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Today, Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of http://Bookpleasures.com is pleased to have as our guest, Rob Costelloe, author of Coinage of Commitment. Good day Rob and thanks for participating in our interview. Norm: When did your passion for writing begin? What keeps you going? Rob: I wrote earlier in life, including a teeth-cutting first novel, then I abandoned writing altogether. But I continued to study romantic love as a potential source of fulfillment in people?s...

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There's nothing like writing a story. It is a truly satisfying creative process. In order to write a story that people will enjoy. You need to understand the key elements that all good writers use in stories. In this article we will explore these elements. 1. Brainstorming Ask yourself these questions: What are you are going to write about? Who will be your audience? How much do you know about what you want to write about? What do I need to find out? 2. Write from...

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Intimidation is not an appropriate teaching method. Rosemary Parker, the author of the essay that we read in class, doesn’t think being mean and embarrassing is an effective way to teach. She thinks when people are intimidated they have more trouble learning. She says “in any other scenario, it is not tolerated.” Only in coaching, is intimidation an acceptable method of teaching to most people.

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Disaster Management Essays: Less Disastrous than You Think
Do you feel that this task to write an essay on disaster management is going to turn into your personal disaster? Well, we suppose you are exaggerating your personal catastrophe a little. After all, all disasters finish sooner or later and they can be managed somehow. So, let us help you manage disaster management papers.

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The Offence/Defence of Infanticide
Crime, as the violation of law, challenges the very foundations of the social order, thereby making its control and punishment one of the most vital functions of the modern state. One of the key elements of establishing criminal responsibility for an offence is the “exercise of the person’s will” towards the commission of the offence. As is evident from this, any intervening conditions which hamper or otherwise affect the “exercise of will” – such as mental illness - are bound to have a bearing on the outcome of the prosecution.

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Modern Australian Work and Family Life
Many Australian institutions have undergone significant changes, work and family, in particular, have been forced to alter dramatically to cope with the demands of modernity. The aim of this essay is twofold; how are the roles of men and women adapting to changes in work and family life in Australia? And are we moving towards more gender equality in the balance between work and family, or something else? The major changes examined here are attitudes to work and family, the creation of new occupational categories and how this facilitated greater female participation in the workforce. Increased female participation and how this has changed the very nature of the family.

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A Good Essay Writer
Do you want to compose a quality essay paper? Of course this should be the goal of any students. But what is a good essay writer? You must know the real deal in writing an essay because this aspect will predict the quality of your output. Let me give you the characteristics needed to become an essay writer.

A good essay writer knows how to choose the best topic for a great essay. He should select only those subjects that he is familiar with and knowledgeable about. But this is too restrictive so there are other factors to consider too.

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Examples of Essays
An essay is an article that seeks to describe, explain, analyze or discuss a topic based on a certain issue. There are different types of essays that you are required to write while at school or at college. Although essay writing may be a simple thing for some people, there are others who find it difficult. If you want to write a great essay one of the things you have to realize is that there are different types of essays and each one of them should be written in a different way. You can get some samples from your local library or the internet to see how particular essays should be written. Some of the most common examples of essays that you are likely to come across are:

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Essay Ideas
Essays commonly feature various ideas including authors’ personal thoughts, daily life occurrences, literature criticisms and learned arguments. Many students and aspiring professional writers normally wonder where to get great essay ideas. One can get such ideas by considering what happens in nature, being imaginative and by referring to existing sources of information. There are a number of techniques that one may apply in generating ideas. Some of these techniques include brain storming, and visioning and exploring among numerous others.

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Analytical Essay Format- First Understand the Topic Thoroughly to be able to Analyze it Properly
When compared to the various different types of essays,writing an analytical essay generally requires a lot of analytical skill on the writer’s part. Analysis means, basically to conduct a sort of post mortem report on the subject chosen and for this the chosen theme needs to be studied thoroughly first. After the topic is well understood, then it has to be put under the microscope to be examined more closely, with a close eye on its relevant history and the message it conveys. Only after this should one be ready to analyze and write on the topic.

