level essays. Yet, it seems like you are unsatisfied with the results.

Well, many students face the same situation. They compare their high school essays that were highly rated with college level essays that seem to be the same fine, but they are given much lower grades.

It is one of the biggest mistakes that freshmen make. College level essay writing has nothing to do with making essays in high school. College level essays should be “better” if you need simple explanations.

Download College Level Essays: Golden Rules to Keep in Mind
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Essays on Novels: How to Prepare a Well-Organized Paper
Actually, preparing good essays on novels seems to be complicated only at a glance. Probably, you have already flicked through several free novels essays. Some of those free novel essays were rather long, full of quotes, and analysis. And, you thought “Gee! How much time will it take to write a novel essay?”

Download Essays on Novels: How to Prepare a Well-Organized Paper
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Canadian Confederation Essays: Things to Study
At a glance, it seems that completing essays on Canadian Confederation will be extremely difficult. Well, everything is not that bad as you think, and there is no need to make things more complicated than they are.

The only problem you might have with your Canadian Confederation essay is the amount of material to be studied previously. Yet, if you are not writing your essay on Canadian Confederation the night before it is due, this problem that can be easily managed.

Download Canadian Confederation Essays: Things to Study
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College Essay Requirements: Common Rules for Different Colleges
You have already thought about the content of your college admission essay, created a good story that will impress the admission officers and make them accept you.

Yet, what do you know about the official college essay requirements? Or, do you think there are no rules and you just have to persuade the officers that you are the right person to study in their college?

Download College Essay Requirements: Common Rules for Different Colleges
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