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Blogging is a passion and the same time an opportunity to get places. People who often find themselves searching for identity and purpose would be surprised at how blogging can make a difference for them. Indeed, it is something worth checking and people who love to write about anything should very well check it out. And now for the one qualifier. Content may be king, but content alone is like a figure-head king who talks a lot but doesn't get anything done. For the monarc...

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The word money laundering, according to the myth, is derived from Al Capone's

practice of using a string of coin-operated launderettes in Chicago to disguise

his revenues from gambling, prostitution and protection rackets. It's a nice

story but not true, money laundering is so called because it perfectly describes

the process of removing the stains and smells which money acquires when

criminals earn it.

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Tobias Wolff, a boy of a troubled childhood, and a very tough father. Tobias Wolff had no intentions of being a writer from the start; it just seemed to of popped into his life. The Amazing part about this writer is that he was not supported by anyone but himself. His father was against everything that he did, and his brother, Geoffrey, also a writer would always take his fathers side, leaving Tobias on a side of his own. “I wasn’t fair, I always took my father’s side.” Said Geoffrey (Wolff, G; Duke of 144) Geoffrey was known as the ‘Good Brother’ as his father would say.

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Chicago Essay – Describing An Architectural Beauty And More
A Chicago essay cannot be complete without a description of its architectural beauty. Forbes has rated it among the top 25 tourist destinations in America. Rumor has it that a cow kicked over a lantern to start the Great Chicago Fire on Oct. 08, 1871, which destroyed the city leaving over 90,000 homeless. The city was reborn as a modern architectural beauty in just 50 years after it was destroyed. It is where the modern skyscraper was born, and students interested in next generation architecture must visit the city.

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Essay Assignment – Write To Boost Your Confidence
An essay assignment often draws an exclamation of boredom among many students, especially in college. They feel it is not quite necessary to practice the same things they learned in school. Some have really not mastered the art of writing and struggle through their assignments without realizing these essays could do so much to improve their knowledge about a topic and eventually boost their confidence. Those who consider this as a fun exercise and begin taking essay writing seriously early in school are most likely to be full of confidence about tackling any written assignment. Here are some basics to be mastered to be counted among the best.

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International Trade Essay
Established on January 1, 1995, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is now the umbrella organization of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). GATT came into existence in 1947 with the intentions of providing the world with a forum that encouraged international trade between its member countries. GATT did so mainly by encouraging member countries to reduce trading tariffs and by providing guidelines for international trade.

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Social Work Essays
Social work essays can be of different forms. The main reason these essays are assigned for level coursework is they enlighten students with the basic understanding of the profession of social work and the related sociological supporting. They are different from essays like essay-about-myself as they focus more on ethical issues. Hence, they need to be written more delicately than any other academic essays.

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Essay Writing Rubric
A rubric is basically an authoritative rule of conduct or procedure which the evaluators use to evaluate an essay. However, students can make use of rubrics to write their essays as they help them to meet the required standards stipulated by the college. These standards are the areas of assessment on which the evaluators estimate the nature, quality, extent, or significance of the essay. The most common areas of assessment used by evaluators in majority of colleges are:

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How to Do an Essay
Are you troubled with essay writing? You are not alone because many students are also anxious to write their respective essays. But the main question of how to do an essay is not really hard to resolve. You can learn how to write an essay when you read our post today.

We can divide the steps involved in how to do an essay. This way, you can have a clearer guide reference to write your articles. Some easy essays can take a few minutes to write while other technical articles like those with argumentative topics may take longer.

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Telling Descriptions in a Descriptive Essay
If you are faced with an essay writing task, it is important that you signify a goal in writing. This is not the same as selecting the topic interest because you are going to consider the whole purpose of writing your essay. Therefore, if you are going to write a descriptive essay if that is your choice, you can learn a thing or two in this article.

A descriptive essay is one of the many essay writing goals that you may utilize. Basically, the “descriptive” word is obviously equated to describing. Your main goal is to describe an object, place or event and convert the whole describing aspect in written form.

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Essay Writing Examples – Guide to Writing a Better Essay
Essay writing involves many aspects which a student must know before he sets about to write one. It involves choosing a good writing topic from many research paper ideas that may occur to him. After zeroing on a topic then one will have to do extensive research work on it to collect all the necessary facts and figures. After analysing the collected data and sieving through them to keep only the important and relevant data one will have present the essay in a perfect manner with no error, grammatical or spelling, of any kind.

