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Today, Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of http://www.Bookpleasures.com, is excited have as his guest Frank McGee, author of A Song for the World: The Amazing Story of the Colwell Brothers and Herb Allen: Musical Diplomats. Frank has built a distinguished career as a writer and journalist over half a century. In the tumultuous 1960s he covered stories as far a field as Brazil, Indonesia, and Viet Nam. As managing editor of Pace magazine, a contemporary of Life, Look, and ...

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On any given day, how many people, events, problems, projects, family issues, things to remember and appointments are running through your mind? A LOT, right? If you're writing a book, you have to add on top of that a whole other world of characters, events, settings, plots, (if you're writing fiction) or stories, bullet points, theories and rhetoric (if you're writing non-fiction). How do you keep track of it all? Keeping a journal for your book can be a great tool. In i...

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The Bookworms
The Bookworms, a group of people consisting of 3 boys and 4 girls, read one book a week. The Bookworms have brown, blond and black hair. They have pale skin, because they don’t go outside very much. They all love the color red; they try to wear something red each day. They have an identification badge that they have with them that marks them as a Bookworm. This group has some great qualities; they are very patient, kind, generous and quiet but when they speak, they speak in a loud monotonous voice.

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Grade 9 Essays: Various Essay Types You Will Have to Learn
So, almost in a month you will be a ninth grader. What should you expect from the first year in high school? Although your studies will be harder and more demanding, you still should expect only positive changes. We can help you get ready for the 9th grade a little and tell about 9th grade essays. You will face this assignment more frequently than other kinds of work. At some point, you may even think that you hate grade 9 essays and teachers who assign them.

Download Grade 9 Essays: Various Essay Types You Will Have to Learn
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Essay Writing Skills
Writers always wish they could develop better essay writing skills than they already have. Essay Writing SkillsIt is natural to feel inadequate when it comes to appreciating one’s own writing.

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College Scholarship Essay
How many times have we heard students writing a college scholarship essay complain that they just don’t know where to start when it comes to describing themselves or their career goals. This probably does not happen in school, but a scholarship essay is different. Prospective candidates stands to gain free entry into a college of their choice.

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College Application Essay Examples – Getting Hold Of The Right Ones
College application essay examples provide input and guidance, especially when you do not have a clue about how to go about writing a college application essay. A well-written essay is bound to give you a competitive advantage when completing the application process. It is actually possible to narrow down on the number of topics from a generic list by using the norms of good essay writing. You need to be original and must attempt to create intrigue in the introduction of the essay. Assessors always look for that original application essay that offers a new approach.

Download College Application Essay Examples – Getting Hold Of The Right Ones
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Essay Writing Made Easy
Essay writing is an art that you can master with practice and following certain guidelines. If you are really interested in expressing yourself, then writing an essay could be the best way to do it. You do have to follow certain norms that dictate how you present an essay. These rules have been established over a period of time and have proved very effective in conveying the right message if presented properly. Here are some guidelines that good essay writers use to produce those very interesting essays. By the way you can always buy an essay from a custom writing company

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Satirical Essays
Different types of essays aim at different objectives. One of these objectives is to criticize and poke fun of others. It may seem rude but this is a characteristic of satirical essays. What are satirical essays and why teachers allow students to write them? Satirical essays are articles that intend to make fun of a subject and criticize it. It can be a person, place, event or object. Usually, the main topics in satirical essays aim to discuss famous people, politicians, celebrities and events that are rather absurd and ridiculous. Writers of essays that are satirical in nature often use figures of speech such as hyperbole to exaggerate things and irony to contradict ideas. This way, they can deliver their message to the audience much better. How do we write satirical essays?

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Sample research proposal
Essay writing gives us the opportunity to express our thoughts and feelings, to research and even discuss important or not so important things. But for a written article that intends to come up with a good set of reference ideas you need to use a sample research proposal.

A research proposal sample is a material that can give you the learning skills on how to write an essay with a theme of researching. Usually, the type of topic interest and goal will predict how much research procedures are needed for the task.

Download Sample research proposal
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Easy Essays That You Can Write
It is a relative thing to evaluate a task and say it is easy to do. In fact, no one could ever tell whether writing an essay is easy or not. It will all depend on the writer and his experience. But sometimes, we can truly evaluate an essay and tell it is an easy essay if we know the steps to undertake. Moreover, easy essays are something that you know you can manage.

