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The agent issue is such an emotional one for writers. Having one is a huge validation. I was fortunate to sign with an agent while still writing my first novel and it was wonderful being able to work and know that someone was waiting for what I was writing. But the eagerness to have that feeling often pushes writers to make poor decisions when it comes to the hunt for an agent. With some thinking, solid preparation and research it is possible to hook up with an agent and ...

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In the 1950’s, a newly married American women named Elizabeth Warnock Fernea accompanied her new husband for a two year stay in the small rural village of El Nahra located in Southern Iraq. This book encapsulates her different experiences of the town social agenda, while her husband an anthropologist gathers data in the community. Her adjustment into her new surroundings was quite difficult, simply because she lived in a mud hut that had no indoor plumbing for running water and toilets, she didn’t know the language all that well, and was not accustomed to the different local ways of life.

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How Important Was Slavery in Roman Society essay
The economic revolution, which took place between 202 and 30 B.C. in Rome corresponded to a continual increase in the servile population ( Jones and Sidwell, 1997). The very abundance of slave labour explains the changes which came about in methods of production at the time of the Gracchi and took still firmer root as Republican institutions declined.

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Graduate Essay
A graduate essay would be written by students who have had a strong grasp over the essay writing process. Students are expected to be well versed in essay writing after they have passed high school. Their vocabulary would have expanded over the years. Communication skills would have been honed to the extent that putting ideas into writing would be a routine exercise.

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Harvard Essay
A Harvard essay uses a system which is commonly known as the Harvard referencing style. The basic elements in a grad school essay assignment using the Harvard style of referencing is the way the author’s name is cited within the text of the essay. For example, the reference would include the author’s surname and year of publication (Tom, 2010). The citation would be referenced at the end of the essay in the form of a bibliography where all such citations would be listed in alphabetical order of the author’s name followed by other details. Let us go into further details that students could use in practice.

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Essay Levels – How To Achieve Your Essay Writing Goals
Essay levels determine how much you have progressed since the time you started writing essays. Teachers might have insisted that you find a quiet place before writing. This would have happened when you started writing your first essay. The reason for this instruction is simple. You need to focus your thoughts to complete the assignment.

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How To Present Your Strong Views About A Crucible Essay
A crucible essay brings to light the choices that humans have in life and how it can waver based on mass hysteria and controversy. “The Crucible” by Aurthur Miller brings in mystery and relates how justice is meted out based on moral values practiced at the time. Innocent people accused of witchcraft are led to a gory death. The mysterious circumstances connected to their death depict the uncertainty and rituals that glorify injustice. The play is based on the historical events that took place in the 1600s involving the Salem witch trials and also Arthur Miller’s experiences in the mid 1900s with the Red Scare.

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Emerson Essay
Ralph Waldo Emerson, considered the father of the American Literary Renaissance, wrote many essays to ultimately change the societal values surrounding him. In “Self Reliance”, Emerson conveys his philosophical idea that every individual has their own individual genius speaking universal truths. However this tends to be a hard to achieve with society imposing conformity, traditions, and institutions on society.

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NBA Research Paper
Many critics and fans around the world call it the NBA greatest show on earth. No other league around the world brings what the NBA’s game has brought every season. The greatest plays, games, dunks, players and passion for the basketball are reasons why the fans keep watching. The NBA’s style of playing the game has changed dramatically through the years. From the 1980’s to 2002, even though many aspects of the playing style have gone in to new era, NBA’s style of playing basketball kept its heart the same.

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Why Men Cannot Be Superior To Women
The International Declaration of Women’s Day this month, March 8 to be exact, purports to enshrine the essence and importance of womanhood, of the gentler sex. That there ought to be such a celebration, especially given the absence of its counterpart “Man’s Day” is an admission of the yet underdog status of women in the world of mankind. Such a reminder of the import of women, or rather the lack of its recognition, tends to elicit the question that has almost always been at the back of our adult minds if not at the tips of our tongues – are man and woman, or if you may, woman and man, different but equal?

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How to Write an Analysis Paper
Whether you are a college student or a high school student, for sure you will write an analysis paper anytime this academic year. In fact, analysis essays are among the most important essays that students need to write to measure their skills in evaluating documents. Moreover, an analysis essay gives the person a chance to dig deeper into hidden meanings of a certain written article. Our main discussion for today will concentrate on the process of how to write an analysis paper.

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You Need Essay Assistance
Do you know where to get essay assistance from the internet? It is a very good thing to know because sometimes, we will run out of motivation to write our papers. It is also possible that you won’t be able to compose your essay because of lack of time and energy.
You should understand that some easy essays can be written in a few minutes. But what if you are going to write a term paper, research paper or an essay research document?

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Argumentative Essay – Opinion and Discussions
When we say argumentative essay , it only means one thing – to express your sentiment about a definite topic. This is simply one of the many essay types that you will write in school. To argue does not necessarily mean to quarrel with another person or with your readers. Your main objective in writing such type of an article is to present what you think about a subject matter.

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MBA Essay for College Admission – Prepare to Evaluate Yourself
A college application essay is something most students are scared of. It is an aspect that is completely in the hands of the student and yet they are bothered most, by it. This is because application essays often become a major deciding factor in getting an admission into the college. Often an average student who has written an excellent essay may get through easily , while someone with a brilliant academic record may be left out in the cold , if he writes a lower than average essay. Similarly writing a MBA essay for the admission purpose is also something which one must tackle well.

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How to Write a Term Paper – The best steps you need to pass it well
A term paper is a theoretical or researched paper written by students during an academic quarter, term or semester, depending on which unit of measure a school uses. It is a course component contributing a significant part of a course grade and due at the end of the academic quarter, term or semester. Term papers are normally meant to be original works intended to describe an event, situation, and concept or argue a point or disseminate information. They discuss the topic to detail depending on the intended scope, coming up with a number of pages.

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Analytical essay “Letter Scarlet”
This paper analyzes Nathanial Hawthorne's novel and through analysis of the characters, explains why the story is the powerful allegory explaining the dangers and nature of sin. The paper further explains that the characters are used to represent the different ways in which people try to deal with sin including its acceptance, hiding of the sin and the anger that happens because of it.

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An Essay on a Rainy Season: Some Secrets of a Striking Paper
An Essay on a Rainy Season: Some Secrets of a Striking Paper
If you live somewhere where rainy seasons are a common phenomenon, preparing an essay on a rainy season will not be a problem for you. Do not hesitate and write a story based on your personal experience. How do you feel like during rainy seasons? What do you usually do? Does your lifestyle change somehow compared to seasons without rains? Do you like rainy seasons in general?

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Dissertation Proposals: Some Thoughts about How to Make a Winning One
Dissertation Proposals: Some Thoughts about How to Make a Winning One
Do you want to know what making a dissertation proposal is all about? Well, just talk to any dissertation writer, and he/she will tell you that it is the most complicated stage in the dissertation writing process. This is what you will start with, and this is exactly what plays a crucial role for your project.

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Several Brilliant Suggestions for Public Relations Essays
Several Brilliant Suggestions for Public Relations Essays
It seems that your assignment to prepare a public relations essay has seriously puzzled you. You major problem is that you have no idea how to make a captivating paper on public relations. The only thing you realize is that dry theory and facts will not help to make your public relations essay worthy of attention.

Well, we agree. Theory should be just a part of a good public relations essay. Your ability to put it into practice is what will be highly graded by your teacher.

Here are a couple of situations that your public relations essay can be based on.

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