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I think readers will agree with me that ?The Next Thing on My List? is a wonderfully written heartwarming story about a woman?s self-discovery that will have you hooked from the very first page. Jill Smolinski knows and understands her audience and delivers a winner with her second novel. The story centers around a 34-year-old woman, June Parker, who is living aimlessly and without passion. Her life completely changes when she attends a Weight Watchers meeting and offers o...

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How to find a literary agent is the first lesson new authors must learn. Is is hopeless? Do you have to be published to find a literary agent? Fortunately the answer is no. We asked over 60 successful literary agents: Where Do Agents Find Clients? Referral from one of their other clients 39% Direct contact by the writer 33% Referral from editors and publishers 9% Referral from other authors not their clients 8% Referrals from other agents 5% Attendance at write...

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Becoming a successful freelance public relations writer requires you to write persuasively and analytically. The key to persuasive writing is the key to good writing in general: know your audience. Public relations work requires you to address various audiences, such as: 1) Your customer base. Your customers already have some idea about what your client does; 2) Potential customers. Most won't know about your client directly, but they might be familiar with similar pr...

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Glucose is one of the most essential and plentiful carbohydrates found on Earth. It is very important and crucial for many life functions, and procedures. Glucose also known as a aldohexose is a monosaccharide with 6 carbons and an aldehyde group. It has many forms and isomers and each one of them has its own importance and function. Glucose is known to be the most important carbohydrates partially because of its effects on functions of life. Glucose is essential for many causes such as photosynthesis, presence in blood sugar, major role in diabetes, manufacturing of candy and wine, and many other purposes. Glucose is a fundamental carbohydrate that we use in our daily lives and find in many different areas, which involve us.

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Cause and Effect essay
Establishing tuition rates at institutions of higher learning is always of fundamental strategic importance to college administrators who are suffering adverse financial effects from reduced allocations from external sources and increased educational and facility costs. Innovative reactions to these environmental conditions are needed to avoid institutional decline (1).

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Oxbridge Essay
Oxbridge essays written by students or writers who studied in Oxford and Cambridge universities would have to be of the highest standard. It is not hidden that both these universities have been and are producing some of the finest graduates to come out of college. The knowledge they acquire comes from the fact that an Oxbridge application essay would be one of the toughest assignments international students would have to undertake. Universities have come out with their own honors program for select groups of students.

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Admission Essay – Tips To Effectively Tackle It
Writing an admission essay can be quite burdensome, especially if you are a student writing your very first essay. You may have fared well in school and would be hoping to get admission to a college or university of your choice. There would be several other students who fared well and hoping for the same. The difference would probably be in the way you write your admission essay. Think of it as one of the most important personal statements you would make in your student career, as this could make the difference in you getting a seat to the college of your choice. Preparing well for such an important assignment is warranted, and there are several areas you need to focus on.

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Essay on Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller was born on October 17, 1915, in Harlem, New York. The early years of Miller’s life did not go smoothly. Still, while having many problems with his grades, Miller was very athletic playing many sports including football, at which he excelled; he also ran track. Miller portrays this in one of his shorter works, Danger: Memory!. The two main characters in this play look back on their lives and regret much of what they did. They wonder if any good came out of their lives. Much like Miller, they do not straight out regret what they did during their lives, but do not commend themselves.

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5 Paragraph Essay Topics
he 5 paragraph essays are simply developed with the help of five paragraphs which mainly comprise of the following:
Body consisting of several paragraphs

This format is mainly followed so as to provide sufficient information and to support and explain the ideas present in the topic in a systematic and well-structured manner. Any type of excellent essay contains this structure.

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Scholarship Essay – Application Article
Many times we hear that a scholarship essay can provide the best financial assistance in college. Hopefully, the quality of an essay may provide the true character and needs of the student which will qualify him to get a funding assistance for school fees. To be able to help you out how to write an effective scholarship article application, let us discuss the key points that evaluators would want to see in your paper.

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Essay Writing
Are you a beginner in the world of essay writing? Let us become your first partner in dealing with all these requirements in school to help you understand more how essay writing works.

Essay writing will always be a part of education curriculum. From simple narrative essay topics to Othello essays, there is always a demand from your instructors for you to compose an article. But what are the basic things that I should know about writing an essay?

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Do My Essay
Majority of students who are going to appear to an entrance test often find it difficult to answer the essay that is provided as part of their selection. As a result these students fall in a conundrum and keep asking a question, how I am going to do my essay. If you are also one of them then here you will find your answer on the question, how to do my essay?

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Example of Methodology
In writing a research paper, one of the key credibility factors is methodology writing. This is a part of the document that explains how the research was done. For most students, writing an ordinary essay may not involve methodology writing. But if you are going to write an essay with research results, you should use an example of methodology chapter.

You can find many essay examples online.

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Writing Tips on Informative Essay
Informative Essay is just another sort amongst the many essay types that are set by the teacher as assignments for term writing or research paper writing. An informative essay as the very name suggests is essentially about how well the writer can present his facts and data without making the write up boring and meandering. Here the information is of far more value than the writer’s opinion or viewpoint on the subject.

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Classify and Categorize With Classification Essay Topics
It is not necessarily true that choosing classification essay topics is difficult. On the contrary, it is quite easier than choosing topics for other types of essays. The first step towards writing any kind of essay is to choose ideal topic which comprises of everything that essay might require. An essay is incomplete and lacks spirit if the topic does not suit or command the spirit of that essay. But before choosing the topic you should know what a classification essay is. This essay is purely based on categorization. If takes a topic and classifies and categorizes the subjects of that topic into various divisions and sub-divisions.

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Essays on Shoplifting: People Bound in Statistics
Essays on Shoplifting: People Bound in Statistics
There is a sci-fi novel “The Birth of Stainless Steel Rat” by Harry Harrison, where the main hero is a bank robber and a swindler. It is worth mentioning for its highly original opinion on fraud and robbery: the main point is that economically they are one of the most profitable occurrences for every party of economic society.

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U.S. History Essays: How to Be the Best
U.S. History Essays: How to Be the Best
Although History is not the most complicated subject studied in school, many students find writing U.S. History essays rather tricky. Well, we agree that keeping in mind all dates, events, personalities is not easy. However, making U.S. History essays is not that hard as it seems.

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Grade 12 Essays: How to Succeed
Grade 12 Essays: How to Succeed
On the one hand, writing grade 12 essays should not be too tricky. You have already learned all the rules of essay writing, have gained necessary writing skills, and simply know many other things about essays.

On the other hand, you might feel rather nervous about writing grade 12 essays, because grades that you will get play an important role.

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French and American Revolutions Essays: Comparing Two Events
Do you think that a task to prepare a French and American Revolution essay is difficult? Well, actually it is twice difficult because you have to discuss two very important events in French and American history.

Sure, it is not a reason to panic. If you start working on your French and American Revolution essay early, you will succeed. We can also help you a bit and explain what particular steps you should take.

Writing French and American Revolution essays: step 1

First, make sure you get the gist of completing your French and American Revolution essay. You will have to compare two events. Therefore, before getting down to work on your paper, recollect the basic principles of writing compare and contrast essays.

Writing French and American Revolution essays: step 2

Now, you have to find information about two events and study it carefully. Do not forget to make notes and jot down the most important dates, names, events, etc.

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Essays on Conflict Resolution: An Efficient Plan for You
Conhttp://freeessaycollection.com/admin.php?mod=addnews&action=addnewsflicts are an integral part of our everyday life and can hardly be avoided. This is why it is really important to know how to prevent and resolve conflicts

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