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Philosophy books tend to be large tomes of incomprehensible concepts, no doubt designed this way to limit readership to those already involved in this ethereal endeavor at the academic level. Very occasionally a book comes along that breaks out from the norm, in 1971 R. D. Lang published his ground breaking work Knots, a Book that could be taken on many different levels, and more importantly, enjoyed by a wide audience. Although using a different style Erik Quisling has pr...

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As an author, it's never fun to get your manuscript back with red through all of your precious words. In fact, it's probably one of the worst moments you can have as a writer. Self-doubt can fill you and make you wonder why you ever bothered to write such poor quality stuff. But don't fret. Just because there is a mass of red markings doesn't mean that your work is poor quality. Other author's are not only your best resource; they arealso your best source of support. The...

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After a writer writes a book, he ends in a fix, in deciding how to get the manuscript formatted and compiled into an e-book. After trying to do it on your own, you decide to get professional help when the page you get turns out to be a printed page, but not actually what you had in mind! When you publish your e-book, you want it to stand out and look professional enough to command the best possible price. You want to look at your creation with pride as it brings increased sales.

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Many of us have common household chores. Some more than others; we have some we absolutely hate, and some we don’t mind. A common household chore I hate is cleaning up and doing the dishes after supper. Although my sister Emily and I rotate this harsh act every other night I am always trying to finagle her into doing it for me. To me doing the dishes is a form of punishment that no one should have to endure.

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Had seen on TV "Twilight" the movie trailer when the screen said that a few million copies sold, I am very curious what this is like a book? Why so popular? In the state of mind full of curiosity, I went to the bookstore to buy it. Opened its cover, the first to see the directory, followed by the preface, only to see the first chapter again: "first meeting", the words are as I would like to say that this book - the first meeting.

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Internet Laws and Our Rights essay
The world is just at the dawn of the Internet revolution, a revolution that promises both benefits and new sets of challenges, if not problems. The benefits manifest themselves in political, economic, and social dimensions. The policy challenges are more numerous, but four in particular have attracted significant attention: privacy, intellectual property protection, taxation, and "open access" to high-speed or "broadband" networks.

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The Outsiders Essay
The Outsiders essay is literary work that students can use to complete a review exercise quite easily. S.E. Hinton has created a masterpiece that exposes the vast difference in thinking and lifestyle that existed between the rich and the poor around 1960s in USA. The book was first published in 1967 and became very popular. The movie was released in 1983. It was a time when the class system was very prevalent and groups were formed based on social status.

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Emma Essay
An Emma essay on the works of Jane Austen, considered one of the greatest English novelists, can be an enriching experience. Emma Woodhouse is the main character in the novel Emma. She is rich and lives with her father at their estate. She is just one of the many characters in the novel woven with great care and passion. The story revolves around her but resonates with emotions with each passing chapter trying to make sense of the changes that occur in the lives of the different characters. Jane Austin is truly a master writer that allows the characters to slowly develop.

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Admission Essay Topics
The process of successfully gaining admission into an academic institution is getting harder day-by-day as the number of candidates applying for a limited number of spaces is growing. So, now it is the right time to show some unique talent and improve your chances to get admission in a college or university. It always becomes interesting for a student to study if he gets admission in the institution of hi choice. How to become successful? How to prove that you are the one who deserves to get admission?

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Essays on Abortion
Essays on abortion should contain general medical information related to the abortion procedure. The essays on abortion should contain data about when an abortion is permissible and how it is performed. The essays on abortion should also contain data about what is abortion, what are the implications of abortion and at what stage abortion is harmful for the pregnant woman. Sometimes the unborn child is aborted when it is on its earlier stage so that the mother faces no problem in terms of her life saving and if abortion gets late and the mother reaches at a stage that is late, the abortion should not be done or it will be dangerous for the life of the mother.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay
Many teachers who are associated to literature are fond of assigning Romeo and Juliet essay and burden the students with this assignment. Romeo and Juliet essay is usually written by keeping in consideration the story of Romeo and Juliet that was based on the feeling of love. If you see the story of Romeo and Juliet, you will notice that there are many aspects of Romeo and Juliet on which you can write a Romeo and Juliet essay such as Romeo and Juliet critical essay, Romeo and Juliet fate essay, Romeo and Juliet theme essay and Romeo and Juliet compare and contrast essay.