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Middle School Essay Topics are Best Chosen from the Personal Essay Topics Section
Middle school essay is of a standard which is neither too easy nor is it too hard to write. It is actually an in between phase when a student is getting ready for a higher level and has already passed the primary section. So, easy primary level of writing will not be applicable for this stage while high school level of writing will be a bit too difficult. This is actually the correct time to prepare young minds that can be molded well, to face the future challenges and problems in education that will come as a student grows up. Choosing a middle school essay topic will have to be done a little carefully.

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Nature Essay
The main purpose of university essay writing on nature is to disclose the understandable meaning of ecology. Ecology is a science studying living creatures, relations on our planet, and environment as a whole. Nature, as a phenomenon, includes population, birds, planet, insects, fish, atmosphere, water, and everything you can see around. Good essay on nature should be either focused on one of these aspects or be devoted to the concept in general.

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A Good and Effective Plan for Writing a Risk Management Essay
A Good and Effective Plan for Writing a Risk Management Essay
Risk management is the concept that deals with insurance and the ways of how to manage the threats, which may be crucial for the organization. Very often, there are lots of topics to discuss within this issue, this is why writing a risk management essay will not be a problem for you. To create a proper and interesting risk management essay, it is necessary to follow a plan. Do you have such a plan? If no, we are ready to share with you several ideas and to prepare you for risk management essay writing process.

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Nursing Scholarship Essays: It Might Be your Only Chance
Nursing Scholarship Essays: It Might Be your Only Chance
It is not a secret that many scholarships are awarded to those who write the most outstanding and captivating essays. Most probably, a nursing scholarship you are applying to is not an exception, which means you have to do your best and write an excellent nursing scholarship essay.

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“Honesty Is the Best Policy” Essays: Do You Agree?
“Honesty Is the Best Policy” Essays: Do You Agree?
What way do you think is easier? To tell honestly that you did something wrong and, probably, be punished for that or to tell lies and get out of a situation without any negative consequences?

The way you choose depends on how you were brought up, some values of yours, and the level of your honesty.

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Free Persuasive Essays
Essays that you can find online are always for free. You can use them to your advantage because you can consider them as samples. However, you should also identify the exact essay subject that you wish to write. In this case, you will be able to gather essay samples that match your needs. If you are going to write a persuasive essay, then it is only ideal that you look for free persuasive essays

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Get Improved with Different Types of Writing Styles
Get used to different types of writing styles to improve writing skills

Skills in writing got many techniques to be applied, in order to successfully convey a message or attract readers. One of them is writing style, which is preferably used in accordance with the content of the essay itself. There are many of them that vary from one to another, with each got their own unique characteristics and purpose. Different types of writing styles should be familiarized by all authors, in order to come out with a very good essay. Writing could be a daunting task to do, if the works fail to get readers attention. Keeping on with the same tone of writing would guarantee you of this, unless another tune being added into. It is like music composition we could say.

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Essays on Abraham Lincoln: Keys to Success
“In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countrymen, and not in mine, is the momentous issue of civil war”.
Abraham Lincoln

These days, the great majority of Americans consider Abraham Lincoln the best and the greatest American president. However, some think he was not a hero and see some significant flaws in his policy.

Anyway, one of the main keys to writing successful papers on Abraham Lincoln is your own opinion about this president and strong evidences you have to back it up.

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High-Powered Ideas for E-Mail Essays
E-mailing is one of the most widely used forms of electronic communication. Some time ago, we did not have ICQs or SKYPEs, and only e-mails gave us an opportunity to get in touch with each other.

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Dangerous drivers
Unfortunately nowadays there are numerous car accidents happening ever day. There are various reasons of these accidents, but a high percentage of cases are explained by bad driving habits. Further in this paper we are going to discuss the problem of bad driving habits, the most often examples of such habits and the possible ways of avoiding them.

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