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Think it's hard to get a novel published? For most writers, it is - but it's certainly not impossible. I've had two hit the shelves-in 10 countries, and with book club and movie rights picked up. People often ask me how I did it, and the truth is simple. All it takes is, 1) talent, and 2) actually writing the thing. As much as I hate to admit it, the second is the more important factor. Fact is, plenty of great novels go unfinished. The statistics are staggering: of tho...

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I was editing a passage in my novel CONDUCT IN QUESTION, the first in THE OSGOODE TRILOGY. The villainous Florist was about to march down the stairs to kill the young man, Donnie, hiding in the cloakroom. The boy had soaked the stair carpet with gasoline and was about to set it on fire. Would that, I debated, cause the impressive explosion of flames I had described? Who could give me advice on pyrotechnics? Moments later, when the doorbell rang, I was stunned to find two fire...

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New to tech-writing, or thinking about starting? The key to success is recognising that tech-writers are a necessary evil.

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You?ve just finished interviewing for your dream job. There?s nothing more you can do than wait for the phone to ring, right? Wrong. To really increase your chances of getting a job offer, you need to follow up with an effective interview thank you letter. If written correctly, an effective interview thank you letter can be used to separate you from your competition. Remember, the main point of sending a thank you letter after an interview is help you to stand out in the e...

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SEO Copywriting or in other words Search Engine Optimization copywriting is the name given to the art or technique of writing search engine friendly content.

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Shopaholics found their compulsion to spend by creating false identities to obtain more creditcards. They often hide bank statements from their spouses and try in any way possible to conceal their abuse. In some extreme cases shopaholics has even turned prostituted in order to finance their spending.

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Media Society essay
The popularization of the Internet has evoked the concerns of many psychologists. Researchers have examined, for instance, the degree to which the new media is addictive (Young, 1998) or promotes personal isolation (Kraut et al., 1998). One of the more consistent concerns is the presence of pornography and erotica and the expression of sexuality on the Internet.

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Argumentative Essay Topics You Can Use
Argumentative essay topics should be selected based on the logic that arguments basically occur to make others agree to a particular line of thinking. There is always a point of view opposing the thesis statement. Your role would be to account for the various beliefs and present your case in such a manner as to increase acceptance for it. The topics you choose have to be well researched. Every point you make have to be backed by evidence and logic. The advantage you have is selecting controversial essay topics.

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How To Select Essay Topics
How to select essay topics is an art you have to master to write well. It comes with practice. When you have a choice of subjects, you are in a better position to practice and become more comfortable. If you have reasonable control over the English language, you can learn to write well. So how do you select the right topic? The following guidelines will help.

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Writing a ‘How to’ Essay
A ‘how to’ essay is one of the many types of articles that intend to present informative contents. When we talk about a How to essay, you are actually going to disseminate information to your readers in by teaching them “How to” do something. So in effect you are simply writing an informative or expository essay in general. In order to help you write a good essay, let me give you some tips on how you can easily manage the contents of your How To essay. For example, you can deal and teach your readers how to write an essay in general.

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High School Essay Prompt
The requirements in high school education can vary from written to oral activities. If you are going to write an essay , then you need some high school essay prompts to guide you in composing an article.

Usually, a research essay is the most common type of written files imposed to students in high school. But what are the main high school essays prompts that you should be aware of?

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Writing an Analysis Essay for a Design Product
Suppose you are given a task to research and report about a design product, you may be required to make analysis and write an essay for your report. Such an essay is referred to as an analysis essay. It tends to exhaust the study of the subject in a number of dimensions. A design product is that product created or manufactured through a series of activities and considerations in a process following specific models and standards.

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Research Papers for Sale – Get Them Fast
Research paper writing is no mean job to do and neither it is meant to be easy. This sort of paper is written by students of higher classes belonging to the masters level or doctoral level, who all are required to do a lot of research work on their area of study. Sometimes it is not possible for them to write all their papers and submit them on time owing to time constraint, pressures of other work to be done etc.

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Know How to Write a Cover Page Correctly
Knowing how to write a cover page is an essential part of research paper writing. It is the page that provides the reader with all the details about the thesis paper. A cover page is a formal part of a document that makes it possible for the reader to get an idea about the overall paper. And it is imperative that a good presentation is made in the cover page .

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Essays about Good People Gone Bad
The past few decades were marked with the impressive growth of criminal activities. Does not mean that more good people become bad? Every day we hear stories about violent crimes committed throughout the country. Our neighborhood is no longer a sage place to live; it is impossible to protect yourself against the robberies, assaults, and property thefts

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Essays about Community – Ideas for Discussion
Essays about Community – Ideas for Discussion
Community… What is a community? This word has several interpretations. Community is a society in general as well as it can be considered as a certain group of people within this bigger community. Probably, you can find some other definitions.

Why is it so important to define it? The point is that before writing an essay about community, you have to look up its definition in a dictionary. You need to have a clear understanding of what you are going to write about.

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Is Admission Essay Help Useful?
Admission Essay Help is as important as the Admission Essay. The competition for the admission to colleges and the graduate schools is becoming fiercer every year. After the students pass their high school senior exams, sit for GCSE AL or Bacalauriet exams, get their SAT scores and graduate from the high schools they should not think their battle for admission to college is finishing. Only after they are selected to the college of their choice, can the students declare their victory. The last hurdle in the admission process is the admission essay and getting admission help to write this essay is certainly not a crime.

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How to Write an Effective 1000 Word Essay?
The regular tips for writing easy and effective 1000 word essay

1000 word essay is one of favorite writing assignment chosen by lecturer for their students in order to assess the understanding on certain issues. The question selected mostly would be related to ‘in class’ topic or anything else related to the subject taken. In order to accomplish the task given, there are varieties of essay types to choose from. The most commonly used is narrative essay, as the hassle in thinking of its plot is much easier compared to other types. Though, other forms of essay also highly favored such as, persuasive, informative, opinion, description and more, depending on the questions or topics given. The question usually comes in several forms such as an issue, situation, concept and problems, or straightly in rigid sentence. The former usually requires own title to be generated, which allow for opportunity to create unique first impression for the reader.

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Kids Essays: Important School Activity
Writing essays in an important activity which begins early in school when children are taught to write simple essays also known as kids essays. ‘Kids essays’ are based on simple topics and the basic intention of assigning essays, is to initiate the process of writing among students so that they learn how to write essays.

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A Sure-Fire Plan for Writing an AS Level Coursework
If you want to enlarge your knowledge of a certain subject, AS Level is just what you need. This Advanced Subsidiary Level qualification focuses on students’ basic study skills. Usually, it takes two years to complete this course.

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