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Do you love to write? Do you have a knack for making words come alive on a page? You may want to consider freelance writing as a way to make a good living from home. Freelance writers write anything from newspaper columns to web content and even ebooks. Getting Started Before you go looking for freelance jobs, you should build up a portfolio of articles. You can write for your own website or blog, offer to write free articles for friends, or contact your local pape...

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In the basic scenario of book publishing, a writer finishes a book and then finds an agent who helps sell the book to a publisher. When someone asks, "How do I find a publisher?" they're often looking for the details of this scenario. But let's backtrack a little. The answer to this question has to do with what you as a writer want out of the publishing process as well as what the publisher wants. It's best to be as clear as possible on both counts. Here are a few things to c...

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Love at first sight. Such a sensation does exist as one approaches the purely, white, marble Taj Mahal and is overtaken by its immense size and beauty [Fig. 1]. The Taj Mahal can be referred to as a symbol of eternal love since Shah Jahan built it for his princess upon her death in 1631 A.D. Located in Agra, India, and considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Taj Mahal was built by Prince Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his wife Empress Mumtaz Mahal. The funerary complex is located on a plot of land along the banks of the Yamuna River and it encompasses more than forty-two acres of land. Shah Jahan is said to have bought this piece of land either for its peacefulness or for its spectacular view. The source of the name "Taj Mahal" is unclear, however it is believed that the name translates into "Crown Palace," and it is believed that is what given this name as an abbreviation of the empress' name, Mumtaz Mahal. As all the small details come together, one is overtaken by the costliness and large quantities of materials used, from the marble to the gemstones.

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The Chrysanthemums is a story that takes place in the Salinas Valley of California. The story's main character is Elisa Allen. Elisa is thirty-five years old. She is a character that goes through development and many changes in the story.

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Essay Contests For High School Students
Essay contests for high school students are always introduced in schools to bring about a sense of competition among students. It allows students to express themselves freely and with conviction. Usually, competitions held outside their own school are more competitive, as more participants take part in them. They allow competitive students to win prizes and scholarships both in their own country and internationally.

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Essay Writing Contest
An essay writing contest can be an interesting and informative exercise that teaches students the value of learning essay writing skills. A competitive contest is the ideal platform to exhibit creative writing, analytical, and research skills. Initially, students are introduced to essay contests in school. They learn to write creatively. Often the essay contests are on simple and general topics like “My School,” or “My Favorite Sport.” In time, students are exposed to advanced academic subjects. They compete by developing research skills. By following the standard norms of having an introduction, body, and conclusion, they learn to follow a standard method of writing essays.

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Where Do You Find Essay Examples For Reference?
Essay examples are required to get a feel of a topic you have to write an essay on. It is sometimes difficult to go beyond a certain stage when writing essays especially when you have to write on a new topic you have not encountered before. It is therefore better to refer to resources which would help you in providing the information you seek.

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The Basic Requirements Of A Technology Essay
A technology essay would be written to explain the technology or application devised by man for improving a particular task. Every day we come across technology that is inherent in goods and gadgets we use to ease things in our daily lives. An essay would aim at going into the details that society with a particular technology. It could be a new discovery that greatly enhances how we perform a certain action. It could highlight the pros and cons of technological breakthroughs.

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Essay Helper
What is an essay helper? There are a lot of explanations of this meaning. Some people consider this word as “free resource” or “free essay database” where students can find necessary information for their essay writing. This instructions and tips offered free of charge can be used to improve their essay writing assigned in High school, College or University (Undergraduate, Graduate, Master’s or Ph.D. academic course levels) by teachers and professors. In other meaning “essay helper” is considered to be an essay writing service or essay company which custom-write essays with professional approach.

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The Unity of Northern and Southern America
Federation in 1861, created a dangerous crisis in the history of America. The crisis turned into an internal war and, by the superior military power of the Center, they had to be kept within the Federation as integral part of the country which was, at that time, already moving towards plenty and prosperity. It was a complex process, and the Northern Federal Government really showed some extraordinary skills in order to bring the South back into the political system.

