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OVERVIEW A good User Document includes sections on how to set up, use, and care for the product. However, to create a great User Document , the technical writer should use the Persona, generated in the analysis of the User/Reader, to create the topics for the most useful section of the User Document. This article describes this procedure. THE MOST USEFUL SECTION OF A USER DOCUMENT The most useful section of a User Document is the one that helps the User get what he...

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I used a preliminary test to help in the prediction. I went and prepared marble chips and concentrated acid we tried the experiment, the results was clear that as in a few seconds it was almost finished. When we used very dilute acid it took so long for it to react and the amount of bubbles were much less than the first one.

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After 1500, there were many signs that a new age of world history was beginning, for example the discovery of America and the first European enterprises in Asia. This ³new age² was dominated by the astonishing success of one civilization among many, that of Europe. There was more and more continuous interconnection between events in all countries, but it is to be explained by European efforts. Europeans eventually became ³masters of the globe² and they used their mastery to make the world one.

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Unequivocally, Iago plays an important and major function in the tragedy of Othello. By the end of the play, Iago has been directly responsible for the deaths of Roderigo, Emilia and the protagonist and his love. Iago's importance to the play is revealed by his contribution to the plot and his significance relative to other characters. Iago's function, which invariably adds to the importance he has on the play, is to lead to the downfall of Othello therefore revealing the themes of hate, jealousy and revenge. Iago also serves to contrast with the characters of Othello and Desdemona and to create dramatic irony consequently involving the audience in the journey of the play. The foundation of his success has been built upon his honest reputation, perceptive nature and ruthless motivation.

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Accountability is essential for any society to function and military accountability is no different. We are all held accountable in one way or another. For example, there are laws to obey and if we fail to be obedient, we may have to suffer the consequences set by the officials who hold us accountable. Accountability is simply being responsible for one's actions.

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Renault-Nissan: A Marriage of Desperation Turned Success Story
Within both Renault and Nissan, there were significant issues facing the firms. Renault, a one time ‘losers league’ member, was able to turn itself into a $1.65 billion company. A distinctively French and European car maker, Renault had never run a global operation. At one point, the company sold no cars in the United States and only 2,476 units in Japan, the world’s two largest automotive markets.

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Persuasive Essay on Abortion
Abortion is the practice of terminating a pregnancy resulting in, or closely followed by, the death of the human fetus. In 1973 the famous court case of Roe versus Wade legalized abortion in the United States. Since that time, despite the occurrence of over thirty-five million abortions, abortion has become a prevalent social issue, extremely debatable and controversial. For the most part people can be divided into two basic categories: those in favor of abortion and those opposed to it. Both groups feel strongly concerning the issue and regularly debate its morality.

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Research Paper on Career
I begin before the beginning. A paper must be written and research papers always need to be introduced before they really begin. The first few paragraphs exist only to set up the real beginning where all the ideas that must be conveyed exist. The introduction is like the bread that presents the sandwich. Without an introduction this paper would be too messy; the meat of the sandwich would get all over the place. As I look down at all my sociology notes taken throughout the year, I familiarize the topic to myself once again.

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Hamlet Essay
Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s those dramas that are read with a strong influence and liking. Hamlet is full of mysteries that the critics are involved to find out from the day of its publishing. Critics have written a number of Hamlet essays which depict various aspects of Hamlet, the character and Hamlet, the play.
Essays on Hamlet can be written by keeping in consideration various aspects that can be found in Hamlet. The various categories related to Hamlet essay can be Hamlet revenge essay, Hamlet madness essay, Hamlet tragic hero essay and Hamlet mad essay.

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Business Essay
For writing Business essays, there are some steps that should be considered important by the writers whether they are students or any other writers.
1. First, think over your subject and collect ideas. Usually students find it difficult to get relevant matter for their essays. For this purpose, you must use some of these means which are following:
• Reading: Reading books that are relevant to your business essay topics can help you out of the above-mentioned problem. Reading also helps you to store ideas and points in your mind, which you can use further.
• Observation: Wherever, you get a chance to go out, keep your eyes and ears alert and observe things. Whenever possible, make notes of things of interest you have observed.
• Thinking: Train yourself to the habit of thinking clearly for yourself and forming your own conclusions for the business essay that you are going to write.

