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Everyone thinks it is so easy to write a book. With so many people writing books these days, it is amazing there are enough people still buying books. In today's world, if you have any amazing life experience, suddenly publishers want you to write a book about it. If it sells, then your experience was interesting enough to stimulate interest from a large audience; and if not, no one really cared. This is why poker books fly off the shelves. Many people have life experience...

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Successful website copywriting is very different than traditional copywriting. Based on what actually works best --and does not work-- from writing dozens of websites for our clients, here are our Top 10 website copywriting secrets. If you apply them, your website will be a major marketing success for your business and its bottom line. 1 What?s in it for me? Why should I believe you? What do you want me to do and why should I? Answer these questions immediately. The...

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If you are between the ages of 8 to 18 and love to write, be it short stories, plays or poems, then you are a young writer. For the writer nothing is more satisfying than finishing a story, play, poem etc. In fact some young writers decide to make it their career of choice. This is not always an easy path but if you have a passion for it you will ride out the difficult times. Here are some tips to help you. 1. Read widely,a good writer is one that reads constantly and wide...

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How?s your love affair with your Muse? That?s right, your Muse. Your creative source. Your inspiration for all the kooky, creative things you do. The voice that whispers, ?Hey, why don?t you try encaustic painting? That looks like fun!? Or maybe your voice has a more, well, cranky tone. Maybe your Muse?s voice gets snarky when she sees others creating. Maybe she feels abandoned in the corner, tucked away behind the towering to-do lists. It could be time for a relatio...

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International acquisitions have become an extremely important vehicle for growth for multinational companies. In this case, and because of the particular industry in which Electrolux operated in, the trend of the whole appliance industry was facing a long period of crisis. Although Electrolux was and still is one of the largest manufacturers of white appliances, many other manufacturers were now taking market share away from the Swedish company.

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Recidivism and Probation
Houghton Mifflin defines recidivism as the phenomenon of a person repeating a lapse of a previous pattern of undesirable behavior (Mifflin 699). The term is most frequently used when referring to substance abuse and criminal behavior. Studies have shown that only one percent of serious crimes are committed by people over sixty, making age the most reliable predictor of recidivism (Welsch 52).

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Assess the Importance of Alexandria as a Centre of Hellenistic Art essay
Some 2,000 years ago Alexandria--founded by Alexander the Great, conqueror of all that became known as the Hellenistic world--was that world's pre-eminent city. Apart from being the seat of power of the ruling Ptolemies, it was the locus of the spiritual, cultural, and scientific life of the entire Hellenistic world, stretching from egypt to India and from the third century B.C. to the third century A.D.

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Argumentative Essay Format
An argumentative essay format utilizes the system of organized words to arrive at a logical conclusion in favor of the writer’s viewpoint. It is important that students understand how the format has to be applied. The logic applied has to be consistent and persuasive to enable readers to agree to a point of view. A format allows students to develop the content based on evidentiary support. It allows a logical buildup of content that presents a strong case in favor of the essay statement. Once a format is arrived at, students would find that it saves a lot of their precious time which could be utilized for other assignments.

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Little Women Essay
In the novel Little Women, Louisa May Alcott tells the story of four sisters growing up with their father away at war, a mother (do they say much about the mother) and having to learn the responsibilities of domestic chores. Each sister is portrayed as having a different artistic talent and all but one have a talent acceptable for women at that time. The exception is the rebellious and spirited Jo March, who pursues the then-considered masculine role of writing.

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Economics Term Paper
Economic term papers are of many kinds and are written for various aspects of economics such as economic factors, economics stability, economic policies, economic growth, state of economy, economic reforms, economic volumes, economic strategy, economic planning economic programs, domestic economic situation, elements of economics, economics deviation, economy division, socioeconomic policies, economic propensity and industrial development, economic causes, macroeconomics, microeconomics and many others.

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Different Types of Formatting – the Next Most Important Thing After the Topic.
While writing an essay there are many different types of formatting that can be followed and it is imperative for the writer to know all of them. Sometimes the instructor will specify what formatting to be done and in case of admission essays different universities follow different set pattern of writing and the student simply has to follow the guidelines. The content matter of the essay is as important as the format pattern, set and followed. If the essay is flawless and written brilliantly but the format is all wrong then all results will come to a naught.

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Analytical Essay Format
Analytical essay is the standard academic paper requiring you to develop a clear thesis statement or research objective, write excellent introduction, organize the body of the essay, and conclude with effective note. The general analytical essay format: double-spaced, 5 or more pages in length, 1 inch margins, and 12 font Arial or Times New Roman. You have to include a Bibliography list and in-text citations.

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3 Ways to Complete Essays on Change Management
3 Ways to Complete Essays on Change Management
An essay about the strategies that big companies use to manage changes…Is it not an exciting task? There are so many changes and challenges that companies face in the tough world of business. How do they cope with them? What are their secrets?

Actually, the process of writing an essay on change management should not seem boring. If you lack ideas, our hints can help you develop more issues that you can introduce in your paper.

So, these are three ways to write essay papers on change management.

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Research Paper Essay
What is an essay? This is an article that provides a discussion to a certain topic using a certain goal. What now is a research paper essay? Well, it is also the same article only that you have to include information that came from research methods. In everything that you do, it is important that you come up with a certain direction of writing. School papers are notorious in frustrating students. Therefore, if you know what you are going to do, you will have a more peaceful way of accomplishing something. Let us talk about writing a research paper essay.

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Julius Caesar Essay

If you do not know anything about history, then you can still write an essay about a topic of it. Well this is like writing the hard way because you may not be able to support your motivation to write. However, you can definitely reap the benefits of writing an essay on a topic that you are not interested in writing. We will suggest that you write a Julius Caesar essay.

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Essay Writing Topics
Scared of writing an essay? Do not worry about it because we will give you some tips to choose the best essay writing topics. This way, you can easily write an essay that is worthy of your readers’ time. A good topic for an essay will immediately equate to a good article. Let us take a look at some of our suggested tips for you.

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Careful Selection of Your GED Essay Topics Will Reflect Your Intellect
Choosing GED Essay Topics of Controversial Nature Can Add to Reader’s Interest

GED tests are meant for students who do not have a high school diploma. There are five major subjects which a student will be evaluated on. To pass the GED test students must score more than 40% of the high school going students. Students have to study and take tests which are the same level as high school skills. In order to write an essay for your GED test it is important for you to come up with some good GED essay topics.

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APA Term Papers: Essentials of One of the Most Popular Formats
Although you might have faced some term papers formats in high school, many students have to use them in college for the first time. And this is one of the first difficulties freshmen have. Various term paper formats are quite hard to understand and memorize, but the sooner you will do it, the higher grades you will get on your papers.

Download APA Term Papers: Essentials of One of the Most Popular Formats
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Essays on Geography: How to Come Up with a Topic
All your peers are almost done with their essays on Geography, and only you have not started writing it yet. Are you still looking for a good topic to cover in your Geography essay?

Well, your search might take several more days while the deadline is approaching, which means you will not have enough time to disclose a topic properly.

Here are several easy ways to come up with good ideas for Geography essays:

1. Take a globe, point at whatever place, and write about it in your essay on Geography;
2. Flick through free essays on Geography, analyze topics covered by other guys students and develop your own;
3. Check ideas from our writers that are listed below.

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IGCE Coursework
IGCE is International General Certificate of Education. It was created and developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations.

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