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The topic of hyperlexia intrigued me because I thought I knew what it was. I did not! Recently I read an article on dyslexia that mentioned hyperlexia as the opposite of dyslexia but with hyperlexia there was no comprehension. I had already diagnosed, in my own mind, two or three students at my school as having this problem. Although the information on hyperlexia is sketchy and at times contradictory I am no longer trying to put those particular students into the hyperlexia box. My purpose, with this paper, is to interpret the knowledge that exists on hyperlexia and organize this knowledge into what hyperlexia is, the connection to autism, PDD and nonverbal learning disorders, assessment and remediation and the brain connection. The literature on the subject of hyperlexia indicates that it is far more likely to occur in boys so I will be using the pronoun he when referring to a hyperlexic child.
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