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Fountain pens aren't ordinary writing instruments: they are works of art. Just like timepieces, fountain pens are meticulously crafted by skilled artists and engineers to come up with well designed yet fully functional fountain pens. That is why collectors keep it and pass it on to the next generation as a sort of heirloom. Fountain pens resemble the imprint of old quill and ink. The difference, however, lies at the ink flow: today?s fountain pens are consistent while qui...

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In article anatomy I like to teach that there are several key components. Of course these can be stretched varied and thrown out altogether, but not until you're an expert at writing content-rich articles. One key component of a clear article is, of course, the lead paragraph. Second in importance only to the headline itself, the lead graf (paragraph for short) has to be engaging, informative and lead the reader to believe you're the one with all of the great advice they've b...

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When it comes to convincing a reader to buy, sometimes there's nothing more compelling than a good sales pitch. Yes, you can have excellent back copy, a stunning cover, but nothing makes a reader morph into a buyer quicker than a hefty pitch that pushes every single hot button (and even a few they didn't know they had). Video as a means to promote a book is a great sales pitch, but only if it's done right. What do I mean by "done right"? With all the talk today about usin...

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Research Paper Paragraphs
Research paper paragraphs are meant to clarify the research statement and provide information that simplifies it. Each paragraph is logically built up to support the other paragraphs. At the same time, it links directly to the thesis statement without deviating from the topic. A research essay can hold interest if the included paragraphs are structured logically and built up towards a logical conclusion.

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Account of the Alamo essay
Having praised Mr. H.A. McArdlethe author of the letter for his insights, research, and ability to present a tableau vivant, however, Texas historians will be hard-pressed to interpret the minor role that chief Travis plays in the article. The author, after all, told revisionist historians that it did not really matter whether or not Colonel Travis drew the line, for he should have drawn it.

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ISB Essay
An ISB essay would relate to management courses offered by The Indian School of Business (ISB) based in India. The program recognizes the fact that world economies are evolving. Professionals who are geared to understand how they function would stand a better chance of succeeding in a global business atmosphere. Indian companies are moving to other parts of the world.

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Essay on Pets
Many people think that pets are too much of a responsibility, as they require food, walked on a regular basis, trained properly and lots of love and care. Any pet that lives outside a cage has to be trained properly so that it does not soil the home. Without training dogs can be very destructive and even dangerous. Pets are also very expensive and their food, toys, and medical treatment cost a lot of money too.

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History of Computers Essay
The history of computers is short but very complicated. Computers have been through lot of changes throughout the past half-century. They also affect our society in many different ways today. The following paper describes how the computers have changed from 1970 to present.

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Chicago Format Papers
University teachers or professors usually give assignments or courseworks that should be done by following certain standard formats. All the standard writing formats are similar in some aspects and consist of some slight differences due to which they are categorized as different formatting styles. Out of these standard formats, Chicago format is one that is used more or less for academic writing of papers, essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, thesis and other academic tasks.

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Marketing Papers and Essays
Marketing involve selling the product or idea that is consumer oriented and will satisfy his or her need. In your marketing classes you will often assigned to write term papers, research papers, essays and reports on various topics. To make your term paper successful you will need effectively write your ideas and research on the paper and make them sell your product and in the same time be useful for some particular group of people. If you want your marketing term paper or essay to receive a good grade, you will need to persuade your audience (in your case it will be teacher) that your product or idea is useful and will bring profit, or in other words you will need to sell your product. There are some points that you will need to consider while writing your marketing term paper if you want to make it sound and actually “sell” your product or idea to your teacher.

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Urdu Essays
Different writers have different ways to write their essays. In the course of writing Urdu essays, you have a few options for writing. Usually, the teacher will give you the prompt on what to write. But you as the writer will have full control on how to write your essay and what direction of writing to achieve. Let us talk about the Urdu essay and become more aware of the different ways to write it.

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Extended Definition Essay
You probably know what a descriptive essay is. This kind of article intends to provide the physical attributes of any subject form people to object, places to events. However, there is another format of such an essay that you can utilize. This is the extended definition essay. You can write and define a certain word or notion that will take care of making your readers understand what it is. Just like in writing a descriptive essay, you need to “describe” the meaning of the word to the readers. Therefore, an extended definition essay will provide your audience the meaning of a word.

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King Lear Essays
It is quite a dilemma for many students to write essays. This is even more problematic if it will involve reading another book material. Usually, we experience such dilemma when the teacher will require us to read a novel. Afterward he will have the class write an essay about the same piece of work. One very good example is the instruction to write King Lear essays. If you are one of the unlucky students who need to write this type of essay, then let us talk about it. We will discuss some techniques in writing King Lear essays.

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The Art of Writing Academic Essays
Academic essays consist mainly of assignments set by instructors for the students to test their understanding and knowledge levels on a particular topic. There are many different types of essays a professor may choose from. He may ask his students to write a critical essay to check their analytical skills or may instruct them to write a narrative essay or a descriptive essay to simply test the power of expression and logical thinking of his students. Choice of essays also to some extent depend on the subject studied.

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Compare Anything and Everything with Your Comparative Essay
The term ‘comparison’ means to compare two or more things and projecting out the advantages or disadvantages or whatever else your comparative essay is based on. It can be two objects, movies or even two personalities. If your instructor has already chosen the topic for your essay, then your task is really easy. But if you have to choose the topic and then write the essay, then you have to be really careful while picking your topic. You should write the essay giving weight to both sides of the topic and your essay should not be biased because you are comparing them and you should give just arguments for both sides.

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Essays1297856671_2211.png
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Essays
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was written in 2003 by the British writer Mark Haddon. The novel immediately became a bestseller and won two prizes.

If you have read the novel, you definitely understand why it is so successful. If you still have not, read it as soon as possible. Do you remember that you have to write The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time essays?

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Sociology Essay Help Absolutely Free
Sociology Essay Help Absolutely Free
Wanting to get something for free is one of the aspects of human nature. Sociology essay writing gives you a chance to find out many other things about human nature and behavior in society. And while there are a few things in this life that you do not have to pay for, our tips and Sociology essay help are absolutely free.

So, your major task right now is to come up with good Sociology essay topics and ideas. We have good news for you if you think you can get stuck at this stage.

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Remembered Event Essays: Talking about Memories
Remembered Event Essays: Talking about Memories
Even if you are rather young, there are still a lot of events that you can remember. Most probably, this variety of memories causes you obstacles in completing a remembered event essay. You just cannot concentrate and decide on the most significant issue to highlight in your remembered event essay.

Actually, your paper can be devoted to anything, and we really mean it – you are free to write about anything you remember. Just make sure you will be able to explain the significance of an event. Anyway, all people have their values and priorities. Thus, do not be afraid that some of your peers or a teacher will find your event insignificant. It is your experience and your remembered event essay.

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Perfect Plan for Those Who Want to Buy Essay Papers
Perfect Plan for Those Who Want to Buy Essay Papers
Buying custom written essays has become a common practice for lots of students. Some of them are really experienced in doing this, and have never been accused of cheating.

Still, some students, especially freshmen, know almost nothing about the process of buying essay papers. They are afraid that their little secret will be revealed one day. Is it your case? Then this article is what you should definitely read.

We are going to introduce a perfect plan for those who want to buy essay papers. These strategies will help you keep a secret and hand in your paper on time.

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Good College Essay
What constitutes a good college essay? If you will be writing an essay soon, then you should know the characteristics of a good college essay. This way, you can prepare with your writing task and maximize the grade that you will receive from your paper. As long as you know how to identify a quality essay, then you can write a paper on your own. Let us see what a good essay really has to offer.

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