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If you?ve always wanted to write a novel, but found the traditional structured process too frightening or overwhelming, maybe your imagination works in a more organic fashion like mine. In that case, start with your main character and the idea the character gives you for the plot. Then close your eyes, grab your notebook or computer, and watch the main character. Sooner or later she or he will begin talking and moving around. When that happens, start writing! I guarantee what...

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It is difficult to break into the publishing industry as a new author, and even more difficult to get an acceptance letter from an editor at a large publishing house. As an author you will work hard to finish your book, and work even harder to find the right book publisher. The good news is you can tap into several types of publishers to publish your book. Here is a look at some common types of book publishing. GROUP PUBLISHING: Group publishing is the process by which a ...

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The business of books is big business with 172,000 new titles released in 2005 and sales in the United States of about $40 billion. But what makes a book successful? Are there any common characteristics that can spur on sales? As part of the research for "The Making of a Bestseller" Dee Power and Brian Hill, the authors, surveyed over 100 editors and agents to answer those questions. *Previous Success is the Key Indicator of Future Success * Editors and agents are in ag...

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Term Paper Layout – Methods Of Usage
A term paper layout is the structured way of compiling a term paper. Visible success is important in academics. A written project becomes competitive when students succeed in being among the best in class. It may seem difficult to achieve such results on a consistent basis.

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Write Term Papers For High Scores
It is important to write term papers that help students improve their overall scores in class. Papers written by professionals give us the feeling that it would get high scores in a competitive environment. The possibility of compiling the same high quality papers that stand apart from mediocre content is very much possible for students as well.

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Autobiographical Narrative essay
The story which I want to tell you about seems particularly significant to me because it helped me learn a lot about myself and how much torture I can take. It also made me appreciate all the small things we commonly take for granted, like having your family and knowing that they are healthy and happy. But they say that whatever does not kill you makes you stronger and I believe this experience did this for me. Life is finally going my way again.

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Social Equality an Individual Freedom essay
There are two basic questions about equality: Why equality? and, ?quality in what?. Analogously, the questions about freedom are: Why freedom? and, Freedom from what or for what? The "why" questions in both cases are questions about our justifications for the centrality of these values in our lives.

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Online Essay
An online essay can be typed in through a keyboard, which would invariably help save time. Students often find it difficult to devote too much time for a single assignment. The internet has provided them a way to complete assignments quickly. There are online processors that can help in compiling sentences, editing. They provide a database to help draft content around a writer’s ideas.

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Essay on Heart of Darkness
While in England between 1898 and 1899, Joseph Conrad wrote the novella Heart of Darkness. Taking place during the height of European imperialism in Africa, Heart of Darkness follows the journey up the Congo River of Marlow, a steamboat captain. Marlow comes to Africa to escape the strict confines of European society. Marlow is very idealistic, and during his travels up the Congo, he is eager to prove that there is some good to the European presence in Africa. Although Marlow looks for signs of the good of imperialism, he finds none. Because of this, Marlow is eager to meet with Kurtz, another trader in the Congo.

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Narrative Essays – Simply Telling a Story
In essay writing , it is sometimes a very important matter that the author knows how he can easily manage to attract readers. Of course, if you are going to write an article based solely to fulfill a class assignment, then it would be necessary that you have a good number of audiences. In a narrative essay , you need to provide a clear scope of interest in telling a story.

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Tips to Write a Comparative Essay

Comparative essays are written to compare and correctly analyse similar and dissimilar characteristics of any two given objects. The writer may be asked to discuss for or against a certain given point while comparing two objects, or may be asked to ‘compare’ two books, places, objects or people. Just make sure that you choose two themes that are related and therefore can be compared, in the essay.

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Essays on Literacy: How to Develop your Paper
Essays on Literacy: How to Develop your Paper
We are sure you have own opinion about literacy and its importance. You realize that without literacy:
- personal development stops;
- it is impossible to find a good job and live a normal life;
- it is impossible to communicate with other educated and literate people.

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Essays on Galileo
Essays on Galileo
he was the person who has played a great role in the world history.

If you face some problems completing essays on Galileo or you are simply looking for some interesting and new issues you can cover in essays on Galileo, pay attention to this article.

- Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) made a real scientific revolution. His discoveries in physics, philosophy, astronomy, etc. are still the issues for scientific arguments. So, as you can see this scientist is worth your attention and you should reflect all his merits in your essays on Galileo.

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Scholarship Essay Editing
Scholarship Essay Editing
A scholarship essay can help a student to get an award and financial help from the school you want to enter. In order to get such an award, first of all, it is necessary to write a scholarship essay and prove that you are the person to win this prize.

One of the steps to marvelous work completion is scholarship essay editing, which is one of the most important parts of the entire writing.

Scholarship essay editing step 1: once you finish your essay leave it for some time and refresh yourself;

Scholarship essay editing step 2: read the text carefully and try to get the essence of your scholarship essay;

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300 Words about Art School Application Essays
300 Words about Art School Application Essays

Can you not imagine your life without an easel and painting? Is there at least one picture of yours hanging on the wall? If it is so, art school is waiting for you!

Naturally, your strong desire to enter art school is appreciated. However, it is not enough. You also need to prepare perfect art school application essays that will stand out!

Download 300 Words about Art School Application Essays
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Where to Find Book Reports among Endless Online Resources
Nowadays, studying seems to be rather simple, at least compared to what it used to be 10 or 20 years ago. Without Internet technologies, students had to read all the books from the beginning till the end and write their reports independently or get low grades. These days, preparing a book report is not a problem even if you have not read a single page of this or that literary work. The only thing you should know how to do is how to find book reports online and choose the most useful ones among heaps of Web resources.

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“All about Me” Essays: What about You?
It looks like you are stuck with your “All about Me” essay. Well, it is pretty normal, because you know so many details about yourself and your life. There are so many events, people around you. Even if you are quite young, there are still hundreds of things to tell about in essays “About Me”.

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How to Edit Essays: Several Effective Strategies
Summer is almost over, and you should recollect all the academic habits that you had. Hope, editing essays was one of your habits and you never skipped this important stage of essay writing.

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Essays about Bullying – Making a Good One
You certainly remember or know them. Probably, you were/are one of them. Anyway, they can be found in any school, almost in any class. Yes, we are talking about people who for some reasons like hurting others, verbally or physically.

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