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Are you a self-published author who is tired of getting the door slammed in your face by reviewers, contests, conferences and more just because your books aren't published by a traditional publisher? Join the club! And I do mean join. If we as self-publishers don't begin to work together to combat the bias against our work, we are going to continue to be treated as and feel like second-class citizens of the writing community. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that poorly ...

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Thomas More’s Utopia and Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World , are novels about societies that differ from our own. Though the two authors have chosen different approaches to create an alternate society, both books have similarities which represent the visions of men who were moved to great indignation by the societies in which they lived. Both novels have transcended contemporary problems in society , they both have a structured, work based civilization and both have separated themselves from the ways of past society. It is important when reading these novels to focus on the differences as well as the similarities. The two novels differ in their views of love, religion, and the way to eliminate social classes. These differences seem to suggest that if we do not come closer to More’s goal in Utopia, we will end up in a society much like that of Huxley’s Brave New World.

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Anne Hutchinson She was born as Anne Marbury in 1591 in Alford, England. Her father, Francis Marbury, was an official in a church in Cambridge. He was not content with the Church. He declared publicly that many of the church ministers were not fit to guide people's souls, and for that he was jailed for a year.

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There can be no argument that William Shakespeare's genius and gift of poetic writing is present in Macbeth. In addition, Shakespeare makes use of many outside sources for his work, pulling from political and historical events. Nearly all of Macbeth has a basis in historical fact. Holinshed chronicled in the sixteenth century the histories of England, Scotland, and Ireland. It is from the Historie of Scotland that Shakespeare builds the significance of this popular tragedy.

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The history of accounting I feel is important in the learning, understanding, and developing of my foundation for my accounting career. In this report you will learn about the development of accounting. You will learn about the people who influenced accounting the most throughout the years. You will learn how accounting came about and how it was used in the ancient times. You will learn about the invention of the double-entry bookkeeping processes. You will learn how things were done before the birth of the double-entry bookkeeping process. You will learn about Luca Pacioli and the Summa. You will also learn about modern accounting and ACAUS.

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Term Paper Research Techniques
It is easy to assume that term paper research can be conducted at the last moment now that the internet has provided a vast reservoir of information to be tapped at will and free of cost. The time required to conduct research over the internet has reduced to a great extent.

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Drug Addicts and the Internet essay
With the rapid growth of computer-mediated communication (CMC) and Internet over the past fifteen years, the ways in which interpersonal communication behaviors are being modified or changed by computer-mediated channels, such as chat rooms, bulletin boards, and email, have attracted the attention of communication researchers.

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University Essay
A university essay is an exercise most college students have to complete as part of their study program. Theory is taught in class, but students have little time to apply the information gathered to real-life situations unless it is part of a practical assignment. By having to write coursework, dissertations, and essays, they now have the opportunity to grasp the concepts and principles involved as well as keep themselves updated with the latest information on the topic. Students may have doubts which could be cleared only by completing a practical assignment.

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Essay Starter
An essay starter can assist writers with ready reference on all the essential ingredients to compile an essay. They use standard methods to write, including following a style guide, instructions on how to write on different subjects, and how to connect different elements to compile an effective essay. Different subjects need different approaches. Writers have the advantage of referring to essay examples on different topics. These examples would have incorporated all the standard norms included in the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay.

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Cause & Effect Essay
Cause & effect essays are commonly written by students to learn how to connect causes of a phenomenon with corresponding effects. The process of writing the essay can get complicated, especially when the effects cannot be validated with experimentation. Students have to focus on gathering relevant information. The only criterion therefore would be to ensure that causes and effects are appropriately connected in the essay. Here are steps that can be followed to arrive at the optimum result.

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The Crucible Essay
Different people interpret things differently. Many things can influence such an interpretation. To understand this concept two different reviews of the film “The Crucible” will be examined. These two reviews will demonstrate that texts, in this case, “The Crucible”, can be read differently. Both reviews have distinctive elements of style and focus on different aspects of the text. While both reviews have pragmatic values, commending the actors on their performances, the two reviews focus on separate aspects of the film.

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Essay on Frankenstein
In 1818, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was published and since then, it has become a tale that lives on in everybody. Beginning in the 1900’s, comic books, movies, jokes, television shows, cartoons, and even cereal has been made because of Frankenstein. Since the very first film was made, in 1910 by Thomas Edison, several other movies have been created about this legend. In this essay, I will examine a few of the many popular films made and I will compare and contrast them to Mary Shelley’s 1831 edition of Frankenstein.

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College Entrance Essay
The world of academics is becoming more competitive day by day. This is mainly because of the fact that large number of students are thriving to procure the limited seats in some of the top colleges. Considering this fact, there is a dire need for students to excel in their college admission tests.
Essays are one of the most important criteria based on which students are admitted to a college. Thus, writing effective college entrance essays is the key in getting admission to a top college. If you are the one who want to stand out from others by writing a good essay then these guidelines will prove beneficial.
College entrance essays guideline

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Scholarship Essay Questions
If you are going to apply for a scholarship grant, chances are you will be required to write a form of essay that will let your evaluators see whether your qualifications are fit for the program. Now, if something is not really clear about the process, we will give you some insights on what possible scholarship essay questions may be asked of you to respond to.

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Guide to Writing Nursing Essays
Nursing essays are required by students studying hard to get a degree towards the same subject. Writing essays are a necessary part of any course work and aim to further the writing skills of a student. They also help the teacher concerned, to evaluate the progress of a student and also to understand as to how much of the course work has been comprehended by the students.

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Tips to Write a Peace Essay
Writing a peace essay is an easy job since this topic has a pretty narrow scope to write on. You may have to write a peace essay for various reasons. It may be an academic essay set as an assignment by your teacher required to be written in the form of a persuasive essay or an opinion essay. You may write it in the form of an article essay, to be published in some newspaper or magazine. You may also be required to write it for an essay writing competition, peace being a favorite topic with the organizers of such events.

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Sample Essays in APA Format: Why a Style Manual Is Better
Sample Essays in APA Format: Why a Style Manual Is Better
So, you are asked to prepare an APA essay for the first time and you think that examples of APA style essays will be a good starting point for you. Well, you are definitely right, and not all students are that wise as you are.

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Answering Admission Essay Questions Effectively
Admission Essay Questions are given to the applicants to provoke their thoughts and trigger appropriate responses that help the admission committees to judge the character, special skills, backgrounds, opinions and the world vision of the applicants. These questions are designed psychologically to uncover the above details and assess the suitability of the candidates to join the college. Each college or university has its own set of core values and persona and the selectors are looking for those who will have a good match with such values. Students should read the questions carefully and select admission essay topic that answers the question clearly and properly. Some times two or three questions are given for the students to select one question.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Writing: The Best Way to Succeed in
One of the best ways to explore some subject is writing a compare and contrast essay. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most popular types of essays. Compare and contrast essay writing may seem a very easy task, however, it is far from being easy at all.

Some students find it very difficult to find common and contrasting features of the same object or to define positive and negative sides of a certain phenomena.

So, how to make your writing a compare and contrast essay the easiest task for you.

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Essays on “A Streetcar Named Desire”: Free Writing Prompts
“A Streetcar Named Desire” is one of the three plays that made the American playwright Tennessee Williams famous. We are sure you know two other popular plays “Glass Menagerie” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. However, this time you will have to focus on “A Streetcar Named Desire”, because a teacher is waiting for an essay on this topic.

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