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Article marketing is essential to the page rank of your website. Although that is true in principle, it is not true in fact. Page rank applies only to individual pages of your website, not to the website in general. Page rank means what it says ? a ranking of your pages, not your whole website. Larry Page invented the concept of Page Rank while at Stanford University and was later helped by Sergey Brin. The two of them eventually founded Google (named as a play on the ...

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Self publishing might be the best way to publish your book. There are several advantages to self publishing that you might not have considered. First, and most important, self publishing places you firmly in control of your book. When someone else is paying you to publish your book then they make many decisions regarding the editing of the manuscript, the cover, the title and the marketing that can impact not only how well your book will sell but also how it will be receiv...

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My grandfather and grandmother lived in Bombay, India during early fifties. They lived in a small ghetto, and they had two children. My grandfather has a job at the newspaper company, Indian Times, as a journalist. My grandmother was a housewife, and the two children were a boy, Amit, and a girl, Sheila who were studying in middle school.

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The Age of Exploration was an extension of the Renaissance because of many factors. The rich during the Renaissance wanted spices. Spices they could only get in Asia.To get the spices invloved, traveling through Asia and the Middle East was necessary. The discovery of North America led to the idea of the Northwest Passage.

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At the foot of Brooklyn lies a tiny spit of land that at the turn of the century became the most extravagant place in the country. This spit of land is known as Coney Island. Coney Island was unlike anything one had ever seen in variety, inventiveness and in size. In 1904, one man said, Coney is the most bewilderingly up to date place of amusement in the world. This extraordinary amusement empire astonished, delighted and shocked the nation. There is no definitive derivation of the name Coney Island. Some trace the origin back to the surname of early Dutch settlers in the areas.

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Upon how you interpret Alice Walker’s short story “Everyday Use”, depends whom enlightens you personally. Walker lets you envision the “extended living room” from Maggie and Mama’s vantage and feel the power in Mama’s rough hands. On this balmy, breezy day, Walker set the scene for the return of Dee. With what we already know of Maggie and Mama, Dee’s return is greatly anticipated and seemingly long over due, yet things have changed since she has last visited, people have changed as well. Dee’s especially riddled with various personality conflicts which have surfaced since the days of her youth. Mama’s recollections of Dee as a teenager, Dee’s selfishness around the house, and her determination and strength as a woman are just a few of the issues raised throughout the course of Dee’s development as a round, dynamic character.

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In the past nine months American economy has shown an economic growth of 5.6%. Improvements in work industry are providing higher-paying, more permanent jobs than before, with less than 10% of new jobs created in 2005 being temporary (economist.com). With better employment opportunities and steady economic growth, America will become even more of a consumer culture than it is today.

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Essay On Teacher
An essay on teachers is a welcome exercise for students who want to give credit to teachers for all the support and guidance they have received from them. The exercise can begin by making notes of the good work teachers have done for them. It could be in the form of special guidance they have offered during the vacation period or just being there when needed.

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Research Paper on Police Brutality
Those of the minority community have been subjected, for many decades, to violence by those in law enforcement in the United States. This type of violence is a direct depiction of police brutality, which often leads to death. Police brutality has been an issue for many years, and it remains a major concern for those of the minority community.

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Mystery of the eastern women
What should a person, who is not allowed to leave the house without shawl on a head and long totally black chadra feel? For us such rules are strange and ridiculous but for the eastern women they are a common thing. All my life I’ve been wrestling with any opportunity of the appearing of the fact of sex discrimination and it was a great mystery for me how could they stay so calm and do nothing to stop it. But having read a lot about it I understood that eastern women are as free as Europeans are.

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What is MLA Format?
Creating an essay which demands a form of researching task may need to use a citation principle. These citation systems are relatively recognized for the purpose of having a uniform characteristic among the written articles by the students. Also, it is possible for the evaluators of the academic institutions to delegate grade if the citation formats are properly used. Now what is an MLA format?

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Management Essay Lead Topics
Are you aware of the different approaches in writing a management essay? If you are required to compose one then let me give you some domains that you can utilize to come up with a good topic for your essay. But let me give you the criterion that you should consider when selecting a topic for your management essay. First of all, the topic must be interesting. It should involve your personal interest and the manner that you think the audiences will react to it. Second, a good topic must have a sense of importance.

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Compare and Contrast Essay
Many times we hear that essay writing involves different perspectives of delivering an intention. Usually, these perspectives are considered to be the “goal” in layman’s terms. Now what are the different types of goals that we can input in an essay? Today, we will discuss the compare and contrast essay goal of writing. Sure you have written argumentative research topics or informative essays before but let us limit our discussions only on the comparison of subjects.

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Law School Essay – A Look At the Legal Aspect of Issues
Law school essays are difficult assignments and can be time consuming and laborious at times. IRAC (issue, rule, application and conclusion) is a way or technique of writing very often followed by the law students to write their paper. First the student will have to read the question throughly and if necessary many times, to make sure that one understands it well. Chalk out he important and relevant issues and jot them down to use them later in the essay. Start the essay with the most pertinent issue so that the reader is made aware at once

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The Right Method To Write A Comparative Essay
The basic objective of a comparative essay is to compare two things and bring out the differences between them. You can compare anything ranging from two objects or people or places or even the views of different people. However, like all essays there are a few norms that have to be followed even while writing such essays. It is usually a five paragraph essay format that is followed by almost all essay writers. The most important thing is for the reader to understand your point and agree with you because that is the point in writing such an essay.

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Essays on Human Resource Management: How to Decide on a Topic
Essays on Human Resource Management: How to Decide on a Topic
Do not worry too much if you feel stuck with an essay on human resource management. It is a really broad field, and anybody in your place would have no idea what exactly to discuss in human resource management essays.

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Essays about Goals
Essays about Goals
Have you ever thought essay writing can be an exciting process? It can, especially if you have to write an essay about goals. Here are some ideas to develop in essays on goals.
- “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”… (Paulo Coelho). If you have ever read Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist,” this idea will be easy and interesting for you indeed. When highlighting it in your goals essay, just say that once a person invests efforts into realizing his goal or dream, it will come true eventually. A bit more ideas of yours, quotations from “The Alchemist” and examples from real life – and your goals essay will be well grounded.

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GMAT Essays: Showing Your Best
Do you think of applying to a business administration program? Not a bad idea, but have you already taken the Graduate Management Admission Test? Without the results of this test, you will not be accepted to any business school.

We should warn you straight away that this is not an easy test. And as you can guess, its writing part or the GMAT essay is one of the most challenging stages. Thus, let us explain you several essential things about GMAT essays and ways to make a perfect one.

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Outstanding Introductions in Persuasive Essays
We suppose you do not need extra explanations for the purposes of writing persuasive papers. You have to develop a stand on a certain issue and convince people that you are right.

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