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All of you who have been thinking of publishing articles probably seem to be noticing a lot more ads showing up when you search Google for article submission sites. So what does this all mean for you?

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Can a city be a character in a book? Many years ago, in a writing class, I was told that I should try to make the setting, which was Toronto, my city of birth, a character in my book, Conduct in Question. I have puzzled over this piece of advice for many years and only now think I may have an answer as to its meaning. Here?s another question. Can the city you?ve lived in all your life be a character or does intimacy somehow disqualify it? I have often longed to see Toront...

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Gustav Holst is a classical composer, who is best-known for "The

Planets". He was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in western England.

He was an organist and choirmaster at Gloucestershire churches, but he had

neuritis in his right hand which held him from playing the organ. Instead, Holst

turned to the trombone. From 1895 to 1898, he studied composition at the

Royal College of Music, which he later taught, at Stanford. When he left, he

became an orchestral trombonist.

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Satellites orbit the earth doing our bidding in ways that enrich the lives of almost all of us. Through electronic eyes from hundreds of miles overhead, they lead prospectors to mineral deposits invisble on earth's surface. Relaying communications at the speed of light, they shrink the planet until its most distant people are only a split second apart. They beam world weather to our living room TV and guide ships through storms.

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The muscular dystrophies are a heterogeneous group of genetic musclular diseases, which have three features in common: they are hereditary, they are progressive (ie get worse over time) and each produces a characteristic selective pattern of weakness of muscle groups. (Engel 1994)

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What is affirmative action? This has been a very interesting question throughout the past thirty years. Many people would like to answer it with simply the name given to programs that try to correct past and ongoing discriminations against women, racial minorities, and others in the work force and in education. Where this answer may be a good textbook style response, not all people agree with it.

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My mother decided to re-marry the summer before I entered high school. With this decision came unwanted results for me such as changing schools and moving in with a family of what seemed to me to be total strangers. I had a hard time dealing with the whole ordeal and did everything I could to make new friends. I didn't expect it to be so hard. I guess I figured that things would be like they were at my old school and people would accept me even though I was of lower class.

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Analysis of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH)
Nurses live and work in a world that has become - and will remain - unequivocally pluralistic in nature and outlook. To put this another way, nurses now live and work in a world in which there is no one single reality, but many coexisting realities (multiple realities) among which they must choose. The development of a pluralistic world view has had a significant impact on our moral ways of seeing, believing and acting.

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American Society before and after 9/11 essay
September 11th was a sad day and many innocent lives were taken, but it brought a nation together that has been for years loosing or taking advantage of whom we are as a country. We never thought that we would be targeted and hit by an enemy in our on land. It woke all of us up to what is really going on and it us want to support our nation once again.

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Chinese-American Immigration Experience essay
One sees the life of a Chinese woman after moving to the United States and the effects this change had on her and the people around her. Most Chinese males that immigrated to America were assumed to have the lust for gold, while many of the females were known to come only for their husbands or as companions. Chinese law prevented the Chinese from immigrating to America just to start a new life.

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Early Christianity Essay
Early Christians faced intermittent persecution from roman officials. During the early centuries C.E., Roman authorities launched a series of campaigns to stamp out Christianity, since most Christians refused to observe the state cults that honored emperors as divine beings. Paradoxically, imperial officials viewed Christians as irreligious because they declined to participate in state-approved religious ceremonies. They also considered Christianity a menace to society because zealous missionaries attacked other religions and generated sometimes violent conflict.

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Research Paper Template  Writing Platform
Many times we could hear students having a hard time building their research paper essays. But are you aware that there are also some research paper templates that you ca use for writing?

Essay topics are not that hard to produce especially if you are an imaginative person. However it is more likely that you will have difficulty in constructing your research paper if you do not know the chapters to include. That is why a research paper template is an ideal material that could help you build your very own dissertation document.

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Analytical Essay and Discussion Concepts
There are many ways for you to write essays . However, you should always choose the type of format that you think you will excel on and that you know something about the essay topic you wish to discuss. An analytical essay is one of the best starting formats of article writing to let you experience how it is like to analyze the hidden details about a subject matter.

An analytical essay is also termed analysis essay . The same type of approach is used for both styles in writing. In the terms related to looking for details in a topic, there should be a definite talent that you should possess.

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Essay Paragraph Structures
The construction of an essay article is one of the basic skills that each student needs to know. Of course you want to impress your teachers by having a good set of abilities in constructing an essay. That is why this article will concentrate on the essay paragraph structures that you will include in your article. Apparently, some students know of an essay as something that they can write freehand without any formats. But on the contrary, essays are structured writing pieces of documents and that you can actually partition the essay paragraphs into at least three types.

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Market Research Paper  For the Students of the Management Class
A market research paper is generally dealt by students of business and management studies and can be said to be of the nature of a business research paper. This research paper writing tests the writing ability of a student in the management line and his knowledge level in the field of marketing and related terms and concepts. It deals with research work on various issues in the area of sales and marketing particularly on a definite theme or topic. Once the topic for the paper is chosen the next step would be to search for and define the aim of the project which would help to form the thesis statement or the main argument of this piece of academic essay writing.

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Advertising Essays
Advertising essays are those to show the level of you knowledge in the field of marketing and to show the level of your ability to start up business on your own and to build your career in the field of marketing. Advertising is a thing, which helps to win new markets and find new customers of either servicing you run or goods you offer. Advertising is able to increase the level of sales and to make the business flourishing. We can even say that from advertising the whole success of business depends.
Advertising Essays: Useful Ideas

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Dealing with Cheap Essays
Dealing with Cheap Essays
We certainly agree that cheap essay papers sound like a good deal for students. Probably, the only source of pocket money for you is a part-time job, which means you cannot buy custom essays that are rather expensive.

Ok, such reasons sound rather convincing. However, talking about cheap essay papers, there is something we want to warn you about. Cheap essays may cost you much more later. What we mean is that if you get a poorly written paper or, what is even worse, a plagiarized one, you will have big troubles.

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What Is a Good Thesis Statement?
No matter whether you are writing college essays or nursing reflective essays, one of the most important things is to make a strong and a good thesis statement.

What is a strong and good thesis statement? What makes a good thesis statement? What are the ways to present a really strong thesis statement?

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In teaching, you must always be consistent and have high expectations for your students not only academically, but socially as well. You must also be able to place yourself in your students' shoes and have a gentle and compassionate attitude toward them.

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Every day an average person takes from 17280 up to 28000 breaths. Breathing is essential for our survival. However, it comes so natural that one never thinks where the oxygen that we breathe in comes from.

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