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Essay Examples
Many times in life, people learn from examples. In high school, college and university, students commonly learn how to complete the assignments that they are given by referring to essay examples. Referring to an essay example can help you solve many problems. You can, for example, learn how to format your essay, make an outline, and cite the sources that you have used just by referring to an essay example. This means that you can save yourself a lot of agony that comes with looking for someone who is knowledgeable in writing and formatting essays.

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Abortion Research Paper: Testing Ground.
Writing an abortion research paper is always challenging for two reasons; ethics and content. Abortion has ethical connotations an essay writer must address. Outsourcing this dilemma by investing in the cerebration of other established essayist makes for a good paper, but is a great disservice, both to the writer and the readers. Given the number of papers already written on this subject assuming different positions, it becomes difficult to introduce a new perspective on this issue.

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Analytical Essay Prompts
Analytical essay should improve your knowledge or understanding of the topic. As an analytical essay writer, you have to investigate the issue, emphasize 'how' rather than 'what', focus on the topic rather than on your point of view, discuss different aspects of analytical essay topic, and make your arguments clear and logical. Paper should contain introduction and conclusion. Be sure to use transition words and phrases, it helps the reader to follow your thinking.
Analytical Essay Prompts: Writing

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Nursing Application Essays: How to Persuade
Nursing Application Essays: How to Persuade
What major purposes should you achieve when writing a nursing application essay? They are:
to prove that you know what nursing is all about;
to show that you have some experience in nursing;
to prove that you will succeed in their program.

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Essays on Migration: How It All Works
Essays on Migration: How It All Works
Are you struggling with an essay on migration because your teacher has not provided enough instructions and specific ideas for discussion? Do not worry! Migration is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon. We are sure that after you finish reading this article you will not have problems with your essay on migration.

The main thing you should keep in mind when working on migration papers is that there are different types of migration.

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Halloween Essays: Tracing the Origins of the Holiday
Halloween Essays: Tracing the Origins of the Holiday
Not so much time is left till one of the favorite holidays for both children and adults. Very soon, you will have to start looking for a Halloween costume, thinking about the ways to organize a Halloween party, and searching for the best pumpkin.

Right now, you just have to write a Halloween essay. So, do you have something really amazing and unique to tell in your Halloween essay?

We know that many students cover rather trivial topics in their Halloween essays – something about food, traditions, origins of the pumpkin, and so on. Yet, what about the history of the holiday itself? When did it all start? You can prepare an outstanding Halloween essay tracing back the origins of the holiday.

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How to Prepare Effective Essays on Child Labor
How to Prepare Effective Essays on Child Labor
Child labor is a problem spreading throughout the world, especially in developing countries. That is why child labor is a good subject for discussion in academic papers. You can investigate child exploitation while writing an essay on child labor.

Very often, students do not know how to start writing child labor essays. Our strong advice is to start with the formulation of a problem you are going to consider. Are you confused? Well, probably, the questions given below will help you get an idea of what to present in your paper on child labor.
- What does the term “child labor” mean?
- What kind of job do child laborers do?
- Why should we care about child labor?
- How can people help to reduce child labor?
- How was child labor reduced in some developed countries?
- What are the reasons for child labor today?
- What are the myths and misunderstandings about child labor?

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Features of Winning College Acceptance Essays
Writing college acceptance essays is a challenge that every student who expects to attend college, has to face. The college acceptance essay, also known as college application essay, college admission essay, college entrance essay and personal essays are very critical for any person’s life. In today’s context somebody who has not got a college degree has to face stiff competition in the job market. An individual without a college education gets marginalized when trying to find a well paid job. This fact itself bears evidence for the importance of college admission and of writing an impressive admission essay.

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Essays on Alcoholism: Free Ideas to Consider
Terrible hangover and headache, shaking hands, and a strong desire to drink, at least one bottle of beer – these symptoms repeat day after day. After a while, there are less friends and close people around. One day, there is no job because no one wants to hire an alcoholic.

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Signs of Well-Written Biography Essays
Cannot answer the question “how to write a biography essay”? Do not know what makes biography essays stand out? What you can do now is start searching for free biography essays. If your analytical abilities are good enough, you will easily sort out the main features of well-written biography essays.

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