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Have you ever been haunted by a character, one who inhabits your imagination for days, months or years? Acquiring a life of his own, he leaps from the page and burrows inside us. Think of Dickens? Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge or Shakespeare?s King Lear or Macbeth? And then, of course, more recently, Hannibal Lector bursts from the mind of the novelist Thomas Harris and frightens us from the screen in the movie The Silence of the Lambs Where did these characters come from? And w...

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Ahimsa Usually translated as non-violence. ‘Action based on the refusal to do harm.’ Himsa means to wish to kill. A in front of himsa negates the word, therefore making it the renunciation of the will to kill or damage.

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After talks with her husband, sons, minister, and local doctors; Janet Adkins decided she didn+t want to undergo the sustained mental deterioration that Alzheimer+s Disease caused (Uhlman 111). She began to realize she had the disease when she started forgetting songs and failed to recognize notes as she played the piano (Filene 188). |She read in Newsweek about Dr. Jack Kevorkian and his Mercitron+ machine, then saw him on the Donahue+ Television showX (Filene 188). With her husband+s consent but objections by sons and doctors, she telephoned him to arrange to kill herself (Filene 188). She still had a life expectancy of at least ten years with the illness, but she wished to die. She wanted to die before the disease robbed her of her competence (Larson 229). Kevorkian later killed Adkins and faced the consequences boldly (Hendin, |Suicide in AmericaX 247). The background, process, and effects of Dr. Kevorkian+s questionable first patient, Janet Adkins, have a very detailed story in them.

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Online Marketing
Relatively few companies are able to start with a 'clean sheet of paper' as far as Internet operations are concerned. For most companies, setting up Internet operations involves a significant degree of cultural and structural change. It also usually means running both 'traditional' and 'new' business alongside each other, and developing an appropriate degree of integration between them to create useful synergies.

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How To Select The Right Critical Essay Example
The right critical essay example would teach you how to question an argument with valid counter arguments rather than simply reading through a critical essay, accepting it and following it without applying your own logic. You need to understand how to go about developing critical thinking about a topic, learn how to analyze it, and then be able to write your own critical essay. There are several tools you could use. One of them is a good critical essay example.

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Fundamentals of a Good Business Essay
A business essay invariably deals with developing a good idea. It could be yours or maybe you just liked it. What you do with the idea is your business plan. You have to project it in clear terms in a manner that is easy to understand and follow. It should have an introduction, an outline plan, and finally a conclusion like in an economics essay. All this has to be backed by established norms using universal terms. You will have to construct support arguments that connect to the idea. Terms are used which could be elaborated on later.

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Chocolate: Behind its Bad Rap
In today's society, chocolate is everywhere. It seems that people have developed a love-hate relationship with chocolate. According to the US Department of Commerce, the average American ate 11.7 pounds of chocolate in the year 2000. American adults ranked chocolate as the most-craved food and as their favorite flavor by a three-to-one margin. (Mustad, 2001)

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Essay on Friendship
Friendship is defined in million ways. Friendship is a relationship that has many dimensions and styles. Friendship can be of between any two or persons and there is no compulsion of age, gender, geography, race, creed or nationality. People living in a house or living in this world are equally to prone to this relationship of friendship. Friendship has no boundaries and no limits.

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What is MLA Format?
Creating an essay which demands a form of researching task may need to use a citation principle. These citation systems are relatively recognized for the purpose of having a uniform characteristic among the written articles by the students. Also, it is possible for the evaluators of the academic institutions to delegate grade if the citation formats are properly used. Now what is an MLA format?

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Sample Literature Review
Do you understand why some research papers demand a literature review page? If you do not know the reason for this, then we will discuss it today. Of course, if you are going to write a simple essay, a literature review may not be necessary. However, some articles require research so you need to have the skills in writing a review no matter what. A sample literature review may already give you some hints how to write such a material. However, since samples are non-instructive, we will also tackle the ways for you to write a review for any of your school papers.

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Admission Essay Sample
If you are looking for a reliable source of info in writing an admission essay, then you have come to the right place. We will discuss the things that you should consider in using some sample essays that will help you write your very own admission article. So what are the criterion in selecting a resource paper material?

First of all, an admission essay sample should come from a reliable resource. This means that you can only trust those websites that are in line with education like universities and custom writing companies.

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Complexities Of Methodology Writing Explained
Methodology writing assigns two main purposes; serving to describe how the data was collected or fabricated and how was it investigated. This type of writing explains how the method influences the end result. The word “method” would be a more accurate word to use in reference to methodology as the manner employs a systematic study of procedures, practices analysis of the methods and is produced within an amount of discipline subjected to methodology writing. Your method should also consist of a detailed record of steps taken to prevent anticipated problems discussed in the paper.

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Good Essay Questions
Useful information on a good essay question for teachers and students
Good Essay QuestionsEssay question is a good way to the teachers to evaluate student’s ability to respond to the matter and level of creative thinking. Good essay question is aimed at evaluating student’s educational level. Unlike multiple choice, true-false and matching exercises questions, essay question demands from students creative respond composed by them personally. That is why, usually the best form of answer is essay as it reveals student’s ability to analyze, synchronize and examine the subject. The difference of good essay questions from other types of questions which require creative answer lies in the fact that essay question writing:

- requires extensive answer which consists of more than one sentence;
- is not limited to one precise pattern of response;
- gives a hint on direction of thinking students should apply;
- implies material to use in answer.

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Essays on Eating Disorders: Looking Deeper at the Problem
Essays on Eating Disorders: Looking Deeper at the Problem
Eating disorders, which in a few words can be defined as abnormal eating habits, are a kind of new disease that more and more people suffer from. Nowadays, it is estimated that up to 10 million women and 1 million men in the United States suffer from eating disorders.

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Essays on Prisons: Looking Back at History
Essays on Prisons: Looking Back at History
Imprisonment is one of the harshest kinds of punishment, probably even more awful than the capital punishment. Living in a jail (sometimes for the rest of your life), having someone’s eyes constantly watching you, having restrictions on almost any move you make…. For some people, it is absolutely unbearable and many decide to end their life.

This seems to be quite a good way to start your essay on prisons. Such introduction will immediately set the appropriate mood. However, you should also think about a thrilling content for your essay on prisons, and this is what we can help you with.

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Ideas for Essays about Education
Ideas for Essays about Education
Education plays a very important role in the life of every person. If you do not want your life to be miserable, you need to get a good education. You can present your own ideas on the importance of education while writing essays about Education.

However, you are here, and you are looking for some help to create a good Education essay. Maybe, some of the following hints will inspire you, and you will be able to impress your readers with thrilling Education essays!

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Verify the Essay Writing Formats before you Begin Your Essay

How you write and present your essay is a reflection of your talents as an essay writer. However, the format of the essay will also ensure that the essay is structured properly, thereby making it easier and more attractive to the reader. It also provides a certain level of uniformity in academic writing. Different types of essays require different types of formatting. Let us educate you on some of these essay writing formats.

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Follow Easy Steps to Start Writing Report Cards for Students
Report card writing is a very challenging task for teachers who only start their careers. Some teachers state that they could not possible figure out what to do about report card writing, especially in their first year.

However, there are 5 simple steps how to make the process easier and even pleasant.

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Foreign Policy Essays: Try Your Diplomatic Talents
Have you ever dreamed about the career of a diplomat? Do you think you will be able to solve any international conflict or deal with the naughtiest leader?

You have a chance to evaluate your diplomatic talents when writing a foreign policy essay. Definitely, you will have to deal with conflicts that are already solved. However, you can introduce your own vision of things and some fresh approaches to managing international problems.

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