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Child-Survivors of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Can the Development of Osteoporosis be Delayed or Avoided Through Physical Activity?
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a hematological cancer most-commonly diagnosed in children and young adults, is characterized by uncontrolled proliferation and maturation arrest of the lymphoid progenitor cells found in bone marrow (resulting in an excess of malignant cells). ALL is the most frequent childhood malignancy, with 2000-2500 new cases diagnosed in the United States each year and representing almost one-third of all pediatric cancers. Its peak-incidence is found in patients 2-5 years old. The cause of ALL is still unknown, although there are a small number of cases associated with inherited genetic syndromes (eMedicine 2003).

Download Child-Survivors of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Can the Development of Osteoporosis be Delayed or Avoided Through Physical Activity?
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Critical Essay – Be Critical but Not Biased
A critical essay is an analytical review of any chosen topic that the writer wants to do a review on. A critical analysis should always begin with a summary of the work reviewed giving the main theme, facts surrounding the main theme and what the material to be reviewed tries to say. For the essay body an evaluation has to be made and presented as to whether all facts and data in the chosen topic are presented correctly and logically. The facts supporting the main theme in the article to be reviewed has to be read thoroughly and evaluated whether they are relevant or not.

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Informative Essay – Here Information Matters More Than Your Opinion
Informative essay is one sort amongst the various types of essays written by students and writers. In this type of essay facts are given more importance than personal views or opinions. Here the writer assumes the role of a teacher or an instructor and doles out information to the reader. However, care must be taken to see that this does not turn the essay into one long rigmarole which no one cares to read. So making the essay interesting is as important as making the facts available to the readers.

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Informative Essay Reporters Beware
It doesn’t matter what style writer you are or what writing style you want to use, an informational piece can be refreshing from time to time. Any topic you could fathom, pull from the sky or fabricate can be transformed into a source of information. An informative essay like any other, progresses within a three or five paragraph format. For every paragraph insert a well constructed sentence or stream of sentences geared to inform your readers of an interesting, entertaining or blunted fact. Even if the topic is about you, you need only ensure that the reader can retain something from what was expressed. Aspire to provide adequate detail and more.

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Comparison and Contrast Essay
It is easy to write a comparison and contrast essay because all you need to do is to analyze differences and similarities of the two things (books, people, ideas, etc). Anything around us can be compared because there are no two identical things (we are not talking about products of the same brand!). Comparison and contrast is descriptive essay writing, however, you need to focus on analysis. Avoid providing a mere overview of characteristics, show why two things are different.

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Oedipus Essay
Oedipus is a mythical king in Thebes and has a very tragic story. Many of the themes in the storyline are complex and it may be hard for a student to understand their full meaning. However, many teachers still require their students to write an Oedipus essay. This will be a big problem for you if you have not read the book yet. However, you can still write an essay about it once you have captured the true essence of the story. It is really easy to find materials on Oedipus. You can even purchase a book online. However, the main problem is, many students do not actually know where to seek help in writing an essay. Our main topic for today is about helping you find the best sources of assistance when it comes to writing an Oedipus essay.

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Things You Can Learn about Rhetorical Essays in 5 Minutes
Things You Can Learn about Rhetorical Essays in 5 Minutes
Do not believe that you can learn basic steps of writing rhetorical essays right now? Read this article, which will take you approximately 5 minutes. Here, we highlight the main aspects of preparing rhetorical essays.

First, you have to know that rhetorical essays can be interpreted in two ways. It means that if a tutor assigns a rhetorical essay, you have to specify the task. You might face two different tasks:

Writing a rhetorical analysis essay

Download Things You Can Learn about Rhetorical Essays in 5 Minutes
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Knowing How to Write an Essay Outline Can Benefit Your Writing Greatly
An Essay Outline Facilitates Cohesive and Logical Flow of Writing

Any essay writer will benefit from knowing how to write an essay outline to guide the writing process. An outline will help the student to organize his thoughts and write in a logical and methodical manner. Outlining may not be necessary for a short essay, but it is absolutely essential if you are writing a long essay. However, a good essay writer will use it as a general practice to what ever writing they do.

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A 500 Word Essay – Its Flaws and Merits
Probably, writing a 500 word essay will be one of the easiest assignments for you. However, you still need to know some peculiarities of writing 500 word essays in order to get an A+. Sure, you can start your work by looking through free 500 word essays to get the overall idea of how to complete this kind of work.

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