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Opinion Essay Sample – Your Search Ends Here

Writing an opinion essay should be a piece of cake for most students, as people in general love airing their opinion. In this case the only difficult part is to pen down those opinions and present them to the readers in a coherent way. For those who do not like to share their views and thoughts this is also a good chance to speak out. Therefore writing an opinion essay should be the easiest assignment that a student can write on.

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Pony-Up In A Narrative Essay
The species of essay we’re going to learn about today is identified as narrative. A narrative essay is composed almost entirely from the author’s perspective. Stay with me if the words “college” or “university” appeal to you for the present or in the near future. Come On! You learned your abc’s and how to write your name how difficult could this really be? Go grab yourself a fresh piece of paper and write at the very top “narrative essay” now think a bit about yourself (your qualities and short-comings alike) and start a very point form list that describes the features you possess that make you –you. Remember, those desk jockeys sitting over in admissions want to learn about you and get a taste of your paper personality, so paint them a bright, colorful picture and stand out from the other hundreds of essays submitted.

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Biography Book Reports: Alternatives to a Mere List of Facts
Biography Book Reports: Alternatives to a Mere List of Facts
Have you already looked through free biography book reports? Have you noticed something common between them? Probably, the main common feature you could notice is that all biography book reports are pretty boring, organized in a standard way, like lists of biographical facts.

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What Role can an Online Essay Writer Play?
Online Essay Writer is the best way to get a good grade in your essay writing assignment. When an assignment is given majority of students get uneasy as they do not have confidence to write an essay that could get them a passing grade. Sometimes their fear may be justified. But the anxiety may be a hindrance for writing a good essay too. Therefore, the first task for the students is fighting and overcoming the anxiety. One best way to overcome the anxiety by improving their writing skills and expanding their knowledge on the subject is getting help from an expert.

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read more » Tips on Writing Your Graduate School Essay
Graduate School Essays Should Be a Portrayal of Yourself

The ability to be accepted into a graduate school of your choice depends upon many things. Firstly, you grades have to be acceptable. You have to have the qualifications necessary to be considered for the graduate school and lastly, you have to be able to write an outstanding graduate school essay.

Hundreds of A+ students submit their applications for graduate school. These students will have excelled in many extra curricular activities have excellent GPA scores and will be students who are excellent at writing essays. Therefore, it is vital that you too do the best you can to write an outstanding essay which highlights all your strengths and create a sense of confidence in the selectors of your capabilities.

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Following the Proper Format for Your Analytical Essay
When Properly Formatted Your Analytical Essay will have Better Expressive Power

Writing a good analytical essay is not solely dependent on its content. It also requires a good analytical essay format. This is because you must present your ideas and analysis in a cohesive and clear manner within your essay and a proper essay format is essential for this.

* Common to Many forms

You can apply this format to analysis essays, analytical essays as well as critical analysis essay, all of which will have analysis of the subject as the basis of the essay. These essays will also have to present a substantial amount of evidence from the material being analysed or the subject being analysed. This means, quotations, tables, facts and figures etc have to be included within your essay. There are special guidelines for formatting such material within an essay which also needs to be considered.

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How to Write a Literature Review
Literature Review is One of the Most Crucial Elements of a Research Study

How to write a literature review will be clearer to you once you understand what a literature review is. Literature reviews are papers which discuss published information (someone else’s ideas) in a specific subject area within a certain time period. A literature review will give new information combined with the old or it might give new information of old materials. It also advices the reader on what he should decide as relevant to his subject. A literature review can be taken up in isolation or it can be a part of a larger research study.

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Literature Essays: Proven Secrets of A+ Papers
Bet almost all students will agree that reading works of literature – no matter how long and complicated they are – is more exciting than writing essays about literature. However, teachers have one rule – if they assign to read a book, they will definitely ask to write an essay about it. Since you have to read quite a lot of books, get ready for writing a huge number of literature essays.

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Bodor study
Bodor (2007) set a goal in his study, in which he uses real, rather than laboratory experiments and hypsometrical measures to investigate the theory. He studied the monitoring data during the election campaign in Hungary in 1998. Thus, it was a secondary analysis of data.

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