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An Inspector Calls Essay – Bring Out the Underlying Social Message

An inspector calls essay is based on a play written by the playwright J.B. Priestley in 1912. It was first dramatized in Russia in 1945 and a year later in UK. Much recently in 1992 it was again successfully revived by Stephen Daldry. This play is considered to be one of the greatest classics of the English theatre. The play was written by Priestley to show his sympathies for socialism.

Download An Inspector Calls Essay – Bring Out the Underlying Social Message
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Essay about Science – It’s All about Facts and Figures
An essay about science . All science students will have to write one at some point in their academic career. As most students would visualize it, this type of essay is mostly about facts and figures and diagrams and labels and tables. However one may also choose to write on the history of science and technology and how it advanced through the ages. One may choose an important invention or chapter in the field of science and discuss about its past achievements and its future implications. A science essay if well written will show how well the writer has researched, how well the topic has been analysed and understood.

Download Essay about Science – It’s All about Facts and Figures
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Determining Argumentative Research Paper Topics
Determining argumentative research paper topics is always a delightful experience awaited by passionate essay writers. It is medium of expression and a persuasive one at that. Besides being informative, the writer must propound personal views through the research paper. Few activities cater to the self realization needs of an individual, researching and presenting a topic for an argumentative paper conveying deepest hopes is one of them.

Download Determining Argumentative Research Paper Topics
Academic Writing Samples
Academic writing is writing which produces and analyses knowledge. Scholars and postgraduate students, because of their research experience, are engaged in the production of knowledge. As an undergraduate student in your writing you are learning how to analyze knowledge, and take up a position or stance in relation to it. But this task is not very easy and sometimes you will need some academic help.

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Analytical Essay: Three Stages Of Writing A Good Analytical Essay
From the ancient times, when our ancestors had known about an analytical essay, there had been many discussions, which lead us to the modern phenomenon of an analytical essay. To explain the essence of an analytical essay you may read the explanation of the following parts of it:

Download Analytical Essay: Three Stages Of Writing A Good Analytical Essay
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Essays on Problems of Old Age: Is Everything that Bad?
Essays on Problems of Old Age: Is Everything that Bad?
High pressure, pills, regular routine visits to a doctor, body that does not obey you anymore, hands that are shaking… The list of old age problems can be continued.

Today, more and more people associate old age with troubles only, and it is a common phenomenon to be afraid of getting older. By the way, some time ago things were different. Elderly people were respected. People waited for old age to have a rest and devoted their lives to things they really love. In fact, you can write a compare and contrast essay on problems of old age and compare the life of elderly people now and then.

If you do not have time to carry out this kind of investigation, try the following plan for writing essays on problems of old age.

Download Essays on Problems of Old Age: Is Everything that Bad?
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Custom Term Papers: Will the Gates of Hell Open?
Custom Term Papers: Will the Gates of Hell Open?
Probably, you have seen something like that in your nightmares. You buy a custom term paper and immediately find yourself in hell with a devil and hot boiling pot waiting for you.

We have good news. Nothing like that will ever happen to you if you buy custom written term papers from time to time. Nobody will put a spell on you and, more likely than not, nobody will ever find out that you have used a custom term paper.

Do you want to know why? Get necessary explanations right now.

Download Custom Term Papers: Will the Gates of Hell Open?
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Writing Essay Papers on the Science of Administration
Writing Essay Papers on the Science of Administration
Various issues about administration are hotly discussed these days. A lot of students want to make a career in the field of business or in the governmental sector. Well, it is not surprising, these job positions are considered to be prestigious nowadays.

You definitely know that it is not easy to make a career in the above mentioned fields. You have to be a real expert in numerous aspects of administration. This is why such assignments as papers on the science of administration should be taken seriously.

Papers on the science of administration are not easy to complete. In this article, you will find several helpful pieces of advice on how to cope with the task.

Download Writing Essay Papers on the Science of Administration
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Law School Admission Essays: Do’s and Don’ts
Many students think that applying to a law school is more challenging and overwhelming compared to other schools. At least, those struggling with their law school admissions essays definitely think so.

Download Law School Admission Essays: Do’s and Don’ts
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