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How to Write a School Essay
The word ‘Essay’ is derived from the old French word ‘essai’ meaning attempt. An essay is an attempt or effort at writing something about or on something. Essay is an ordered compilation of thoughts about literary tasks adequately written and efficiently presented. In other words, the essay must be well prepared and presented in a way that the reader finds easy to pursue and clear. Essay has to look neat and not present any obstacles. Essay must have an understandable clear attractive approach. But, most of all, an essay must consist of writer’s thoughts about literary texts. Some essay writing tips will surely help answer questins like: “How to write a school essay?” and “How to write a good school essay?”.

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Your Approach towards Writing a World War I Essay
A World War I essay is generally assigned to students who are from a historical faculty. Despite of plenty of information available the topic is a bit difficult to write on. Many students find it difficult to choose a specific topic on which they can focus their entire essay. However, this process can be made easy if students read more books and articles pertaining to World War I.

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Essay Assignment – Home Based Learning
An essay assignment is simply one of the many requirements and tasks in schools. Practically, essays have become a stable commodity which provides the best skills of student for class evaluation. Let us take a look at some article assignment examples usually required by teachers.

A critical essay may be thought of a difficult article to write but actually, you only need an open mind to write an effective article. Basically, if you have this kind of an essay assignment , you only need to understand the core topic interest that you are going to write. You may also want to impart your personal opinion about a subject when writing such papers.

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Writing a Legal Law Essay
It is not very unusual for law students to write an essay. Actually, any courses or subjects for that matter will always require a certain task to be completed in a form of an essay. Usually, college essay are more specific because of the fact that you will be undertaking the aspects of writing based on your course. In law or other legal types of courses, your only option is t select topics that are law related and then follow the same instructions in writing a normal law essay.

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Analytical essay in sample articles
How do we write an analytical essay ? First of all it is just one of the many types of articles that students will write in their schooling lifetimes. But for the simplicity of familiarizing you to what it really is, let us talk about the possible ways for you to write such an essay in a form that also provides other mediums of discussions.

Analytical essay in a photo essay ; you can write an article that will analyze the differences in colors, hue and saturation of light among the images of your subjects.

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Mexican American Essays: What Your Teacher Expects
Mexican American Essays: What Your Teacher Expects
Certainly, it is a bit strange that you did not get enough instructions from your teacher on how to write a Mexican American essay. Maybe, he/she is just waiting for an essay in Mexican devoted to any topic you like.

More likely than not, your teacher had a bit different reasons for giving you this task. We suppose your Mexican American essay can be done in English, but you should take time and choose a good topic idea. This is what we can help you with.

Basically, there are two possible options for writing Mexican American essays. You can either view this topic from a historical perspective or take a modern and a bit social look.

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Golden Rules of Effective Essay Writing
Golden Rules of Effective Essay Writing
An essay is one of the most frequently assigned papers. We do not know why, but it is also considered to be one of the most significant tasks. Why? Probably, because this kind of work allows students to develop basic skills: writing, analytical and critical thinking, researching, etc.

Still, the great majority of students do not know the secrets of writing effective essays. Are you one of them? Then this article is just what you need!

Actually, we are sure that these secrets of writing effective essays are not completely new for you. Most probably, you have just never paid attention to them before. You have an opportunity to do it now.

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Dentistry Essays: When Did You Last Visit a Dentist?
What do you feel when you think about dentists? Pain and unpleasant feelings? Yes, it seems like only this word “dentist” can make someone feel anxious and nervous. Meanwhile, our modern world cannot go without dentists.

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Essays on Higher Education: What to Discuss
At the present moment, you are studying in school. What do you plan to do next? Do you want to enter college and get higher education? Do you believe it is important? Or, probably, do you think that it is just something everybody should do these days to make a good living?

You may share your ideas as to these issues in an essay on higher education. Maybe, right now, you are not sure yet what you want to do in the future and whether you really need to go to college. We are sure papers on higher education that you have to complete will help to sort out some important things.

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Easy Ways to Write an A-Level Chemistry Coursework
Have you ever dreamt to create you own project, investigate a certain issue, and share your achievements with the others? Well, now you have a wonderful opportunity to make your dream come true!

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